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    Need More Info [Feature? ]Fiefs change ownership after all lords killed

    Summary: After a kingdom with 1 or more fiefs has all of its lords killed, all fiefs of that kingdom magically switch to being owned by another kingdom. How to Reproduce: Kill all lords from a faction that has fiefs Quest/Settlement Name (if related): All settlements Media (Screenshots & Video)...
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    Need More Info Grammatical mistake in family feud quest

    looks like taleworlds found a new priority task, check your slack devs, you got work to do!
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    Obese soldiers

    no need to rush, i'm sure there's still couple of unclogged arteries in my soldiers bodies, they'll survive for a while
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    Obese soldiers

    We need more pictures, this is awesome

    Truly a heavy lancer

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    Obese soldiers

    Didn't you start a new campaign?

    nope, I'm rolling the same campaign since the e1.0.1. On day 1000 something.

    😆😆 What the heck.

    OP, keep the beer away from your troops, they be growing bellies with it.

    Ive decided to keep only fish and grains from now on, see what happens.
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    Obese soldiers

    my soldiers used to fear imperial cataprachts, now they fear heart attacks
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    Obese soldiers

    They got plenty of protection though with an extra foot of material to their vital organs, I don't think they'll be going down from little sticks anytime soon lol

    plus i get to park them at the gates in sieges. No ram can move them, no army shall pass.
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    Obese soldiers

    I'll take a few Bo Rai Cho in my army pls, not too many though but I think it would add some nice variation

    completely agree but all my soldiers are like that, its no longer an army, its a fat camp
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    Obese soldiers

    just look at this guy I recently swithced to beta branch, running e1.1 and immideatly i noticed all my troops are fat, and a lot of them are just straight obese. Anyone have the same problem? Havent played a lot on 1.1, do they get normal after a while?
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    The word 'perk' does not even appear on the known issues list.

    There is A LOT of things that dont work / aren't in the game yet and if they'd put all of those that they can think of, it would be a massive list. No point in doing that.
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    To those who have been steamrolled:

    i don't know, maybe it is bias against the player. we were getting crushed by both batannians, and later by the southern empire.
    In my campaign the southern empire was the steamrolling faction and at the start of the war they were at 12k strength we were at 6k. Within few weeks they took half our territory, rose to 15k strength, we fell to 3-4k. we could barely keep up, struggling to recapture what we lost, trying not to loose it all. At that point i changed my tactic.
    I completely stopped with the capturing and defending, ignored allied lords armies, didn't join any of their campaigns. Instead, i built a my party so that it consisted of around 60 horse archers and 40 lancers, and just started soloing around map, looking for estranged, isolated enemy lords, stalking their large armies waiting for them to disband and then strike each lord individually, capturing them and executing them. I killed their lords left and right, no discrimination, no matter the diplomatic penalty. It worked.

    At the pinnacle of Southern Empire, they were at 15k strenght and had 104 lords. Now they are around 4-5k strenght and down to around 25-30 lords and lost half of their territory to us.

    Now this alone does not prove 100% that we turned the tides because i killed their lords but all things considered I think its safe to say that it helped.
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    To those who have been steamrolled:

    I dont really think they are OP , the khuzaits. Ive been playing as their vassal and on 1:1 ratio our lancers ALWAYS get crushed by Empires lancers, especially their cataprachts and elite cataprachts, those things are tanks and a massive pain in the butt. I get it how khazuits can be a pain also, but maybe its because of their horse archers which indeed are very effective tool, especially since the horse archer ai is a lot better then warband and HAs will run in a pretty uniform circle around your infantry. That i conceed is very dangareous if you have infantry based army.
    What id suggest if you have trouble dealing with khuzaits is to avoid open fields, its pretty logical. For a while i used exclusively horse archer (60%) and lancers (40%) in my party and i couldnt win any battle which wasnt open field. In the woods i could outnumber eneymy 2+:1 and still loose.
    If open field is unavoidable, just focus on the empire cavalry and keep th infantry at minimum. As i said empire lancer are superior to khuzaits in my experiance and theyll do a fine job dispersing the horse archers
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    Cavalry Charges Lost their Impact

    I mean, runing over a pesant with your fully armored warhorse just to see that 'delivered 4 damage' feels really cheap. Looter that hurdles a rock towards you can deal more damage than that. It just doesnt seem ok.
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    Minor bug allowing infinite Charm progression

    if you cancel the barter you wont gain any exp, but if you click 'gift' while the bearter is empty, it will say he/she accepted and you will gain exp in charm.
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    List some of your absolute "Wat?" moments in the game so far.


    best character ive ever seen
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