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    SMS İle Mount Blade Ateş ve Kılıç Oyununu Almak..

    Bu başlık 2011'de açıldı. Fark etmedin sanırım.

    B Other Cinematic Compilation (Graphic & Sound Enhancement) [v3.0 Released][1.153]

    Module.ini isn't supposed to be included in the package anyway. You make small adjustments in your own module.ini file after installing and that is that. There is a two-line modification for grass textures and another for sounds (not sure about this one, as I don't use the sounds). It is all explained in the readme file.

    B Other Cinematic Compilation (Graphic & Sound Enhancement) [v3.0 Released][1.153]

    Here is a link I dug out at the end of a long Google search: http://www.jeuxvideopc.com/jeux/mount-blade-warband/mods/54624-cinematic-compilation

    I don't have a good enough connection to upload it to a safe link. So, I'm leaving that task to you Densetsu.

    War of the Roses Beta

    I really didn't know and did not have such evil intentions as deceiving the hell out of people  :twisted: Thing is you already find out as soon as you sign yourself up. Still, looks like I may be a little bit too late. Thanks for the notice anyway.

    War of the Roses Beta

    The game is entering beta soon and you can follow the link below to sign up for a chance: ...

    B Oriental Kengeki Gaiden

    The mod seems really handsome. Congrats and thanks for your hard work.
    Bad Idea said:
    Toasticuss said:
    Bad Idea said:
    Could you tell me how you got different the hair colors? :lol:

    In the module_skins, at the end of every face texture theres hex code, the hex code dictates the range of hair colors for that face, so you can get the hex color code for pink and paste it after the 0xFF replacing the existing one at the end and the range of the color will go to pink.

    Think of the 4 hex colors after the faces

    |Light color | still a light color | darker color | dark color|

    So replace one of the hex codes at the front of or end with a large color change and you'll get that.


    just like that ;D

    And that Morrigan looks fantastic  :shock:. It would be great to have a mod featuring all Darkstalkers chars as lords but being someone without any coding or modding knowledge at all, I realize that it is easier said than done for me.

    the captain co-op madness

    Ok, I will keep it brief. I will admit that captain co-op mode is not a bad idea. The problem is, all those little number of servers seem to run it now. When I launch the game for some fun, I only get a crazy number of captain co-op servers and some battle servers. I got only one siege server on...

    Game keeps freezing

    That happened to me in the previous version too (1.41), especially when engaging in direct melee. I definitely get the attacker at the right time and the freezing messes the whole thing up. I mean I have a bit old but a fairly good system. It is enough to handle all games in the MB series quite well. On the other hand, I keep occasionally getting the "WFAS has stopped working" error too. I guess it has all gotta do with some system component.

    SMS İle Mount Blade Ateş ve Kılıç Oyununu Almak..

    O konuda yardım edemem ne yazık ki. Ben D&R'dan DVD olarak aldım.

    SMS İle Mount Blade Ateş ve Kılıç Oyununu Almak..

    Cevap 1: Evet
    Cevap 2: 15 TL

    SMS İle Mount Blade Ateş ve Kılıç Oyununu Almak..

    Evet doğru. Kütüphanede anahtar görüntüleme seçeneği var ama o anahtarı kullanarak Steam olmadan yükleme yapınca sorun çıkıyor. Ben daha önce denedim ve multi oynayamadım. Bir de ekstradan multiplayer anahtarı olduğunu öğrendim. Yanlış hatırlamıyorsam Steam onu da gösteriyor ama ikinci bir anahtar girecek herhangi bir yer yok. Ben o anahtarı daha sonra kayıt defteriyle oynayıp girmeyi de denedim ama sonuç alamadım. Bu da oldu yani.

    SMS İle Mount Blade Ateş ve Kılıç Oyununu Almak..

    Girmiş olduğun zaten ürün anahtarı, Steam sana başka bir numara vermiyor daha sonra. Steam aynı zamanda bir koruma sistemi olduğu için ancak uyumlu sürümü oynayabilirsin. Yani girdiğin anahtar yalnızca Steam'den indirebileceğin sürüm için geçerli. Elindeki kopyayı bu anahtarla etkinleştiremezsin. Steam'in indirip kurmasını bekle. Oyun otomatikman etkinleştirilmiş olarak kurulur ve Steam arayüzünden oynayabilirsin.

    Noobs in MP

    Actually, the "responsibility" part should be underlined. Because the general troll-repelling scenario follows like this:

    1- The troll shows up, starts tk'ing or opening gates (depending on the game mode)
    2- A lot of the players either not really care or pretend not to care
    3- Someone notifies the others about the type of trolling (eg: he is opening the gates) and starts a kick poll
    4- Strangely, it never ever gets accepted at first. Because people literally don't care, especially members of the other team which does not directly suffer from the troll will not bother at all.
    5- After that, kick polls follow one after another for the same obvious troll and they don't get accepted again due to the same reason: Ignorance of the other team or players who are not interested in anything other than their own personal gameplay.
    6- The troll decides to poll for the one who initally polled to kick him
    7- And -wait for it- bam! Accepted!
    8- Yes, the troll wins for sure.

    And even if he gets the boot on first instance, he will return countless times as mentioned before.

    Only one solution comes to one's mind: Existence of admins. Not 24 hours a day of course but for a reasonable period of time everyday.

    Noobs in MP

    Klaas said:
    The trolls will leave after a while, just leave it be.

    That is the absolute truth indeed. Nevertheless, you cannot always keep calm and pretend that you are not annoyed at all. On top of that, the saying "Do not feed the troll" does not always make it right. The troll clearly enjoys himself even if nobody polls for a ban or opposes him. Sadly, their small minds deceive them into thinking that they have found the key to an undiscovered way of fun that no-one seems to understand.

    Even a bear leaves you alone when you fake death but a troll won't simply go away when you fake that there is nothing wrong at all with him. That is my experience though. Situations vary significantly with different types of trolls.

    Alternate pike move suggestion

    Thanks Wannyboy. I found it at deviantart as far as I remember.

    And thanks also for underlining the need for a command for forming spear walls with your troops. I had multiplayer in mind at first but you are right. If this mechanic ever makes it into the game, it should also be implemented on the command panel too.
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