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    Worth the Price Tag?

    Think the questions you should be asking are:

    Is it worth it now?


    Will it be worth it?

    Time will tell on the latter but if you have any thoughs on buying it now or in the future whats the difference in buying it now or then? If money is the issue then wait for a sale.

    For me there are bugs for sure, but I have yet to have it crash on me. So I am happy to pay the money to support the development of the game I hope will be everything I want in the future. If not I still got some entertainment for the money I paid.
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    Live as a Bandit

    I was literally watching a video like this 10min ago. He could also recruit the bandit troops from the hideouts.

    Not sure what mod it was though.
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    So I bought a RAM

    where do i download another ram

    I cannot tell if this person is just trolling or serious. Either way I had a good laugh at that.

    @Op glad you got a performance boost. I juat rebuilt my whole computer couple days ago.

    Intel gaming x Z390
    RTX 2070 Super oc
    32 DDR4
    Couple SSDs

    If that doesnt do the job I dont know what will.
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