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  1. Formations & Commands/Pikes and Archers

    Well that's just fantastic Are there any guides or insights at all as to what commands and formations actually do?
  2. Formations & Commands/Pikes and Archers

    ...Well crap, that's frustrating. How the hell DO commands work then?
  3. Formations & Commands/Pikes and Archers

    So I just watched this video and am reevaluating a few things about my strategies, let me see if I have this right and then I'll ask my questions: So if I have this right - and correct me if I'm wrong about anything - formations aren't just hotkeys, they dictate AI behavior. And "advance" and...
  4. I Have Never Even Seen A Special Unit (i.e. Vlandian Squires) In Villages

    I don't see how we're supposed to track them down then. I've still never even seen one.
  5. I Have Never Even Seen A Special Unit (i.e. Vlandian Squires) In Villages

    Do they only spawn in certain villages?
  6. What Exactly Does Troops' Skill Level Do, Functionally/Mechanically?

    Like, if a troop unit has 130 in one-handed for example, what does that functionally mean? Do they have access to the same skills PCs have for having a skill at that level? What happens when there's an either/or perk, is it randomized by the individual troop? Does it affect damage or stats...
  7. I Have Never Even Seen A Special Unit (i.e. Vlandian Squires) In Villages

    Never mind had the relations necessary to have been able to recruit them. Not one. Not once. Never. And I've been playing for weeks. Am I doing something wrong? There has gotta be a way of more consistently finding and recruiting them. Like make them less rare but only recruitable if you own...
  8. Brace Polearms/Spear Wall Formation BADLY Needed

    The way they calculate relative speed in the game already should help too. Though I imagine a potential issue would be friendly fire.
  9. Combat Experience: the Problem of Infantry vs Ranged/Cav

    I totally agree with this topic, and it may be conflating issues and/or overpromoting my pet peeve, but I feel the need to point out that having a functional spear/pike wall formation would also help address this a lot. If for no other reason because it would notably increase at least your...
  10. Editing Sigil Color Via .SAV Files?

    So I love this game, it's so fun, I wonder what else I can do with it, yadda yadda yadda, a mod broke my game. I know, it's modding and it's early access, you're inherently taking a risk, back up your stuff, I know I know, but I do have a question. The only mod that I had a problem with was...
  11. Wasted Spear Length/ holding spears wrong

    I'd love a change grip button, and for more than just spears going from short form to long form (which btw is the technical term for everything you guys have been debating, and both are valid based on situation. Though I agree with Icarus in that this game is NOMINALLY at least about group...
  12. Maces vs Armor

    Oh they do? I didn't notice it say anything to that effect in the item description.
  13. Maces vs Armor

    So axes deal bonus damage vs shields. Cool. I like that. But if you do that, maces need to do bonus damage vs armor. I'm not sure how you would code that, as armor doesn't have separate HP the way shields do, but in particular since maces and other blunt weapons lack the length of spears...
  14. Items and crafting

    Yes yes yes to all of this
  15. Can't Even Hold On To My Own Kingdom When Cheating

    I do get that it's early access, but that's in part why I'm posting this. Hopefully the more feedback the devs get the better, right?