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    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    Haven't seen a single comment saying this change is good. Did you?
    Yeah agreed, I haven't seen a positive comment regarding this change. I will bring up this issue again next week when we're back from the holidays.
    The thing is, at least personally, and I would be surprised if there aren't others like that too, I have my doubt that what you consider "not a bug, but a gameplay mechanic that is likely to see changes in the future" is even the thing this bug report was about. Not ONCE have I seen a single dev response clearly acknowledging the actual mechanic/bug this report been about from the start. Specially since it really really baffles me how you can not consider this a bug, if you are indeed talking about the right thing. So could I at least ask you(or another dev) to clearly spell out what is the mechanic you think is being talked about here, that you consider "undesirable, so will likely see changes in the future, but is not a bug per say"?
    We understand what the issue is and sure - you're talking about the fact that after the enemy units are defeated and start routing fully - it's not possible to give orders to your own units anymore (the UI gets disabled). And this prevents you from chasing up routing enemies - since any commands that you gave prior to the UI being disabled stay in effect. Half are cheering and the other half are doing whatever they were doing prior to the UI being disabled. So any cav that previously wasn't on the "Charge" order f.e. will just stay in place.

    What I've been doing is trying to anticipate when the enemy will route fully and give the charge order to everyone prior to that - which is obviously not enjoyable but it is a somewhat working workaround for the time being.
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    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    It will likely see further changes. At least at the last discussion it was deemed not desired as it is.
    As Duh noted in another thread, this game mechanic will likely see further changes but it's not considered as a bug per se (rather, a gameplay mechanic that needs some more tweaking) - that's why this thread is marked as resolved.
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    e1.6.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    Ok thanks. So we don't need to add them to any policies list anymore? The initialization is the same as before, yeah, I just assumed I would need an extra register step as before, but I guess that step has been refactored out.
    You should see the policy in the list if you create it as described above.
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    e1.6.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    Yeah about this, for policies we used to have the ability to add new policies via Campaign.Current.DefaultPolicies.Policies.Add(myPolicy), except DefaultPolicies is private now, and PolicyObject.All only returns a readonly list, and I'm assuming it's similar with other of All lists. In other words you can't add your own policies anymore (and who knows what else, as far as I have found) so this was quite a nerf to modding, at least for the policies in my mod.
    Now you can properly add them using:
    var myPolicy = Game.Current.ObjectManager.RegisterPresumedObject(new PolicyObject("unique_string_id"));
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    Need More Info Warband Steam Cloud is not enabled after the latest patch

    We believe this issue should be fixed. Could you confirm that please @mad_scientiss
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    Official Modding Documentation

    Three new pages have been added to our documentation since I last posted here:
    - XSLT Usage Tutorial:
    - Horse Reins Simulation Creation:
    - Generating and Loading UI Sprite Sheets:
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    Patch Notes e1.5.10

    there is no vote kick in any of the servers neider in skirmish, siege or tdm.
    @AVRC @NIN3 Where is kick poll for Multiplayer?
    The issue has been fixed. Bear in mind that any existing sessions need to restart for the vote kick option to show up.
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    Patch Notes e1.5.10

    there is no vote kick in any of the servers neider in skirmish, siege or tdm.
    @AVRC @NIN3 Where is kick poll for Multiplayer?
    We're working on it. Thanks for reporting.
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    In Progress Scene Editor Resizing Map relocates Navmesh

    Please suggest these factional coordinates are made moddable through settlements.xml for low-tech modders and sceners. If the distance cache needs to reference them, then scene editor spawn points would be better than hard-coding.
    Got it, will bring it up at the next meeting.
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    [bug fix request] Custom banner code is crashing the game in 1.6 beta

    Could you please share the banner code that crashes the game? @saucefar
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    Add a quickload button

    Save scumming incoming :grin:
    The quick load feature has been brought up before as a community suggestion. It was rejected on the basis that we don't want to encourage this kind of gameplay.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I like Warband much better for prison breaks, in Bannerlord you hit walls so many times where in Warband you go out into the castle or town streets to escape. And in warband you could tell the lord to stay behind but here they act stupid and run ahead to get slaughtered, Once again a 10 year old game has a better mechanic
    With the next patch, we'll be adding these changes to the prison break mission which should address some of your concerns:
    • The ability to tell the prisoner to stay or follow.
    • The removal of polearms from the prison guards.
    How can we see new scenes like towns and villages etc. ?
    Well, if you know all the old ones by heart then walking around and visiting villages one by one is probably the best time waster :grin:. You could compare the code in the settlements.xml (SandBox module) and/or custom_battle_scenes.xml (CustomBattle module for custom battles) between the old and the new version (via some online tool) to see which settlements on the campaign map had their scene file name changed and then visit them in-game.

    Or you could have some CM noob check it out for you and paste the list below for 1.5.10 (1.6.0 didn't have any new ones). The new town and castle scenes were already specified in the patch notes.
    • Lochana (empire_village_o)
    • Epinosa (empire_village_m)
    • Syratos (empire_village_k)
    • Masangara (empire_village_z)
    • Crios (empire_village_t)
    • Nortanisa (empire_village_v)
    • Elvania (empire_village_u)
    • Gamardan (empire_village_s)
    • Carphenion (empire_village_l)
    • Leblenion (empire_village_y)
    • Canoros (empire_village_r)
    • Glavstrom (sturgia_village_d)
    • Alebat (sturgia_village_c)
    • Deir Hawa (aserai_village_d)
    • Uqba (aserai_village_k)
    • Abba (aserai_village_m)
    • Hunab (aserai_village_g)
    • Arromanc (vlandia_village_j)
    • Ebereth (battania_village_m)
    • Bog Beth (battania_village_g)
    • Khimli (khuzait_village_e)
    • Dinar (khuzait_village_d)
    • Nutyuk (khuzait_village_f)
    P.S. in the future we'll try to add these to the patch notes as well.
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    Suggestion General Tournaments

    Have you managed to work this out? Is it still an issue? @TheREALHayster
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