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    Scene Design Contest

    Forum username: Renatu.20
    Scene name: scn_excalibur
    Hey, your scene doesn't seem to have come through yet so please upload it (again).

    Other scenes have all been received, @Gwae now your scene opens with no issues (y)

    We're also still searching for the owner of the Rhodania scene.

    There's still time to submit your scenes, ending on 26th February 2021, 23:59 UTC+3. Great to see so many amazing submissions so far!
  2. Dejan

    Scene Design Contest

    @Dejan Also My version was already in version 1.5.8 before it was announced it was going to be reviewed in 1.5.7. My scene crashes in 1.5.7 and has done since that version came out. 1.5.8 works fine though. It still works in custom battle with 1.5.7 but I cannot get into the editor. What can I do? With one week to go there was no chance to redo a whole map because of a version change.
    We're looking into what can be done with the scene.

    Additionally, someone uploaded a Rhodania map back on the 29th of Nov 2020 but forgot to include the scene edit data and reply to the thread. If anyone knows who that might be please remind him of it!
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    Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    We're aware of the retreating exploit and will be looking into it but it's not a current priority.
  4. Dejan

    BL 3D Art Is there an Asset usage permit?

    Hello, you're not allowed to use Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord assets in Mount & Blade: Warband as mentioned by Earendil.
  5. Dejan

    Change the direction of text

    Hello, we currently don't support adding the Arabic language. I will bring it up as a community suggestion.
  6. Dejan

    Official Modding Documentation

    It has also been brought to our attention that a workaround to extend sealed classes has been requested by some of our modders. We have added a new page to our documentation explaining that:
  7. Dejan

    Scene Design Contest

    Important Announcement
    • The scenes will be evaluated using the stable e1.5.7 version of the main game & Modding Kit.
  8. Dejan

    LesIsMore Abusing the report system by having members in his clan Mass Report people.

    As Mabons mentioned, if you've done nothing against the code of conduct then you won't receive any penalty.

    Should a clan or any community member try to abuse the report system by mass reporting a single person or multiple people falsely, they will receive a penalty. Everyone is responsible for their own actions as per code of conduct.
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    Official Modding Documentation

    We have added a new page to our modding documentation, explaining the animations, how to export them for use in Bannerlord and how to add new or modify existing ones.

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    Scene Design Contest

    Can we hope to get feedback, troubleshooting and maybe even direct help and fixes with the submitted scenes from the dev sceners after the competition has ended?
    Sure, we can always provide some feedback upon request.

    Reminder: Please make sure to reply to this thread with the form attached in the original post once you upload your scene to our website.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    Nothing about being kicked off of servers when matches end? The thing that's been going on since the very first alpha version that had servers? At this point, TW has been so quiet about this that it's probably a feature that they never intend to change, rather than a bug.
    We're aware of this issue, yes. The current server infrastructure is designed in a way that makes changing this slightly complicated though so it might take some time before we implement something to avoid this.
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    [LSP] Medieval Props - WIP

    Looks great! I am liking that bow and arrows... and everything else :grin: Thanks for sharing!
  13. Dejan

    Official Modding Tools

    emm...How can I find it in EPIC?
    Not possible at the moment, unfortunately. We plan to support other platforms in the future.
  14. Dejan

    What is the actual reason we can't get server files?

    We know that custom servers are a key issue for many of you and we want to be clear that we are working towards making them available in due course but, unfortunately, we still have some way to go before we are ready to share those files. This is for a couple of reasons:
    • A number of changes are being implemented on the backend to accommodate planned updates to multiplayer, including Duel mode, Ranked matchmaking, Observer mode, Voice chat, further customisation options, and more. Ultimately, due to the frequency at which we make updates, dedicating time and resources to maintaining public files while providing support to players and server hosts would affect our ability to finish these updates in a timely manner.
    • Hosting our own servers (for the time being) allows us to collect a lot of useful data that is used to help us improve server performance and fix any crashes or other issues.
  15. Dejan

    Official Modding Documentation

    We've added a new page to our official documentation:
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