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  1. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    I agree that some things in the game require too much micro management, but I think that the landline option is an acceptable compromise. And do keep in mind that that's just my take. Who knows, maybe it will go a different avenue entirely.
    Hey, good afternoon!

    Hmm, so when can we expect development on the diplomacy feature? I'm crazy to see this
  2. where do the Vlandians come from?

    Vlandia = France (+ Normans)
    Khuzaits = Mongols
    Sturgia = Scandinavia
    Aserai = Arabs
    Empire = East Roman Empire (Byzantium)
    Battania = mix of England and German tribes
    Khuzait would be the Turks or Cumans, no?
  3. where do the Vlandians come from?

    I am not sure the Palaic are Celtic
    The plaaic as the lore seens to make them something like the Etrurians..
  4. where do the Vlandians come from?

    In the lore it's stated that the Vlandians 'came from overseas' but where exactly? As far as we can tell from the map there is nothing for quite a while in the western sea, which raises the question of if the Vlandians did come from somewhere very far away across the western ocean(e.g Balion etc), then why do they have a very European seeming culture/appearance?(this kind of convergent evolution seems very unlikely). Alternatively, they could have come from Nordland/Jumne much like the real life Normans, but beyond that I can't think of any other possibilities. I know I'm probably overthinking this but I was just wondering whether It was something the devs had put any thought into or any one else had any ideas about.
    Their lore is that they came from overseas, so you can think of them as the Normans mixed with the Anglo-saxons during the time of England
  5. Patch Notes e1.5.8


    These are four random NPC screenshots from 1.5.8. See the problem with the heads?This bug has been recurring since the beginning of EA and is due to "alterations" that Taleworlds has made to skins.xml, presumably. 10 months ago. Small heads and huge body.

    Here is a comparison I made for you. We will take it one by one:


    On the top left you have one of the new battanian helmet models; from "ingame" (left) to how it looks in the editor (right), there is a noticeable difference don't you think?. That said, this deformation is what causes the mess in skins.xml I told you about. The head size problem is solvable, however; while conceptually most helmet designs look nice, the 3d execution is not. There are widespread inconsistencies where the helmets appear to be made of paper, lacking any padding to emulate skull protection...some too narrow, some too flat or excessively pointed (see imperial "bell" helmet in bottom right corner). This causes a rather ugly effect where the heads appear to be constrained sideways at the temples.

    If you look at the models on the left (original) you can see this paper effect. On the other hand in the modified one (by me in the editor) I think that the construction is closer to reality.

    Obviously there are things in the game that need more priority than this, however for me, seeing these deformed helmets together with that bulky/fatty effect where the armour is deformed... boy, that breaks my immersion.

    I highly doubt this will be reviewed and rectified; there are quite a few things within the game that I write off 😌🎻 .
    Hey Terco, yes, i saw them!
    During my gameplay at this afternoon I have found some of them too :xf-cry::xf-cry::xf-cry:
    Wonder why this bug is persistent... I thought with a new game start would be fixed
    I never doubt one second actually, I just stated I didn't saw them, until later during my gameplay... I even closed the game and went do something else. I had hoped many bugs would be fixed after being few months away
  6. Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Yeah, i was playing on an old save, but also It happens me on MP and custom battles, also i found this bug only affects males characters, as you can see when i reported the bug
    I see, I started the new game and went hunting parties, male and female for dialogs and din't catch this bug yet, maybe they're on specific members...? I guess it's report, report, report again
  7. Patch Notes e1.5.8

    A problem since 1.5.6 that is currently considered "resolved". I don't know if this bug is known to exist in 1.5.9.
    I was playing on a new save and so far I didn't saw this problem on a New Game, maybe it's because of the compatibility of old saves? @Sh1mbo
  8. My fan-fictional writing (Empire's Winter)

    Hey, all!

    Sorry for the VERY VERY late update.

    Adult's life is really boring and full of compromises and responsibilities. hahaha

    Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying my writing, native english isn't my mother language, so forgive me for any spell wrongers.

    Without further delay, here it's:

    Hope you all enjoy!

    Best regards,


    P.S: Anyone knows how can give this to Taleworld as a gift? It's almost done and I'd like gift them with this writing. So, hope you forgive me for this @Dejan , @Callum .... But, how when it's done I can send this to the team? Thanks!
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    We will continue to examine death rates but currently, this particular aspect is not part of our priorities.
    Morning, Dejan.. Sry late reply

    But thank you so much for your reply. Hope your had nice weekend and have a great week for you and the team
  10. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    • Kingdom & Politics
      • Improvements to Kingdom Decisions
      • Improvements to Rebellions & Kingdomless Clans
      • Abdication
    Hey, good morning, Duh

    On this do you rebellions could be developed more deeply in something like civil war mechanic? I remember that on WB you could do that by helping Isolla of Suno on Swadian Throne. So, you guys consider a Rebellion feature development when asking about deep features such as civil war?
  11. Q&A about Bannerlord with Taleworlds Developer mexxico / Updated

    It is not watched by anyone. We just made a talk with players. Unfortunately I cannot say something will change. You know situation. However maybe in future it will be listened but as I said we are informed about not to make that kind of records public.
    got it, thanks, have a nice weekend
  12. Q&A about Bannerlord with Taleworlds Developer mexxico / Updated


    Could you say that if the team in general has learned from the interview? Probably they watched too, can you say that some directions will be change and some areas will be heard more on feedbacks from the player? Your area of expertise I know you changed a lot
  13. My fan-fictional writing (Empire's Winter)


    Here the update of the small fan fic

    Hope you all enjoy, Sorry for the Late update! Had a lot going on

  14. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    I would love to know this too, i've asked a few times but no answer so far

    This is a feature i would love, it's kinda boring that you have that dynastic system but can only die of old age, players that don't want death can disable it anyway.
    If not, they should tell us how to enable on their files at least, I believe evryone who got used to the death system, would love get this

    If people don't like death enable, TW already heard their voices and made an option to disable
  15. Editing Death Rate

    The player character can't be killed in battle.
    I hope they make this a thing, it's annoying dyeing of only old age
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