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    Bannerlord event organising

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    [Beast#4] Division C Weekly Match Results

    Resolute Hawks vs Savage French Baguette
    Saturday 27th 19:00 GMT
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    EU TDM In-progress [Event] Battle for Butter [EU] [7th March]

    due to the instability of the 160-slot servers we are switching back to 120 slots.
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    EU Skirmish Completed European Nations League

    Dear Bannerlord players, after a complicated end of tournament because of its duration some teams could not finish the tournament.

    Despite this, some teams did well and proved themselves to be formidable.

    Congratulations to all the teams who put a lot of effort into the tournament.

    1st place: Poland πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±
    Surely the favourites of the competition and they have proved it, having suffered no defeat, Poland has proved that they are the best international team of the moment.

    2nd place: Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ
    Some of them mentioned a fight for the podium with Poland and they didn't disappoint, the German team deserved its place as vice champion.

    3rd place: Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
    The Ukrainian team has shown during this competition that it has good players and the mentality to climb on this podium.

    I have made badges for you I hope you will like them, every player who took part in the competition can claim them.
    (podium badges are individuals)


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    EU TDM In-progress [Event] Battle for Butter [EU] [7th March]

    I forgot two infantry slots, it's modified ! 2x15inf and 1x7cav 1x8arch left
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    EU TDM In-progress [Event] Battle for Butter [EU] [7th March]

    Everyone is accepted, there are 4 slots left. The second choices are currently blocked.
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    Calendar Entry Requests

    Event name: Battle for Butter
    Event thread link: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...-for-butter-eu-7th-march.439802/#post-9648444
    Event date & time: 7th March - 20 GMT
    Sign-up thread link (optional): https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...-for-butter-eu-7th-march.439802/#post-9648444
    Sign-ups end on (optional): No more slots available
    Previously completed event(s): one, Battle of Isle of Deriad
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    EU TDM In-progress [Event] Battle for Butter [EU] [7th March]

    It is the hour of axe and sword, the men of the Kingdom of Battania invade the lands of the Kingdom of Vlandia to seize the Sacred Butter. King Derthert, ancestor of King Harlaus, raised his armies to counter the foreign invasion. Clan Name : House-Hessian 8 Archers Clan Name...
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    Tournoi Escarmouche Bannerlord Francophone

    Nom du Clan : Royaume de Cintra
    Nom du Capitaine : Tark
    List des joueurs de l'Γ©quipe + ID :
    Nom de l'Γ©quipe : Racaille du Royaume
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    [Beast #4] Roster

    Player Removal

    Team Name: Savage French Baguette
    Name of player(s):
    Romainokey of Acres
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    What I can say about obelix is that he isn't a bad guy, even if he is sometimes a bit toxic, it has to be said. It's up to you to judge if you trust him, what I can see is that he is invested in Bannerlord and I hope it will continue that way.
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    [Beast#4] Division C Weekly Match Results

    Well then, you seem to get your saturday if I understand Ikea Knight correctly. I find it highly ridiculous that I am forced to schedule on a day where our 9 player roster (of which only 7 are really active) has to miss out on core players players while you guys have 14 players on your roster and can just play on one day on a weekend lol.
    your roster problems concerns only you, if we can't play on Sunday it's only because we have a special event on bannerlord. We can still play this Thursday or Monday if it suits you.
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    [Beast#4] Division C Weekly Match Results

    We can't play Friday or Sunday, all others days are available.
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