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  1. New game. Some observations about spears

    Hey folks. Ive come back to the game after a few months stop and figured id do a playthrough and give some feedback. This isent a big post of feedback but rather something that I noticed right off the bat that feels off. Did they make spears even weaker then they already were? My character...
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Im confused, are these changes live now or not?
  3. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Christ do you people get off from beeing negative nancies or something?
  4. Patch when??

    No they tried to do something with breaking the second gate once the first one is broken by the ram. It did not work for them but they managed to break our fix for this problem so we had to recode it. So they definitelly tweaked something on the siege map or in the AI on the engine level. Also recently cavlary AI was changed (in SP) without patchnote. Before cavalry was charging in unorganized manner, now they are trying to regroup before each charge which have some advantage and some disadvantage, but I think it is change in right direction, only problem is that it was not mentioned in patchnotes and we found it by accident.
    Oh damn, it wasent just me then? I noticed this as well but since I dident notice anything on the patch notes I just scratched it up to be my inmagination
  5. Why field battles turn into a 1:1 K/D slugfest

    Ah that sounds nice. Is there a list somewhere where we can see whats supposed to be in the next coming patch?
  6. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I wouldnt call the reactions to a dev responding, neutral.... They were passive agressive at best. Often mocking and otherwise jabbing jokes at the devs expenses. I get that people want more communication. But every time they get it they lash out.

    The last hotfix that reduced MP freezes (or should, dident get a chance to test it yet) was mocked in the ground when it came out. Neutral reaction my ass. Some people actually acted offended that it came out and only fixed MP screen freezes....

    People on these forums seem very unaware about how toxic they come across. Or they dont care, which is also possible; but then dont be suprised when communication crawls down to a halt.
  7. Why field battles turn into a 1:1 K/D slugfest

    I dont really get why spear bracing isent in single player already. It would make pikes a great deal more dangerous to approach for cav if nothing else...
  8. Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    Its normal that initially they make alot of progress as bugs, crashes and whatnot are fixed so that the game becomes more stable and they then focus on adding content.

    What im not sure is normal is that the game has gone backwards in some areas. Like AI and stability, I think its safe to say that after a year they should be passed that phase by now. Then again im not a software developer so my layman's vieuw on it has no actual grasp of how difficult it is but I dont think its normal in the industry for this 'stage' of development to take this long...
  9. Resolved 1.5.9 causing major FPS drop, it's insane

    Im wondering, was yesterdays hotfix a fix to this problem?
  10. Menavlion Infantry

    All weapons like the menavliation, glaives, etc are over the top. Adress them rather then the class tbh. If a 2 handed polearm is a 'slashing' spear it shouldnt be the length of a pike.... Or if you want a 2 handed with that length thats fine, but remove the slashing ability. Every weapon that has both this insane reach and slashing ability is broken with the current game mechanics.

    That said the class has no armor, no shield so taking them out at a distance is a viable option. You already run a risk playing this class that you will be taken out at a distance before you even reach melee. While the class is fast, it cant dodge everything, specially not if the ranged player is any good.
  11. Wildling

    The 2nd perk is abit inconsitant.
    Extra javelins: Instead of 3 javelins that do 40 damage each you get 6 javelins that do 40 damage each.
    Throwing spear: Instead of 3 Javelins that do 40 damage each you get 3 javelins that do 40 damage each and a single throwing spear that does 105 damage when thrown or can be used in melee.
    Stronger javelins: instead of 3 javelins that do 40 damage each you get 3 javelins that do 51 damage each.

    Both extra javelin and throwing spear perk give you something alongside your 3 javelins that do 40 damage. Stronger javelins outright replaces them with a better option but doesent give anything else aside from that. So while they individually do more damage, you are losing out on potential damage. Extra javelins gives you 6 projectiles and throwing spear perk gives you 4. Stronger javelins keeps you at 3. Seeing as you can miss your projectiles just getting 3 that do a little bit more damage doesent to be worth it imho.

    Is this inentional? The rest of the class is quite good, a short sword and a shield that can be influenced with the 1st perk slot but I think its abit weird how the perks are handled. This class is quite well armoured compared to other skirmishers and they dont seem to sacrifice anything for that.
  12. Sergeant

    they get destroyed by anything, their mace has too low damage it does like 20 damage to other heavy infantry, while oaths have better maces and better armor, khuzait spear infantry has super OP maces that 2 shot sergeants, varyags have super one handed axes with 90 DAMAGE, legionaries have a super axe too, combined with improved armor its very usefull against many troops. Sergeants have nothing special, bad mace, bad sword, bad bastard sword that can't be combined with improved armor, they are just not viable in any scenario.
    Ive gotten some succes with the mace but its indeed very apparant that other classes have better maces as options. The bastard sword is nice if you want to duel or take out people with 2 handers and dont want to lose the shield. The extra armor perk can make you abit more tanky to 1 handed attack and the 1 handed sword you still get is very good compared to what the other HA classes get.

    That said the 2nd perk slot is always the spear for me. Compared to what that gives me its an autopick as the rest dont really add anything of value...
  13. Voulgier

    Am I the only one who think its kinda weird that the class called the Voulger needs to take heavy armor in its first slot to even get acces to that weapon? :iamamoron:

    Also the 2 handed sword seems off to me but cant think off a nice alternative for it. Seeing as the standard weapon is the Voulger id take extra armor if I want to have a 2 hander in this class. It does more damage then the Noble great sword and while the great sword is faster (and a different weapon type) it feels kinda off on a class named after its Weapon :roll:
  14. Menavlion Infantry

    Once again reminder to fix this silly ole class. Empire are already pretty strong without them, and just about everyone agrees how ridiculous these things are.
    I think its kinda hard to 'fix' though as its their weapon (and glaives and other comparable weapons in general) that are the problem.

    Aside from having a good main arnament they have little to no armor and no shield option. They die to anything ranged that hits them. Or heck, anything that hits them with those whole 7 points of armor :iamamoron:

    Their 2nd options (and ranged options) are also hilarious. A whole 27 damage with the light javelins or a single Pilum (does do nice damage, but 1 a shot wonder) or 1 handed sword for their 2nd weapon slot.

    As is people are sacrificing alot to have that good weapon so what would be your suggestion to fix it?
  15. Legionary

    Il add my voice to the people asking for the long Spatha. Compared to other factions you lack both speed and reach which that 1 weapon swap would solve.

    That and the fact that the Legionary has no Pila would be my only complaints about the class though. The Pila is kind of the staple of Imperial infantry (at least in single player) so im not really getting why its missing?
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