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    Insanely OP unit in SP.

    I'm not going to do that. It is pretty boring after the first two times and they are all the same: the Legionary dunks on recruits, effortlessly. I suppose there are differences in the margins or something but I think it is academic if a Legionary can solo dunk 22 of one faction's recruits vs. 35 of another faction's. In a real battle, they lose because their sword gets stuck on an ally or a second guy hits them hard enough for a stun, so whatever 1v1 virtues they have are meaningless.
    i am once again asking you to try it with other recruits

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    Dear Taleworlds, Is there any way you can remove the 2048 unit cap on battle size for the game?

    I'll ask through my [[secret backchannels]] and hopefully get an answer.
    did you contact your secret sources yet?
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    Insanely OP unit in SP.

    the Legionary got up to all ten Imperial Recruits I sent his way.
    please try other types of recruits.
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    Insanely OP unit in SP.


    edit: Also, only kingdom factions are implemented. No bandits, no civilians. There are minor faction troops in their associated culture though, missed that on my first glance.
    sorry for my bad wording

    i meant how many consecutive 1vs1 fights can a legionary have before falling. put in another way, how many back to back (single HP bar, no reloading) duels can a legionary fight before falling.

    and by peasant i meant recruit.
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    Insanely OP unit in SP.

    check how many peasants does it take to take down a legionary 1vs1.
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    In Progress Militia not defending town

    it's a feature

    As the loyalty of the town drops below a threshold, the populace gets angry and starts to take up arms. When this happens the number of militia in the town starts to increase rapidly and as they see the owner as their tyrant they will not join to defend against sieges.
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    radial menu for one
    but we still got the "normal" layout.

    They've also confirmed many basic features already done via mods as being "too complex".
    this is very disappointing but i don't they mean too complex for consoles but for the average consumer. like when they dumbed down battle size because people complained of bad performance with 1000 troops on a weak PC.

    but adding other features (or you know maybe fixing siege ai) have been put off to work on the console port
    i think that their slow work is due to bad management made worse by working from home. i can't be sure it's because of consoles.

    or features are actively being limited due to compatibility with consoles.
    are we sure that this is the case? if it were, it's unforgivable.

    Devs confirmed last week or the week before alliances won't be happening, I'll try to find the quote
    see madvader's pic
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    Not sure why the date matters
    it matters because them wanting to do a simultaneous release before starting the early access indicates that they're capable of adding new features while working on the console port.

    they've already added new features since the early access started and are working on some more. so if they've started the console port long ago as can be understood from callum's comment, the console port isn't preventing them from adding new features.

    this is huge for me because it restored my hope that bannerlord will be good some day. i thought since they started the console port, we were only going to get bug fixes until full release.

    sorry for the long post but i don't know if i could explain my thoughts with less words.

    only a handful of additional features they've confirmed.
    they don't like to confirm things because it bit them in the ass with some features.

    We won't even be getting alliances or non-aggression pacts
    i have a vague memory of alliances being on the "wishlist" of armagan or one of the leading devs but they wanted to add other things first.

    i don't care how long it takes them to make bannerlord good as long as it does become good.
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    idk why i didn't look this up earlier...
    your callum quote is from 22nd february 2020

    i guess it is possible to add warband and the most requested features if they don't release soon™
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    That ship sailed long ago my man
    before this news, they said that they're focusing on PC to make a good game.
    they're taking a long time doing it but the game is getting incrementally better and i can't blame them for wanting to iron out crashes and improving performance before adding features.

    i see the ship sailing right now with them wanting to make a console version and presumably (because how else could a console version materialize when they're finished fixing the performance of the PC one?) putting most devs to work on the console version.
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    They are going to add the world map-battle thingy and the keep battles, and thats pretty much it since they need to launch in a few months for consoles. Its just that and fixing up a little bit of economy and things like that. Modders will have to take the wheel. To be honest I prefer this situation, to release early, devs are lacking numbers and they have poor management, modders can take the game where it belongs in less time and not having to deal with so many updates will encourage them to get involved since their work wont go to **** so often.
    it's not modders' job to make games not empty. and even if someone wants to work for free, they won't be able to do as they like because of the internal coding thingy blocking their efforts.
    bannerlord should at the very least have all the features that warband had.
    seen here
    and to make the moderately expected game, they should add these
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    Can you connect the dots by now?

    It's simple, they wont.
    didn't they say that they will add *some* features? am i misremembering?
    won't releasing a semi-empty game hurt their sales?
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    I've added both to the main post now
    how the hell are they expecting to add new features while making a console version?!
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    [POLL]: How do you feel about he console port?

    Just curious as to how everyone feels about the announcement of the console ports and Callum confirming it will be coming to console along with the full release to PC (ie. it's being worked on now)
    please link me the announcement and the confirmation.
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    Another definitive poll😜:Do you like bannerlord?

    Reviews should not based on a modifiled game
    i kind of agree but disagree.
    for "official" reviews, yes. for "unofficial" ones, no.
    if a game is super modifiable or have many mods available, that's a plus, no?
    similar to cars if they have available aftermarket modified parts or no. or selling huge numbers yearly so the potential aftermarket parts is high. or if the car is easy to modify/work on is a plus.
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