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    Bannerlord was a grift

    It *is* kind of draining. But I feel most of us, deep down, come here because of a variant of the bystander effect. Or perhaps it's something a little more depressing.

    The development of this game, and the game itself, can be seen as some kind of shattered promise ended terribly, a catastrophe even, but it's artificially kept alive due to... uncertainty. It's basically us as a not-so-young-anymore person going to the hospital to visit a long-stay patient in a coma who happens to be our significant other.

    We go there often, but sometimes not as often as before. We know, deep down, they will never regain consciousness. But we still want to feel their presence and to remember how significant they were for us when they were still with us. So we go there, we bring fresh flowers... we talk about mundane things with them, not knowing if they can hear us... for they surely do not answer.

    It always goes the same way: we drive to the hospital, we bring flowers to their room, we make jokes and try to maintain a veneer of optimism. Then it gets soul-crushing to see our significant other lying there, as they have been for... 11 years. So we take a break before giving that almost ritual last kiss on the forehead and go home.

    As we sit in the hospital cafeteria, head filled with wonderful moments long past, we see there are other people in the same situation. Instead of being there alone, they slowly formed a group: they all share the same predicament. They all want someone to hear their voices, their stories which are so very relevant to their person. So we join up, make some acquaintances and we chat, we jest and we try not to be too miserable together. Sometimes we fight, but what keeps us talking and complaining and remembering how better it was when our loved ones were still fully with us... is the fact that we don't want to tell the doctors we want them to pull the plug on what's keeping our loved ones alive.
    Oh **** me this hit the nail on the head in bad ways! LOL! I uninstalled back in december and looked the other way. It felt kinda good. Not judgemental, just needed a break from the coma patient.

    I came back, and thought I'd try out the current state- d/l'ing the game and unstable beta now. And then I read this! LOL I wanna cry.... it's all so true!!!!!!
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    Big sheet about problems of the game!!!

    I feel hopeless after reading the original post.

    He's right.

    But the problems are so f'ing DEEP!
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    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Oh, yeah. Those guys stuff are gone. Well I dress them in pajamas anyway.
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    Made a short cinematic montage.

    While normally i hate these videos.

    In this case, respect because:

    Use of bow, axe, spear, crossbow, club, sword.

    Not use of lance.
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    I have to admit. The baby animations:

    Are freaking hilarious! The one where the kid's standing in the crib sort of surfing it, is pretty funny!
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    When I upgrade pull from the CHEAPER HORSES, ok?

    Damn but I cannot keep any backup desert horses in stock!!!
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    The 2016 Demo was better than the current game

    (n) Disagree with every. Single. Point. Brought up by the OP, except that the towns ARE clearly depopulated. I don't know why they did this and it's vaguely depressing.
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    Must cities have only ONE gate?

    Fair criticism, I think one entrance works fine for castles, but cites should probably have 3 gates, that way you can still block them but you also don’t need to go all around to get inti the city.

    Would that be good for you or would you prefer it all settlements worked like villages (accessible from all sides)?

    Ah THIS is what I meant. Yes. For castles, yes limit it. Thanks for expressing it more clearly. Like villages.
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    Fallen Companion Gear Suggestion (Poll and Discussion)

    Oops, nevermind. So far you can strip them in inventory after battle.
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    Must cities have only ONE gate?

    I just mean for the main interaction point that opens the city menu... It's cute and all that your little avatar seeks out the gate on the OPPOSITE side of the city graphic, but come on...
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    Why does the AI deposit high value prisoners to nearest town by battle?

    Yes we saw this problem last week too and noted it. They need money as player do. It is better to sell them instead of adding them to prison roster of town. There are no money cheats in game npc lords get. Sometimes some clans go bankrupt and they cannot give wages to their garrisons or parties and these garrisons / parties lose men constantly, it is very rare but even sometimes some lords cannot buy food and they starve.

    @AnandaShanti game does not give lords free food or money. You play this game since first day. You know this.

    Well, the way these players stated it, it seemed like the AI lords just do whatever they want? So it's possible to wage economic warfare on the enemy? That is heartening to hear!

    They doing you a disservice by spreading lies if they were. Sorry on their behalf.

    ALSO: I notice when my guys get captured *I* pay the ransom. Does the AI clan pay the ransom when I sell them back their people? Or does that money come out of thin air?
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    Why does the AI deposit high value prisoners to nearest town by battle?

    This is demoralizing. Guys stop it, I have hurt feelings now. :xf-cry:
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    Why does the AI deposit high value prisoners to nearest town by battle?

    Oh. If we have enough prisoners can THAT grind the war to a halt eventually? I mean it would really suck if economy plays no part in wars. Economy of leaders at least?
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    Why does the AI deposit high value prisoners to nearest town by battle?

    Does the AI have no need of the $ involved? They should simply go to the tavern and sell them instead of depositing them in the dungeon. Unless they think keeping prisoners stops a war? (It doesn't). They miss out on dough.
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