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    Looks good, good luck!

    Hope it works for you :)
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    Video Creators (Content ID Warning)

    When you buy the license for a song through a third party owner, you buy it exclusively for you. If it is found on another person's video (or content in general) it sees you do not have the license and gives you the copyright strike. That's why most of the time, when you buy a game you DON'T get...
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    Uploaded to steam workshop

    I will download it quite soon. First time! Hope it's like I expected. :)
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    Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

    I have both YouTube and Twitch. I do both. It is not, but it's a lot easier making content on Twitch. Here's a video I made as well:
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    Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

    Streaming some more L'Aigle, then Viking Conquest!
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    From your perspective, should I or should I not start a clan for VC?

    I want to, but will the player base be big enough so I'll be able to pull it off? Cheers.
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    Lore Problem - Fix Fix fix!

    Cheers! And yes, might be that. I'll try that next time I am near my computer.
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    Lore Problem - Fix Fix fix!

    Hey everyone, there's a bit of a fault in the lore campaign I would like you to solve: When ever I wait the 30 days in the Welsh castle, after talking to the Brytenwalda's Brother, the Ship Captain (that you do something to in Doccinga) comes to you and wants to join you. Now, here is the...
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    My Brand New VC let's play series!

    Hey guys, how are you today? I am a YouTuber, and I made a series about the lore of the VC DLC. I was thinking this might be the best place to post this, so he you go! Part 1: Part 2: Coming Soon Cheers! David.
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    Sorry for the double post, but the 4th part is here! 
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    Rendering part 4 of my let's play ;)
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    Except for the one above, no, sadly :\ Hopefully Friday\Saturday.
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    Mount & Blade Warband version 1.161 patch

    Is there an approximate price?
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    The answer is in the about me on my channel: