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    Get in the game you big turds!

    Fack I can't believe I forgot about this - was busy brewing beer!  I need to set a reminder on my phone...
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    SP MP Hundred Years War ~ Remade [Released]

    I"ll have to give this a try.  Hundred Years War Mod was one of my all time favorites!
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    Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC (Release Date: 11th December)

    Yes!  Can't wait to pre-order this!  It's unbelievable the amount of hours I spent playing Brytenwalda.
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    Coldstream Regiment of Footguards [Recruiting Mature NA & EU Players]

    "First off add "Thegreatriverr" and "Killeraustur" to steam asap."
    Can't find the first one on steam and Killeraustur is 12th Regiment of Foot and is a group by invite only?

    Good fun today, came out early and got some training in and then got my first linebattle kills.  We had a good showing.

    Should I sign up for the website as well?  Who else should I add on steam?
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    Coldstream Regiment of Footguards [Recruiting Mature NA & EU Players]

    In-game name: Diomedesbc

    Age(Optional): 30

    How long have you been Mount & Musket?: 1 week - Mount and Blade: Fire and sword Veteran though

    What are your most recent clans?: None

    What games have you been playing recently?: M&B: Fire and Sword, World of Tanks, Empire Total War

    Do you have teamspeak? If not will you be willing to download it?: YEs

    Why would you like to join the 2nd Coldstream Guards?:  I think it would be really fun to participate in line battles and I think this game reaches its full potential with team cooperation.  Would like to train and improve my skills at NW and win some battles.

    Share your goals that you've set to achieve after joining the 2nd Coldstream!:  Work hard and contribute the best I can to the team.
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    Where can I find 1.134?  I believe I would have to have a separate install but I can't find it in the repository?
    There was a mention of it in a later post but the link was broken.
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    Brytenwalda: Viking Expansion (Wish List, Debate, Etc) - Not Official

    I just finished reading Bernard Corwell's a Death of Kings and I"m itching for a viking expansion!

    Played some Vikingr but might have to just play some Brytenwalda to tide me over. :smile:
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    Missing Villagers - fixed, see first post!

    Ya I've yet to reach the stage in the game where you build things and have to manage a town, ect.  Probably because I have to keep restarting. :smile:
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    About sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow training for troops.

    It would be sweet to be able to hire some Danes or Franks somewhere.
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    Brytenwalda: Viking Expansion (Wish List, Debate, Etc) - Not Official

    I would love a viking expansion.  I loved playing 867 AD Lords of War for Mount and Blade.  It was so tough and really felt realistic.  One of my favourite time periods in history.
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    Was playing the Brytenwalda mod and made me think of this mod and how excellent it was.  Sure wish we could see something like this for warband.
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    Keys and Commands?

    I'm going crazy trying to find what keys to use in naval battles?  Is there a command list for this mod?
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    Loot Drops

    Yes its very frustrating.  I fight a huge battle and nothing!  You can't get any decent equipment.  Sucks the life out of single player for me.
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    Squad Multiplayer

    ...Is awesome! Great new addition, it is way more fun with a squad I find.  There is a lot to positioning your troops.
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