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  1. Should armor be more effective?

    Can you please specify how many hits is "few" for you and in what kind of armor? Also weapon that hit you is something that is interesting to know, because they have substantially different effectiveness against armor.

    When I am using top tier armors, I don't experience situations where I am going down in "few" hits against standard attacks by non blunt weapons. Even mid tier armors give substantial buff to survivability against non blunt weapons.
    I know that there are alot of factors that go into how much damage you take. I've taken static one-handed sword strikes (not in tournaments, I know those do blunt damage) to the head that took about half of my health. Now I know a strike like that would still be most unpleasant, but with a helmet with a 54 armor rating I don't think I should be on deaths door. In real life a helmet of this quality would make attacks like this mostly inert. It's also distracting to drop 340,000 on a helmet just to still feel so vulnerable. I defiantly don't want armor to be god mode, but I think we could balance it out quite a bit with that durability thing.
  2. Should armor be more effective?

    By putting HP in the armor you partially solve the problem.
    Less good armor has few HP and therefore after going to zero HP it does not protect the limb they cover, instead good quality armor would protect the covered limb for a greater number of hits.
    If an enemy is wearing similar armor parts, you should hit the same point several times in order to break it and do full damage.
    The idea is good, although it runs the risk of becoming repetitive and spammy towards a particular hurtbox.

    Basically the idea is better than the current system.
    I too had proposed an idea about the amor system which in a certain sense is similar to yours, although the condition of the equipment I consider it in a separate thread from that of the armor system itself.
    I leave you the link in case you want to read it.
    In relation to your idea, for me it is a big yes.
    Wow you went alot more in-depth than I did. xD
    I was trying to be brief, but ya I figure there are plenty of ways to deal with target spamming. In my experience attacks tend to land all over the place. If a player is particularly skilled they usually target the head anyway, so spamming already happens to a degree.
    And like you were saying this adds another interesting layer to armor. Like you could have armor that offered higher protection but lower durability and vice versa (although I imagine these stats would typically go up in tandem), adding another layer to how you equip your character.
  3. Should armor be more effective?

    I really wish armor felt more impactful. It feels really bad getting all the best armor in the game and still getting killed in a few hits, where it seems like this level of armor should make you an absolute tank. Similarly it feels bad to kill high armor enemies with easy. Ofcourse any change...
  4. Allow us to tell which unit to attack or charge

    I don't see how you could properly control your army without this.
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