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    What are you reading now?

    Peter H. Wilson's A Thirty Years' War: Europe's Tragedy
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    What's your favorite era and location for a strategic/tactical video game?

    Definitely the era between the Peace of Westphalia and the Congress of Vienna (1648-1815), the Golden Age of the musket and the precursor to modern warfare.
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    L'Aigle Development Log Thing.

    The second dev was banished to Montenegro
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    L'Aigle Development Log Thing.

    We're going to have a blast then :D How about the culture of recruited troops, are they going to be nation instead of village specific this time, please?
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    L'Aigle Development Log Thing.

    I've been extremely inactive lately, but from what I've gathered the next thingys are to be included in the version? - A couple of new town and battle scenes - Some new uniforms - New menu art - Snow Did I miss anything vital?
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    Russian expansion mini-mod

    Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru  :D
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    L'Aigle Development Log Thing.

    Speculation aside, has Taleworlds ever actually contacted you? I know they have some members of the modding community, such as the creators of Mount&Musket, Bryttenwalda and 1866.
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    Suggestion Thread. Your ideas here.

    Make Montenegro a playable faction.
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    I wasn't going to sleep anyway.
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    The Great War Documentary Series (Week by Week)

    Gotta give a salute to the Central Powers. Last year they survived the Somme and the Brusilov offensive, stopped Italy at Isonzo and the British at Mesopotamia, conquered Romania and managed to continue fighting in eastern Africa and Somalia (the Dervish state). Pretty good considering their...
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    World News Today, brought to you by TW

    I don't know if anyone caught this, but a few days ago BBC reported on 1500 refugees fighting with local police in Bulgaria. What a nice vision of the future we have here.
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    World War 2 in movie form chronologically

    For anyone interested, I've updated the OP with an thoroughly remade, corrected and expanded version of the list.
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    Why is there no Vyborg?

    The North Eastern parts of the map are empty enough as they are and then there's even a whole historical town missing. Edit. I noticed it is there, though with some pre-civilization name and merely as a village. 4/10 §h1ttý mod.
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    General History Questions thread

    Here's a historical question for ya'll, anyone remember Obama? Me neither.
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    Was WW1 really the first world war?

    Umm... I'm not saying my personal standards aren't up to debate (because that was one of the points of the thread and jacobhinds challenged them with an excellent example), but I do consider them relatively accurate because I've based them on views and opinions given by historians. But...