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  1. Troop Refinement

    Hmm my reasons for this 🧵 was not to make a mod as how I see the units, but thought many more than me was not satisfied about the vanilla troops build, guess i stand corrected, point taken.👍
  2. Troop Refinement

    Hi all are you like me tired of unfinished troops (stats, armor, equipment, style etc.) and the annoying quick fixes from Taleworlds? Well then lets get ahead of them by listing our suggestions. first of all, i think the troops should be diverse from faction to faction, not all faction should...
  3. I'm done with this game.

    Stop suggesting mods! You are completely missing the point.
    I get it but this 🧵 is one of hundreds of the same, which awaits taleworlds refine troop…. And until then…use mod.
  4. Fun things to do in/after late game?

    There are no other things to do.
    All you can do in the late game is battle after battle after battle against an endless horde of AI zombies.
    Yep 👍
    honestly I await taleworlds launch, hoping they fixed most of the bugs and missing feature… and then i will find a good total conversion mod and hope i have fun.

    For now i restart again and again as i only enjoy building op the char and when i have a kingdom and it all just turns to endless war i hit reset.. tries new mods(troops convertion, calradia kingdoms, eagle rising, only buying fief vs. only conquer etc.,, but that just me
  5. Caravan ambush

    Yes much better before … liked all the forrest bandit prisoners and turned them into Fians, but now you can get all the Fians you want… so no effort needed anymore 😴
  6. I'm done with this game.

    I'm done with this game.

    Unbalanced,uncared game.
    Sturgian gameplay and Aserai gameplay ****ing trash.
    This game doesn't deserve the time or effort to be played.

    Lost another battle because Sturgian Infantry is as a big joke as this Khuzait boot licking community and this racist company is.
    Unbelivable because once outside this forum and on YT,you'll see the same results to other big youtubers who play this trash.

    900 hours waiting for a way to play Sturgian campaign or Aserai,since last year.
    They are worse before they started because some Khuzait and Battanian ***** boy developer decided he hated Shocktroops(Palace Guardians nerfed aswell).
    What troglodit of developer replaced the Shock Troops with USELESS Heavy Spearmen?
    Can this community even comprehend this ****ty ass decision,because I can't.
    Ulfednar replaced by ****ing trash ass Line Breakers.
    How do you even come to this decision.

    Unistalled this ****,I'll see if next patch is mildly good.
    But with how they handled balancing,Khuzait Khan's Guards might get a Bazooka and Sturgians and Aserai a Barber unit,who knows.
    Developers certainly don't.

    Oh and a Khuzait's helmet been 37kgs for 2 patches now.
    Why don’t you just download My Little Warband and make your own troops
  7. Trade Prices

    Yes sry Flesson how could i forget you 😞
  8. Trade Prices

    Go to youtube, search halcylion trader stories and watch 😉
  9. Still no Camels?! (Nov ‘21)

    Once I saw someone marry a camel, it turns out it's impossible to reproduce.
  10. Breakable pikes/lances!

    But how would a lance ever break when Cavalry can't hit anything?
    Lol 😂 love that comment.
    nothing more discouraging than seeing looters etc. escape and exiting the battle field without a scratch and 50 cavs around them trying to hit something.
  11. Steppe Bandit Boss

    I always bring bow/crossbow and shield and sword, and before the last kill I always shift to sword and shield so it is equipped before duel. They never even get to draw before I hit them, and if i f… up i have the shield so have never had your problem.
  12. Auto-calculated battles

    Have anyone testet the likelihood of kills with an 120+ Medicine comp ? Should help to only wounded..Or is it just random ?
  13. Sturgia's unplayable

    Hi guys
    yes the sturgians is really lacking and i always use fians or buy crossbow mercs if i start a sturgian run, but all the units needs to have a second look(stats, armor, weapons, purpose etc.)… and i think Taleworlds will do so.
    you see tier 6 units having worse weapons than tier 5, like khans guard with recurve bow and not warbow as tier 5… horse archers with better armor than cavs etc., And it feels like quick fixes from taleworld.
    So for now send your good ideas for unit build to Taleworld, and when you start a game recruit after your tactics and not your culture.. good units are plentiful…or repair units in the xml files as you think they should be 👍
  14. Absurd Horse Armour Stats?

    Yep better than Imperial scale barding now 😂
  15. POLL: Are you happy with update 1.6.4?

    I know it is beta, but these guys really need testers 🙄
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