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    [WODT] Free Agents

    Name: Daemon
    TaleWorlds: right here!
    Preferred Class:
    WODT#: 1
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    [DM] Destiny Masters

    EU looks nice !
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    The Knights Of Vlandia

    what can i say except based and epic vk all hail
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    Definitive NA Tier List (No contest/no bias)

    Just curious why you put Xearian over danate, And if its cause danate doesnt play do put xearian back into B tier or move Danate into A, :smile: thanks for including me lol!
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    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    simple, chowski probably uses a fake account and has added frank to his steam that is only available to customers.
    Frank adds anyone, I asked him about cheaters. I believe you have no idea what you are talking about man. You have never spoke to him before and are just speaking nonsense about this customer list ****.
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    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    Very sad to hear what happened to hamor, He was the funniest hoi4 Player I’ve seen, And I’m sure the funniest warband oce player. From one toxic troll to another rip
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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Kiano said:
    I for one fully endorse this decision and commend the admin team for making such a brave decision in the face of glaring facts and inarguable logic. Kudos!


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    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Actually i asked the admins themselves and they said he wasent allowed to record, His ban was more of target than anything because players see him as a troll, He wanted to record and wasent allowed
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    [WLC] First ~ Warband Latin American Cup - Sign Ups

    hello free agent daemon here no team so haha
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