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    2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    Just two quick things I was curious about..

    While doing a quest it set my relations from 0 to -99 with Neutral faction, when I tried to speak to the Mining Merchant he just says "Surrender or Die." Is this normal?

    I was reading that when performing Musical pieces in Town I was supposed to be getting money each time based on my performance? I haven't received anything except for Bardic reputation and renown.
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    Ping increase over night

    On 1 server for a mod my ping has jumped nearly double but it remains the same on every other mod. I also had other people check if it was just the server but their pings stayed consistent from what they're used to. Suggestions?
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    Funny pictures and videos thread. Not very new but still newest version.

    I see you guys like twerking...

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    I ask for feedback from the somewhat experienced

    Good luck with your goals in life I hope this works out for you, your mind set is a lot better than most of the Student-Athletes in the U.S. I hope someone gives you a shot when they notice your great attitude.
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    Wheel of Time

    "I'm just an old gleeman, who could I possibly be dangerous to?" -Thom Merrilin

    It's a strong toss up between Thom and Mat for greatest WoT character.
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    Víkingr Shieldwall Event (3/11/13)

    Dese' *****es need to realize Men are just far too Superior.  Incoming Jhessail.
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    Víkingr Shieldwall Event (3/11/13)

    Havoc said:
    This reminds me, I haven't played M&B in over 2 years. Talewords - come for the game, stay for the off-topic.
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    Funny pictures and videos thread. Not very new but still newest version.

    I wish there was an Angle shown from inside that circle.
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    Funny pictures and videos thread. Not very new but still newest version.

    Guess it's not really funny but it's pretty hypnotic.
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    say cheese

    Your username here makes a lot more sense now.
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    say cheese

    Yeah I was just reading about Denmark in WW2, pretty smart choice not to let your Pride get in the way and end up with a Massacre and it seems like the Germans weren't even interested in fighting them either.
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    Need a good Book Reccomendation

    Now that sounds pretty damn good, I got quite a list already from you guys.
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    Two teenagers shot a sportsman "out of boredom".

    If anyone was following this story.
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    say cheese

    Why are you in American WW2 Uniforms? Well I guess Denmark didn't play a big role in Combat during WW2.
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