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  1. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Michadr said:
    Can anyone tell what the game "loads" when you press "start a new game". I need to pinpoint why my loading time has slowed down from my last version.
    I think it calls the script game_start.
  2. agent_set_hit_points command.

    You should use (agent_set_max_hit_points, ":player", 300, 1), before agent_set_hit_points.
    Btw, it's not neccesary to create a loop every time an agent is spawn. You can simply write:
    health_stats = (0, 0, ti_once, [],
               (agent_set_max_hit_points, ":player", 300, 1),
               (agent_set_hit_points, ":player", 300, 1),
  3. SP Native Evlat 1.21

    Very original ideas. Good luck!
  4. Bombard script: is it possible?

    You can also use add_missile operation to spawn the projectile.
  5. Pommel bash script help

    You might get another answer if you post it in the Mod Makers Q&A Thread.
    Btw, I even tested it with PBOD and it works for me (I used exactly the same code but with the shield animation, obviously). Your problem maybe outside the script/trigger, e.g. with the mission template or the animation (I know nothing about animations so I don't think I can help with that).
  6. Pommel bash script help

    Hmm, it should work, unless common_pbod_triggers isn't included in the mission template you want (e.g. "lead_charge").
    Also, you can try displaying debug messages in your trigger and script after each condition, to see exactly where the problem occurs.
  7. Pommel bash script help

    I don't know if you had a compile error, an in-game error or the code just won't do what you want to do, but anyway, here the script is still checking whether the player has a shield equipped or not.
    (agent_get_wielded_item, ":sword_item", "$fplayer_agent_no", 1),
    (gt, ":sword_item", itm_no_item),
    (item_get_type, ":type", ":sword_item"),
    (eq, ":type", itp_type_shield),
    This is retrieving the item reference wielded in the left hand (1) which is always valid for shields.
    I guess it should be like this:
     (agent_get_wielded_item, ":sword_item", "$fplayer_agent_no", 0), #Right hand
    (gt, ":sword_item", itm_no_item),
    (item_get_type, ":type", ":sword_item"),
    (is_between, ":type", itp_type_one_handed_wpn, itp_type_arrows), #One handed, two handed or polearm
  8. Main Topic

    Those flags look really great!  :smile:
  9. Help?

    It should be like:
           #mod begins
         (ti_on_agent_dismount, 0, 0, [],
            (store_trigger_param_1, ":agent"),
            (agent_set_division, ":agent", grc_infantry),
          #mod ends
  10. Campaign map ridiculously dark

    I had the same problem but I checked Auto-exposure option and the map became normal.
  11. LSP Kit Campaign KAOS Political KIT 1.5 Updated

    Excellent job. Civil wars are awesome.
  12. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    aleeque said:
    2) Is there a (preferably easy) way to increase player running speed? Whether it be base speed or the increase you get per Athletics point etc.
    You can make a mission_template trigger that runs once where you use agent_set_speed_modifier operation for the player.

    aleeque said:
    4) It is possible to edit NPCs' appearance. But is it possible to somehow "save" it so that you don't have to do it every time you start a new character?
    Thorgrim said:
    A: With edit mode enabled, go to your Character screen and click the Edit Face button. Play around with all the sliders and settings until you've got the face you're after. Now click Ctrl+E, and you'll notice a box/button pop up at the top right with a string of characters in it. Click this and it will copy the face code to the clipboard. In, simply paste in it in as the face code.
  13. editing a tournament

    It's all in the menu town_tournament_won.
  14. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    The Dark Robin said:
    Are there any checks in Native for the lords to have enough money before having feasts, starting military campaigns, etc.? Do lords have money as a concept at all? I can find nothing while searching troop_add_gold and troop_remove_gold.
    AFAIK slot_troop_wealth indicates how much money a lord has, but I don't know exactly in what cases it is checked.
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