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    Guida Strategica Completa - M&B Bannerlord Compendium

    Ottima guida! Grazie mille! La hai scritta tutta te o hai preso ispirazione da qualche altra guida già esistente?
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    [Bannerlord] Navi: Video mostra presenza di navi nei file EA

    Le battaglie in "Viking Conquest" erano fatte piuttosto bene. Magari con una patch o DLC potrebbero aggiungere degli altri continenti nuovi :grin:
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    CN_X_PW - PW

    Try asking here perhaps?
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    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    Given the lack of activity in the Persistent World community, I've decided to release the code for my Persistent World scripts under the CC BY-NC 4.0, meaning that you not allowed to resell or sub-rent this code to others. This code has been created and polished over four years (2014-2018) and...
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    Can we run around naked in MP ?

    I personally don't like the fact that you can't pick your own gear in Bannerlord. Perhaps I got too acquainted to the system in Warband, but it feels too much like "casual-gamers" - oriented now.
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    Beta Testing Specs

    Very much appreciated! :party:
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    [Bannerlord] BETA tester riunitevi!

    Presente e tornato dall'oscurità  :D
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    Beta Testing Specs

    Using a laptop I bought in March 2019. GPU: Nvidia GeForce MX150 CPU: IntelCore i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz RAM: 16GB Display: 1920x1080 Disk: 500GB SSD Even though I'm not reallly using a gaming laptop, I expected the game to run better. I can barely play the game on medium settings with 10-20...
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    [DI] DIVISIONE ITALIANA [Reclutamenti RIAPERTI] #2019

    Mi fa piacere che esista ancora la divisione italiana, discendente della Brigata Italiana.  :D Magari evitiamo commenti fini a se stessi?  Se c'è un topic aperto di un reggimento, non è necessario che qualcuno di interessato posti necessariamente qui sul forum TW, ma potrebbe aver contattato...
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    Dev Blog 16/05/19

    When are we going to have a developers' blog featuring an interview with the janitor of Taleworlds office?  :shifty:
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    Modders' Interviews | Get inspired by Greats and Legends!

    Nice interview! Istarted learning coding on the Module System via Lumos' Ultimate Introduction to Modding, so I definitely owe him my modding skills!  :fruity:
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    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    The scripts have been ported to Persistent Kingdoms and a few issues fixed :party: Contact me if you are interested!
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    MP Native Persistent Kingdoms - 1.2 Released!

    Best of luck! Going to try your mod soon!!  :D
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    Did the PW kick the bucket?

    100% agreed. That's exactly the opposite of what Ramaraunt has been doing in his last posts.