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    mb love

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    How famous is the above player?

    yo wtf is this a thundersnow sighting? This dude is like the emperor of the universe
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    Wiki WIP Wanna help join the discord
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    Lost Guards - NA - Founded 11/4/16

    You've made it even worse Incredible
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    Lost Guards - NA - Founded 11/4/16

    Little Girls
  6. Chefs of Swaziland

    Chefs of Swaziland

    The Chefs of Swaziland were founded in 2031 BC by the immortal Daniel the Chef. Due to this, these big brained individuals are quite possibly the smartest and dumbest people of the face of planet earth. In addiction, due to their extensive relationships, the vast majority of people are...
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    [TWC] €1000+ Cross-Module Tournament Signups

    You either win or you don’t
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    Napoleonic Native Noobs [NNN]

    Is this a clan full of gamers?
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    Community Mouse and Keyboard Survey

    If you guys wouldn't mind, can you please fill out my survey? BASE DATA
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    "...met the three teenagers accused of his murder via a medieval video game"