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    My companions always use only blunt weapons (if any) - SP

    Put the sword in the first slot and the lance in the second, they will use the sword on foot but wen riding(idle horse doesn't count), they will use the lance.
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    Best singleplayer faction?

    I am making the ideal Calradian army, it consists of:
    15 Swadian knights
    15 Nord huscarls
    30 Rhodok sergeants
    15 Swadian sergeants or vaegir guards.
    15 Vaegir Marksmen.
    the rest of your army is the reserve.

    What I do is, Divide the infantry by kind in 3 separate units, whit nords on the left flank, Rhodoks on the center and vaegirs/swadians on the right, the Rhodoks are better in holding the enemy and are slower than nords plus they have big shields, ideal for the beat taking part of the army, if it was possible I'd put nords on both flanks, but since you cant divide the same unit kind in 2, I had to go whit other unit type, you should also put your cavalry behind the right flank, and the archers in a hill behind your lines, and the reserves behind the rhodok in case the enemy cavalry manages to charge tough, the battle plan is simple, wen the enemy clashes whit your rhodoks, let the nords loose to do what they do best, move your swadian/vaegir line in a _/ shaped form whit the rhodoks to hold the enemy's left wing packed, then maneuver whit the cavalry and charge home.
    the reserves exist to help any section that may be collapsing, it normally is the nord's left flank or the Rhodokian center, the nords tend to kill a lot but since the lack of a proper line they usually get killed too (like killing 50 and dieing 10) this is where you put your reserves, which should be composed of mid/low tier troops and things you don't use, like vaegirs in case of a swadian flank and vice versa.
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    relocating court

    Ask your lord where she is, and for declaring war, just atack some lord and you get -3 relations, then go siege a castle.
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    Any advice and/or help for my kingdom

    Its based on money, the more money a lord has, the more and better troops he will have after being defeated, Using swadians makes you loose morale, but if you have enought leadership to comter it, I sugest making a army of about 30 to 50 knights, in my game, the vaegirs had half the nord lands(I had the other half) and half the khergit lands, i conquered them whit 50 knigths and 50 Hurscarls for sieges.
    Another thing you can do is hire as many companions as possible, they dont die and even if you loose, you can just sneak in and rescue them easily(unless the game bugs).
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    Why Power strike with Polearms?

    unconnected said:
    DarkAnd said:
    you need leadership for morale bost, it is impossoble to keep a 100+ army only whit renown whitout having to constalty win battles.

    Heh, that's why you have to constantly be winning battles :smile:
    whit 10 leadership I can stay resting in a castle forever as long as I have 1 kind of food.
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    Weapon Durability?

    It would take like 200 swings on a rock to break a sword.
    so, no
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    Is it possible to go LAN????

    coop= 10 players x 300 ai
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    Favorite Heavy Mounted Unit

    Khergits are light cavalry, they shouldn't be on this pool.
    Vaegir knigths have a huge axe as their main weapon, they tend to destroy the enemy alot faster than swadians and are very good dismouted, they have huntes which makes then way faster than sawds.
    Swadian knigths on the other hande have better armour more armoured horses and lances, a perfect impact cavalry, however, wen dismounted they will use great lances, and only 10% or less of them have morningstars.
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    Why Power strike with Polearms?

    you need leadership for morale bost, it is impossoble to keep a 100+ army only whit renown whitout having to constalty win battles.
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    Auto block and jumping horses

    You dont got my point, if you trust a spear at me, aiming for the chest, I pop up the block buttom, then you move the mouse down and hit my legs.

    Also, my english sucks, but you said to crouch whit a sword too? Then that makes no sense everybody would aim for the feet because the enemy will have to crouch and it gives you an advantage.
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    Auto block and jumping horses

    Having to crouch to block a spear is different than moving the mouse down, it should be way easier to block whit a shield than parry whit a sword, also, you would have to crouch evertime someone thrusted a weapon at you, because you can aim your weapon while attacking.
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    Do Rhodok/Nord really need cavalry?

    I am not on beta, and has I read this topic I changed my opnion, they need cavalry, but a weak one, like a mounted crosbow for rhodoks and a scout for nords, what is needed is bring back the 808 anti horses polearms, any 5+ damage stab on a horse's chest would make it rear.
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    Auto block and jumping horses

    scythe111 said:
    Nosfe said:
    Even with auto-block defense with 2-handers is much more diffucult with a shield. Try feinting and you'll see the difference. Manual block sounds cool but not so much if your opponent is wearing 3 shields and has a ping much below yours. I don't see the point in forcing something so connection sensitive on every player. If you wanna do something about auto-block nerf shields so they don't create an impassable energy field around you as soon as you right-click.

    seconded. the shield needs a nerf. size should = SIZE. not some number. and leg shots should be doable with thrust, too. (idk if they're not, but i've never managed to get one.)
    No, because then a shield would be useless againts a spear.
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    Unfinished mod download link

    Downloading, great job nijs!

    Retarded question incoming!
    Why you disabled the cheat menu's return option?
    Also, are you working on warband?
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