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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2


    Guys, be happy that TW isn't located in Brazil... You guys would go mad at how much holidays we have and TW would never finish any game
  2. Ukrainian localization

    Games don't tend to include languages based on the political sensibilities of the time but the relevance of its speaker player base. Ukrainian may have 40-80mil native speakers but if that doesn't translate into the size of the Ukrainian customer base, it just doesn't make fiscal sense to bother. Besides, "just learn English" is never an inadequate reason. If you don't already have an acceptable grasp of the language in your adulthood in the 21th century, video games are an optimal place to start.
    That being said, Delando est Russia
    just because english ironically became de lingua franca, doesn't mean everyone knows or will learn. Because it's not everybody that leaves their country or will one day have contact with that language (although impossible), but just saying to someone "learn english" is completely ignorant of someone part.
  3. Ukrainian localization

    It hasn't "became", it was always different
    sure, sry.... as far i know from history things it was close for years, that's what i meant. I know the history that the Rurikids ruled from Grand Principalty of Kiev, but later then the Moscow under Ivan became the facto leadership in the region unifying into the empire. I'm not saying you guys are the same, if anyone belongs to anyone is Russia that belongs to Ukraine not other wise :p
  4. Ukrainian localization

    I have seen previous thread, which was blocked. This thing interested me too, as I am from Ukraine. I just want to know, if it is possible Ukrainian language to be added? Yes, many Ukrainians understand russian, but I think a lot of our people would like to play the game with the Ukrainian localization, because the wide majority of Ukrainians consider Ukrainian as their native and most beloved language. Just want to see an official reply, if it is not possible, modders can do it by themselves.
    I agree with you, dude
    Ukraine has become a different language from russian and a different culture a long time ago
    but probably your hope is more with modders i think, unfortunaly
  5. Do you like the giant 1-2k armies? Or the conga line of other armies? I don't but I kill em all anyways!

    Yeah if AI is improved, as well as other wanted features (like group targeting) the larger battles will be come more enjoyable. But I held my breath long enough, I gotta breath.
    What I can say... I'm the most fanatical, fanloyal to Total War franchise, my eyes just bright t the sigh of huge armies fighting back in medieval ages
  6. Do you like the giant 1-2k armies? Or the conga line of other armies? I don't but I kill em all anyways!

    I prefer battle as real armies, large ones... but definitely would be better if they made the Ai smarter
  7. Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    Implementing death in battle probability plus raising the chance of being executed by the lord who hates you will make the succession mechanics meaningful.
    @Duh_TaleWorlds how about we implement this, of course with option to people turn off? Instead cutting things? A lot players enjoy the system and i believe that customize the game on few features wouldn't hurt, some people like others don't.. no one has to agree with everything , right? :xf-wink:

    One reason i like games with dynasties is to see how the game changes around with dynasties, new people, etc, the surprise your heir can be better or worse, etc. I love the feature, and it's one the reason I decide keep going with M&B is the uniquess the game has to offer. So, the solution is get better system, and make optimized.
  8. Can we just hand out the game to modders?

    Mods are ppl who has no responsibility on their day-to-day witht he game, they start and stop when they want it's different from someone working at a company as the devs do. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  9. How do destroy kingdom in 1.7.0?

    This is something we are thinking on, the death/disappearance of the kingdoms. I do not have a clear idea on how it would be conducted though. For kingdoms to die, I believe there should be a way for new kingdom's to emerge as well yet this is a complicated process demanding high development and quality assurance effort.

    One idea we have is that the kingdoms which "dissappeared" can reappear with certain conditions or events (such as low loyalty in several of that kingdoms original towns at the same time, or maybe "successful" rebellions can claim the ownership of the fall kingdom etc. Still these are hypothetical. Reducing them to mercenaries also requires a way for them to climb back up or there would be unwanted game states where all former clans are mercenary clans etc.

    However I believe that original problem with destroying kingdom discussion stems from the fact that they keep spawning and returning to battle endlessly because of the way spawn mechanic works. Perhaps the spawn mechanic can be adjusted to reduce the strength / delay the spawn of the new parties created. So that the player does not have to micro manage and kill each member of the kingdom's clans.
    How about when the Kingdoms were defeated at the Warband? I know it must be annoying to hear this all the time, after all Bannerlord and Warband are two complete different games and mechanics, but the Kingdom is considered defeated with no lands, tat could happen the same way if possible on rebellions new kingdoms or old ones managed to rebel (through rebellion or perhaps some kind of civil war function, if the team is able to put that together without stays weeks or months working on it, maybe expanding the rebel system already?), but unlike Warband when the Kingdom is destroyed the King would enter ine xile just like a normal Family would and would be recruitable.

    I don't know if you guys manage to expand the rebel system, civil war, CB for inheritance or whatever. Would be awesome! Idk how much this is possible I'm not a coder or designer so just my thoughts. I'm hoping to see this game by the final release the best could be
  10. A question about spculture.xml

    I'd like to know how I can add more names to the Pool.... I hope you don't mind me Piggyback on your question...but it'ss the same file :grin::grin:
  11. Pregnancy

    I started 1.6.5. I chose full realism without die of hero and NPCs. My young male sturgian hero married to 21 years old Idrun (Olek's daughter). She was in my army, we stopped for overnight in most cities/castles/villages. Later she became governor of my city and ussually I stay for night when I was there. Later 1.7.0.
    Now Idrun is 25 years old and she was not pregnant.

    How to receive heir?

    For future game improvements - divorce if wife do not has children. It was ussually in history.
    if you disabled death all together, there won't be birth
  12. To the developers about NFT usage

    By buying your NFTs they would gain the right to use your map in their game?
    Are there any games that have implemented this map NFT system before?
    what's the difference between using NFTs and just paying the map makers like CSGO?

    I'm trying to learn something new today
    Actually he wants the Copyright of TW to create a NFT based on Calradia, but yeah, could be possible.. Some guys already use this system for cosmetics, weapons, gears for online games
  13. To the developers about NFT usage

    I wanted to ask the developers if they were interested in map/scene creation NFTs. I love using the TaleWorlds custom engine because It creates the vistas that I imagined.

    It does take me many hours to fully set up each map to not only look pretty but to be playable.

    The question is would I be able to mint one of my scene files and display it on a market place.

    Banner lord online/single player especially has soo much potential to make the game So much more interactive. Like a real evolving world.
    I think you need emailed them on personal thing and not discuss these things public, ppl are to afraid of these things that they don't understand, but I don't think you'll have much luck because as far I remember Turkey has banned cryptocurrency so the exchange of NFTs became a pain there. But, just go for private with TaleWorld about this, like I said it's not everyone that support the development on this area.. to be clear I'm big support of cryptocurrency (DeFis), I think they're the one that'll change the monetary system not the tokens
  14. A bunch of petty complaints. I get mad every single game. I hate this stuff so much. I get so mad.

    It's too hard to kill you husband now! Remember killing your spouses? I do. Miss it? I do.
    I hope they increase the death rates in battle again, the 2% is starting to piss me off. I liked when the battles really look like a battle and ppl died on it.Also I do hope they also make the player pay for their mistakes by adding the Player Death in battle
  15. Pro Tip on Baby-Making: Law of Conservation of Babies

    Other fact I forgot to mention: I left Najun in Lycaron with his wife for even more months with no preggers on her either.

    At 4, she was near the theoretical max anyways... but what I've seen only makes sense with a vanilla max of 5 per clan.

    If @Duh_TaleWorlds or someone else could shed light on this, that would be awesome.

    No presh tho. This situation is kinda what mods are for.
    How did you increased the limits?

    And I'd say otherwise, hahaha, TW needs raise the number of children per clan, unless they mean to kill everyone because the lack of children born, if that's the true case here

    I have, like Ananda, always seen more than 5 on my clan.. I truly hope they didn't change that, it'll be very upsetting see this handcap as well
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