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  1. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Tartışma Konusu

    ahaha merhaba,

    onlar ozelınde degılde uzerınıze dusundugumuz ama bıraz gereksız komplıkasyon yaratan ufak bır feature dı to do. Workshopları daha zengın gameplay sunucak hala getırmeyı dusunuyoruz ama
  2. Give me a reason to assign a governor!


    Governors grant bonuses to town they are in charge of according to their governor skill perks. every skill tree have a few governor perks, some of them might be particularly meaning according to town in question.

    another reason is if the town is not matching your clans culture you will get a substantial loyalty malus. you can have a culture matching character be the governor and negate the loyalty penalty.

    We are going over the the skill experience gains in general, thank you for letting us know. We are already making changes so governors will gain various other skills like engineer leadership trade etc albeit in a slower rate than stewardship but, I`ll make sure to go over governor skill experience gains in detail.
  3. Captain Ebereth Hillfort

  4. A village too far from its binding castle

    Nope. only walled settlements have ownership
  5. A village too far from its binding castle

    Missed on my part. Will have a look at it in the next world map changing patch.
  6. In Progress Large arrow packs don't give additional arrows.

    was the other quiver the same item or not.
    `large` being a modifier might have increased the quantity of a rather small quvier while multiplying its price alot
  7. The citizen companion

    There should not be any situation where you can ride a mount in civilian setting.
  8. Skirmish Port at Omor

    hey, pulled if off rotation for the time being. it will be back as soon as possible with renewed lighting and fixed tree abuse
  9. New maps. Should we decide on which maps to be deemed competitive?

    Can you go into more details about whats wrong with C?

    The Feedback thread for those maps will be going up soon. We are in some gamescom stress right now, sorry for the delay. Feel free to PM me/us feedback about them (I made the empire city one, @cuce made the port one)

    its on me that minimaps being late. they will be up by morning
  10. Resolved [1.5.0] Possible mistake of new land to walk in?

    Hey, pathfinding change is intended, though visuals are not matching it at the moment. it will get updated with next worldmap update which will take much less time
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    2) Will map editor allow for localized water mapping or only a "terrain below x elevation = flooded" formula?

    common usage is terrain method, but you can modify any mesh into a water plane for rivers or puddles or whatever else you would need
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Looks great!
    Any chance we can get a list of all the villages that have had a production change recently?

    they will be added to patch notes soon
  13. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.0

    Good Job Taleworlds! You put good content out with every patch! But i have a question,

    "Improved geometry in world map, improved texture detail, paths and roads are added"

    Does that mean that we have roads now connecting the Cities?

    Just visuals, depending on location. They are more pronounced in battania empire, while khuzait have almost none. Why would khans trudge through mud, when they can ride over meadows
  14. Modding tools

    @Callum sorry for @-ing you, but i've just watched the new dev update video and I wonder... Will modders be allowed to create their own battlefields for SP and attach them to specific places on the world map? So players won't find themselves in the forest while they meet their enemy on the plain terrain with no trees on the world map?

    modden can make battle scenes and defined their terrain properties, and the campaign system will check what are the terrain features in the map is and will launch a matching map. There is no spesific scene for a spesific location in the map apart from settlements
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    @Callum @Duh_TaleWorlds @mexxico

    There is a similar effect in tier 3: "Having Going". It increased persuasion chance and party size. It seems like the intent is an increased charisma for being fit? "Having Going" unfortunately didn't translate well. Maybe titled:
    "Athletic Charm"
    "Fit Leader"
    "Conditioned Charisma"

    Thanks for the consideration.

    having going and coming was a cold inside joke that would only work with turkish chicken translation. they are weeded out with new charm designs.
    I'll look into hp value vs hp percentage for being healthy enough to fight, yes it should not increase because +hp perks

    with bonus focus from perk tree, no at the moment your focus will not go above 5. we like bonus focus points perks, but still undecided on resolution regarding max focus points situations
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