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    The Inheritance Cycle [RECRUITING]

    ERrrr... No.. Reread on the fireweed. It is merely the plant-like brother of a "Tums" anti-acid... for your stomach.. And the book gives a simple explanation to dragons breathing fire. Magic.
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    TLD preview

    Amusing how the TLD thread has turned into the "General Discussion" thread of the corner of taleworlds known only as "The Pioneer's Guild".
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    The Inheritance Cycle [RECRUITING]

    Glad to be of assistance. MUHAHAHA
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    The Inheritance Cycle [RECRUITING]

    There actually are some animals that can breathe fire. They just have chambers where chemicals are stored and when they want to "INFERNO" something they just combine the gases.
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    Chronicles of Counter earth

    Over..and over..and over...and over...and...over...and---
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    Ak Elâ [White Tree] 0.1 Beta

    "So.. Welcome to youtube...!"
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    The Inheritance Cycle [RECRUITING]

    Face it the blades are technicolor. Face. It. You can't kill this groove baby.
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    The Inheritance Cycle [RECRUITING]

    I didn't say I wasn't silently snickering to myself, merely that the sexist banhammer of all that is vile will come down upon thy manly head.
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    The ban of the redbaron

    There is a topic for this.,20795.msg1794982.html#new Please check there before making topics in the wrong place. (or making unneeded topics) As for your second question there is a chance that Red Baron will still be the leader of the mod. If not...
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    Billy Mays dies at 50.

    Billy Mays is so amazing he could sell medpacks to heal chucknorris roundhouse kicks.
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    Billy Mays dies at 50.

    He could also sell little boys to MJ...oh..wait...
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    Inheritance Cycle

    You, again, like most people here, assume that it is released. Which it isn't.
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    Graphical Enhancement 3 - updated 13/12

    Especially since Warband is supposedly coming out with better graphics anyway.