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    What's on your mind?


    Mussolini, from what relatively little I know about him, seems to have been a genuine uninhibited alpha inside out. He did have the looks, the voice, was constantly beating someone up in bar fights and having sex with half the town. Came up with a deliberately ill-defined and vague "ideology", because don't worry about it.
    So, what I'm hearing here, is the betas all saw big macho Musso, and tried imitating him, but without the parts that made him fun.
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    Cavemen vs Dinosaurs (April Fools' 2022 Thread)

    Bold words from a toothpick that's easy to sneak up on.
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    Ukraine Today

    But can't Russia just use it's own resources to make up for their loss with international businesses? Russia is the largest nation in the world, and all that land does have several resources to be taken. Russia maybe hurting with international trade/revenue, but does it matter much if you have that much land resources at your disposal?
    I feel compelled to add: Russian economy relies heavily on technological imports. Not just the electronics in the cars that had been mentioned. Everything from machines used in production and resource exploitation, their spare parts to the control and design software, comes from countries that just told it to go sit on a ****.

    🧂 I've even seen claims their own local manufacturers got forced out or bypassed, so they don't threaten the existing power structure. 🧂 If that's true, they can't even manufacture the **** they should have been capable of, "just because."
    *And I've definitely seen claims of their import substitution schemes being either failures, scams or both, before the invasion.
    Add the acute brain drain that the war and sanctions induced, and their land is utterly unexploitable without outside actors, which will do their level best to leave as little as humanly possible for the locals.
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    Ukraine Today

    One can only hope Putin is this stupid. Killing Zelensky now will make him a martyr and the situation will go full-blown Chechnya more than it already is.
    Operation Archimedes is a GO!
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    Ukraine Today

    but I'm pretty sure these fall pretty quickly to an fighters if they are around.
    Well, they started putting up footage of the things nailing Russian convoys, so evidently, they're not getting intercepted that much.

    That said, they should have somewhere around 50 of the things, from what I dug up, and Russia claimed at least 4 destroyed.
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    Ukraine Today

    The Russians are far superior, attacking on multiple fronts with the entire military arsenal.
    Fog of War issues for now, but Wiki pins both forces at around 200k at the moment. And several of those fronts are difficult terrain for ground units at the moment.

    It's a big country but they only need to conquer the largest cities and take over parliament.
    Governments move, and the largest cities are worst thing you can attack.
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    Ukraine Today

    Wonder if Jhess might grace us with her presence again.
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    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    If anyone should be worried about that choice of location, it definitely should be the Poles!
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    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    The laugh comes when he turns the camera off and has to spend time cleaning up all the mess he has made in utter and humiliating solitude :lol: .

    With how well that channel's been doing over its decade of existence, doubtful.
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    Who of the old guard are still around?

    Wow, how's that for dead men walking!
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Well, Bavarians' entire bussiness model was "We sell you your entire car all over again during the course of its lifetime," but this blatantly?

    Imma go with "Tesla," since it's the first one I spotted doing stuff like this.
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    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    The good hookers already have food.
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    If the state of dating at the currently leads to guys shaping up, then maybe it's for the best. :lol:
    Nah, we'll just go extinct.

    It's for the best, really.
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    corona? :(

    Eh. You won't be getting any smarter with age, anyhow.

    And really, it was a team effort.
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