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    Creating a new clan should be expanded on with more features and more depth

    Aaand another episode of "modders will take care of this".
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    Not a bad patch. Patches like these needs to be more often. Step by step new feature so we can see some progress. Not talking about MP of course...
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    How's your "VISION" working out TW?

    Devs just blindly follow what higher management tells them to. And by the look of it it seems like the higher management never played M&B in their life before. They give devs priorities to focus on and its obviously not MP. They are probably fine with sales they made on a casual SP players and newcomers so they dont need to rush for MP. My thoughts, could be wrong :rolleyes:
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    Ugh and while we are at it we can also implement illnesses and bleeding system for a "real fun gameplay". I also dislike the fact my character can't do a flips while jumping.
    Ok now for real. Combat system is already messed enough even without stamina system. So pls no.
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    I Love This Game

    Warband was great. This is meh
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    Chad Warband vs. Virgin Bannerlord

    Haha its funny because its true
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    [Poll] Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the class system?

    More like

    Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the combat system?​

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    Has anyone actually been able to make their character look like Arnold or Putin?

    Current character customization system is really not that difficult. It has quite limited posibilities. Try to create a bald guy for example and compare it to other bald guy someone else created. I bet they will look like brothers.
    Plus you can't make a goofy looking characters anymore.

    So why can't we first pick a specific type of nose/mouth/eyes/ears, then select a skin condition or texture of that area and then finally actually shaping it up to our liking? Would it be too time consuming for developers? Btw i dont mind that much if it stays in the game as long as they fix other more important features.
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    Why Is This Forum Section So Toxic?

    Oh no! Dont insult the devs, dont hurt their feelings! Well it's hard to insult someone when they just dont give a crap about our opinions anyways :smile:
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    MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    Ye and speaking of releasing custom servers from TW to public it seems like its gonna take another year as its going at Taleworld-ish pace. Plus no statement was given about the matter so far.
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    Barbie World TaleWorlds is the Best

    They worked a month on this
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    [Strawpoll] If Taleworlds prepared another game, what you would do ?

    I wouldnt have such a high expectations as i had for Bannerlord for sure. I dont want to be disappointed like that again. I would pay for Warband remaster tho. If done well...
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    Persistent World for Bannerlord?

    I dont think it will be that much of a salvation if a base game sucks. We will see ...
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    I love bannerlord

    If i wanted to kill myself, I'd climb up on Bannerlord expectations and jump down on it's current state.

    -Me 2021
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    I genuinely want to know why a coop sandbox is not coming to Bannerlord ? just why ? is it so hard ? a modder is doing and a whole team is saying that is too hard , honestly i thin yall just lazy
    Do a little research before posting. Or are you just lazy?
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