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    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Rez0055 said:
    Coolest castle on the whole taleworlds forum!
    Keep in mind that it's still WIP. You can't even imagine how cool it's gonna be after polishing=)
    Rez0055 said:
    Looks awesome, but what is it? :lol:
    It's battle menu. Icons display amount of soldiers of each class - heavy cav, light cav, HA, infantry, archers etc.
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    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Bloc said:
    Isn't that too flat? I know Its "WIP" but you are not going to make it like that right?  :smile:
    Talkin' about skyscrapers, do ya?=)
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    Rus: XIII Century WB open alpha 0.321 [B]

    sonyer said:
    In Vain said:
    There's propably not many people who still check this subforum regularly. But I'm sure word of this news will spread.
    They should move the topic here,165.0.html
    probably it's gone have a bigger effect after all it's for warband. :wink:
    It's not the right time for that yet. It's still an alpha after all. Consider us perfectionists, we're not gonna do it 'till mod reach beta state.
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    News, Announcements (Latest beta .622, Warband latest alpha .321)

    Open alpha-version 0.321 for Warband 1.153 has been released. It includes both Single- and Multiplayer versions. More info at,258697.0.html
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    Rus: XIII Century WB open alpha 0.321 [B]

    Our team proudly presents Rus: XIII Century open alpha version for Warband 1.153. Be adviced that current version is at late alpha stage so don't be surprised about how many bugs, problems and placeholders it consists of. We're aware about most of them and they'll be fixed in future versions...
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    Rus 13 for WB already released?

    AlexeyMonomakh said:
    is the project still up and running?
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    Что случилось вдруг с тобой, сайт любимый и родной?

    Не паникуем, пьем валерьянку, ждем обновления днс, улыбаемся и машем=)
    Кстати, не пугайтесь, если у кого-то сайт будет работать, а у кого-то - нет. Время обновления днс у каждого провайдера свое, поэтому иногда приходится ждать от суток до 4-х. Или юзать левые прокси. Например, гугловский.
    VIN_LEO said:
    Ванок говорил что будут менять только от 1 до 24 часов, а уже около двух суток прошло.
    Напиши жалобу в Европейский суд по правам человека на ложь и провокацию.
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    Recruitment thread (WE NEED YOUR HELP!)

    Rus: 13th Century team is currently recruiting: - 2D/3D artists (models/textures) - scene makers - coders familiar with Warband module system and WSE features - Text editor/proofreader. English as first language is preferable - Voice actors. Polish, German, Scandinavian and Mongolian speakers...
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    SP Native [WB] Good mod v2.0

    apsod said:
    Smissen said:
    Gunnarsson said:
    Add your suggestions in future

    I have a suggestion:

    delete the mod,find a good rope and hang yourself because
    everyone thinks you're lying skinhead *****
    A bit to extreme don`t you think. Telling him to go and kill him self, I mean, come on! :roll:
    Do you prefer a soft version? Such as "Dear sir, it'll be very kind of you to erase yourself from existence"? :lol:
    Anyway, he'd not understand what you're saying cause his English skills are comparable with his modding skills which equal zero=) I'm surprised he's not banned already for such behavior. Admins have given him a chance to justify himself... Well I'd like to watch how he gonna do that :roll:
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    SP Native [WB] Good mod v2.0

    Gunnarsson said:
                                                                            Good mod v2.0
    Frame-mode consists of various useful features, mini-mods and graphic improvements.

    Russian forum says that topicstarter is a lying *****. Real authors of this mod (or mod compilation if you prefer to take it that way) are Vyacheslav and Master-UA. And topicstarter is underaged wannabe-modmaker with huge plans and no skills or experience at all who was punished several times on the russian forum for spamming his mod ideas all over the place.
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    Rus 13 for WB already released?

    We're working hard now to transform alpha version into beta version. Can't say any solid release date though. But development continues and progress is quite good.
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    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    YourStepDad said:
    Cool animations, but what would be their use? Neither Crusaders nor Saracens were ninjas, ammirite? :lol:
    It's demo of mocap. They've implemented use-for-free animation from web. Too bad there is no such animation as fighting moves or smth.
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    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)

    You got huge potential guys. I wish you to keep it going as long as it gets.
  14. Damon

    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    This mod is too good to be true :razz:
    Anyway, I wish you best luck with further development. You got talent, you got skills and I hope you got enough time to use it. Lack of time (but not lack of talent or skills) killed bunch of great mods. I hope you'll avoid such fate.
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    Corrupted file?

    Which mirror did you use? I've just tried this one and everything works fine.
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