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    All right, so who asked deaths to be removed from the score board?

    havent died a single time after update, became an unkillable god of blocking and defensive positioning, my hide scarred by thousands of melees is stiff enough that I am even impervious to the sharpest of arrows and bolts
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    Picking up arrows should work as an AoE

    It can be quite annoying trying to point click these small things, but I think having the radius option to pick things up, should be bigger
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    Potential new gamer

    Warband has currently better mods than bannerlord, but I'm sure bannerlord would be better in a few years
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    Understanding Loot

    The loot = the currency with what you pay. So yeah.
    Got it thanks lol
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    Understanding Loot

    I find the term "loot" quite confusing for this case anyways. Why not just put something like: gold earned, denaris earned, coins earned or something similar. Loot can refer to anything and this has proved that it confuses people. @NIN3
    Sooo basically the word 'loot' means gold earned, NOT the loot earned?
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    [Suggestion] Wedding traditions

    Yes this would add more immersive to the game
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    Orders during a route

    Imagine if your troops would cheer and attack at the same time...
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    Understanding Loot

    Loot is not the equipment pieces themself, but a currency to buy said pieces. You can see your # of loot in the top left corner in the lobby screen and you can spend it on armor pieces in the armory.
    Oh wait, I think I'm not understanding this loot system then lol. But when it says, say 50 loots unlocked, is that for every troop?
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    On Crafting Orders

    Will crafting armour be possible later in the future?
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    I'm done with this game.

    All the troops should get a redone, armour, weapons, stats etc. It is a bit ridiculous seeing higher tier troops that sucks, like what happened? Lol
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    Understanding Loot

    The currency is called loot (and there should be a pop up after each game). I wasnt talking about random unlocks of equipment, we dont have something like this.
    Or did I misunderstand you?
    I meant like every match when it says you've gained loot, should there be a like a preview window in the main menu of the loot that you found, and that you can cycle through those? And then when you go to the custom character, there'll be an icon that shows the new loot. If that makes sense? Cause every match, idk what loot i earned and from which faction and troop.
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    The war system is a mess (extremely long topic)

    The current war/diplomacy system of the game can be accurately summarized as:

    - we strong? attack
    - we weak? sue for peace
    - we fighting multiple wars? sue for peace cause this makes we weak

    It really needs severe expansion/overhaul to a more logical system, they work so much to try and balance "snowballing" but the root of the problem it the non existent diplomacy of the game and the completely bonkers war-time "logic".

    The diplomacy mod greatly helps in this with alliances, non-aggression pacts, war-exhaustion, civil wars etc but they can't simply overhaul this entire aspect of the game, TW really needs to improve this.
    Lol that summarized is true
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    Understanding Loot

    Hey, welcome to the forums!

    Like mentioned above, you earn loot by the XP you get from playing matches. You also get loot depending on your level, when leveling up.
    We will introduce new ways to earn loot and badges in one of the next updates and will think of more in the future.

    Glad you are enjoying the game!
    Can there be a way to notify which loots you earned?
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    what should be the next title/DLC ?

    M&B II Bannerlord High Definition
    M&B II Bannerlord Reforged
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