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  1. Is the mod considered finished?

    Is there any more work planned on this mod or is it considered finished?
  2. [TUTORIAL] Custom Knighthood Order

    Is there a way to be able to equip knights with weapons that they can't use when mounted when they (at least in the beginning of the battle) are mounted? I am attempting to create a sort of "dragoon" order that use their steeds to get around the battlefield then dismounts to fire their crossbows. I am not sure if I am insane but it seems like this would be a bit more interesting then just making them horse archers but still let them have a ranged option.
  3. Douar-en-Enez Outcomes

    I saw that I was just wondering if there is anything the player can do beforehand to prevent it.
  4. Douar-en-Enez Outcomes

    Hi Brytenwalda team and helpful forumites, Is it possible to succeed on behalf of Wessex during Douar-en-Enez and prevent the death of a certain companion? I hate to ask for spoilers but I am agonizing over this. While there are possible hints that the outcome is fixed (both the companion and...
  5. SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Is there any way to disable the random events? While I highly appreciate the effort to increase the immersion of the mod I find that they have the opposite effect. Most of the ones I have come across don't really make much sense like being led into an alley by a young noble while you are out in the middle of the woods or cutting your hand and permanently losing strength after you have been bludgeoned and hacked into unconsciousness dozens of times before with no such long lasting effects.

    Also has 1.2 made bandits more bold? I am constantly fighting off small groups of raiders and crannogmen that I clearly overpower and it makes travel a bit tedious when you have to slaughter 80 men just to go to town to buy some bread.
  6. Spear Overhaul (overhand + underhand attack animations, stat changes)

    This is one great mod! I've been waiting for this for quite some time and I'm greatly impressed. However the equal thrust and swing damage has had some interesting repercussions. Most notably the fact that this mod makes bagudas unholy gods of war. I have always been used to them being push overs aside from the lucky javelin throw or two so I gladly took on a group of 50 or so, expecting my men to make quick work of these criminal scum. I never knew how wrong I could be. It was a slaughter. Even my best companions and hearthweru taken down by the mass of swinging spears that forced me to crawl away in shame.
  7. About armors...

    You need 700 renown to get the special armors.
  8. Return of the Dyfed

    In my current game Britain has been reduced to just a few massive blobs of factions. Only 9 remain and worst of all, Britannia has entered a hippy-like era of peace and love. It seems that the super blocks of allied mega blobs have destroyed everyone else, making the Isles seem a bit static. I...
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