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  1. In Progress [1.8.0] Skills not updated after prison break if join faction message wasn't addressed

    Summary: If the player received the join faction message, and you rescue the faction leader from the prison, the "thanks for breaking me out" message is not displayed but instead the "have you considered my proposal" message is triggered and afterwards the normal conversation after...
  2. In Progress 1.8.0 Crash exiting dungeon after prison break

    Hello! Faced the same issue when the lord dies during the prison break
    this was the crashId I uploaded:
  3. In Progress (1.8.0.) Game crash after wife dies in prison break.

    Can also confirm that it works for other noble lords who die during the prison break. Faced the same issue as described above in that way.
  4. Smithing haggling mechanics

    Hello! Though about a possibility of upgrading the smithing feature in bannerlord: When doing orders for notables, the base price of the item should be 50-60% of the current item prices, and after finishing the order a player can have the possibility to enter in a haggling dialogue with the...
  5. Resolved 1.8.0 After a battle and once past the Loot stage screen is black (but has UI on it) for 5 seconds

    Well that looks like a downgrade tbf :unsure:
    Why not use the existing splashscreen(s) we're used to seeing when something is loading? Would have been the concise choice imho...
  6. In Progress 1.8.0 Smithing has reset

    Same for me,
    When updated game to 1.8 all my previously learned smithing parts were reset, started learning and completing orders from scratch, unlocked 100 new parts, after restarting the game the parts were also reset...
  7. Resolved 1.8.0 After a battle and once past the Loot stage screen is black (but has UI on it) for 5 seconds

    Same thing, but also when saving the game using Save As function
  8. Need More Info Prisioner Conformity bug

    I couldn't reproduce the bug anymore after the hotfix (neither with releasing the prisoners normally or after battles, in town or castle dungeons etc where it worked beforehand) however I started noticing that the conformity resets for top tier units after the latest hotfix.
    If I, for example, have a a stack of 10 Battanian Fian Champions and 5 are recruitable from the prisoners, and I win a battle afterward and capture 4 new Fian Champion, the 5 recruitable will be reset to 0 and the conformity level will start from 0 again.
    Only works for top tier units (saw same behavior for Imperial Cataphracts, Banner Knights)
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