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    EU Skirmish Open BEAST 7 - Sign Ups open! (Deadline Sign Ups: 7th Jan, Tournament Start 10th)

    Team Name: VW - Vineyard Workers - Torcularium
    Team Tag: [VW] [T]
    Contact 1:
    Deviant (Taleworlds & Steam)
    Contact 2: JonMoa (Taleworlds & Steam)
    Division (self estimation, no guarantees) Div D
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    Formations in Captain mode in relations to speed


    I feel like some formations should be static only i.e. square and circle and once asked to move go back into default or line formation, i dont think its viable to even move in some formations or realistic.

    The fastest formation should be line/loose formation, makes more sense as it takes less coordination to just stand in a line etc...

    I would like to see Skein used for inf more and changed a bit, i feel like skein should be used to break a shield wall and punch a hole, so maybe a short burst of speed once applied as to charge.


    Agree with shield formation, there really isnt any need for this to affect speed, remove it or make it same as line formation.

    Realistically using shield formation to cheese the ai into pulling out a spear should be patched, only real reason its used for atm is protecting rider while a ramboing cav captain is dealing with enemy cav, maybe combining the speed boost in skein you are talking about and shield formation for a "break charge" to knock over or punch a hole in a shield wall might be the best way to go.


    I mean the formations are broken completley, ive had my own ai archer firing into the back of anothers head in square/circle formation, i think you should have special formations for archers, a split group formation would be good
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    Resolved New Map issue - gap in rampart

    Bug in the far North Rampart where the 2 walk ways meet there is a gap where players and AI can fall through. Video shows where issue is: Youtube video of issue URL:
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    Punish "Deserter" Captains? Addressing lone wolfing in multiplayer.

    Top 5 that cavalry players that 'main captain mode' in my opinion would be (in no particular order) Brandis, Goldry, King Gainer, Super Jew and Forbes.
    Yeah, Hi I exist
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    Punish "Deserter" Captains? Addressing lone wolfing in multiplayer.

    I think to put a perspective on someone who activley rambos in cap, the reason its done is because

    1. The cav use swords, axes instead of lances
    2. Rear up on a blade of grass
    3. Ai loves to get caught and die.

    For the guys who are complaining, are we supposed to give you free kills?.

    Yes its a toxic playstayle but the reason its done is not toxic, we cant bring Ai cos they are beyongd useless.

    Give us a couch command, better formations and improve path finding then itll stop.

    They arent a support class now, much more like dead weight apart from the captain
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    Captain's League Season 1 Grand Final [BTL] vs [LoV]

    Come check out the grand final of season 1 of the captain's league.
    Best of 7 games starts in approximately 1 hour from the time of this post at 12pm PST 3pm EST.
    Two of the top teams in captain's mode will battle it out to determine who is the league season champion, the culmination of 6 weeks worth of competitive matches against other top captain's mode clans.

    Watch the [LoV] perspective here

    Watch the [BTL] perspective here

    You can watch the commentators perspective here

    You are also welcome to come hang out in the captain's league discord with us and discuss the matches and other aspects of captain mode.
    Come hang out and watch the league finals!

    Goodluck to both teams, its gonna be epic!
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    1.5 MP captain feedback on archer issues

    We are already doing some improvements to Archers AI for Captains.
    Also working on some new adjustments to make archery feel better and more varied when using different bows.
    Thanks mate, ive got a ton of vids and some detailed analysis of some archer play we have done, might be good to get a bit of early play testing for some of us and give some feedback, i don't feel like Beta testing is enough at the moment as hardly anyone uses it (mostly just TDM testing) but the captain portion is never populated, i feel like some targeted feedback may be good, we are happy to assist in some 6v6 matches specifically on the test version to stress test the archers.
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    Archers in 1.5

    I think archers are in a decent place right now, acting more in a support role (as they should). They are an essential part of the team and definitely hold their own when it comes to kills and assists in the larger game modes.
    I'm not great at the game but still managed this last night. Followed it up with a round of crossbows and scored well in that match too.
    View attachment 161655
    I dont think archers in Skirmish/TDM and Seige can really be compared to captain as its using the Ai and not individual skill

    Ill link my forum post about the archer Ai issues in some recent matches we had in Captains League

    Essentially the archers are missing near on 15 - 20 ft away from non shielded savages running in a straight line, the Ai 100% has a target aquistion issue in 1.5 as well as i suspect having an issue with the longer draw time change.
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    1.5 MP captain feedback on archer issues

    So weird that TW nerfs Archers/Javs for no real reason, making the class / section of the game unplayable

    And does nothing for menv infantry which are clearly too fast / too strong / menvop

    Also the units going into loose fomration and stuck there if u get on a horse has ruined captain mode

    TW don't seem to give a **** tho, i'm sure they'll nerf some other random thing next patch, and buff another thing already op

    I just wish i knew how the **** they come up with their decisions, it's like they roll a dice and go "5, HORSES GET WINGS"
    Actually the nerf was due to skirmish, people would be able to shoot feet to easily and kick shoot which was kind of a cheese to beat the game mechanics, the cav nerf to couching too, most of the fixes are good like reducing block delay and more snappy combat, the cav changes arent so bad tbh, although i hate the cav rearing up hitting small rocks and being incap for like 5 mins.

    The throwing mechanic needs work and the archer nerf for players is fine but has had some unforseen consequences for cap.

    that being said i feel like this patch wasnt properly tested as it was only in beta for 3 or 4 days.
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    Need More Info Server log out

    Hey Azakhi, I deleted all my mods and did a fresh install and its fixed the issue, i would recommend deleting Mods and Bin files as a temp fix it seemed to work for me
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    Need More Info Server log out

    Im currently being logged out of the server every 2 or so minutes on MP after the maintenance and small hot fix
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.3

    Ive put some feedback for the Archers changes in 1.5 - https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/1-5-mp-captain-feedback-on-archer-issues.430372/

    can we get some of these looked at for the archers in captain
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    1.5 MP captain feedback on archer issues

    Some technical feedback from 1.5 on the state of Archers: After playing some competitive matches in 1.5 in the Captains League over the weekend everyone has come to the conclusion the Archers have taken a massive step back for Captains mode. The issues so far look to be: 1. Archer Accuracy -...
  14. Legion of the Betrayed [LB]

    Legion of the Betrayed [LB]

    The Community has been created shortly after the release of Bannerlord. Our Community is made up by 7 Members forming a council, who have been playing the Bannerlord Beta since its launch and also have experience in various other Mount & Blade titles each with an hour count ranging from 100...
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