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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    @willyflare: I've the same trouble with POBD menus in battle, any fix for the instantly appearing/dissapearing menus ? (My Mercenary Phalanx are really sad for the moment  :ohdear:) I can't tell to my soldiers to take their polearms. Thanks !
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    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    Yep i know it's certainly a ton of work in addition; However for standard classes on FI2, Pop factions troops are pretty op' => Fierdsvain Huscarl/ Sarleon Knight/ Ravenstern Ranger... For "prestige" classes Knighthoods seems more accurate - expensive of course. (Pop 3.4 had some really nice...
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    Crazy Suggestions Thread

    Hi ! Just an idea like that: why not a faction based on Prophesy of pendor knighthoods orders ?
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    [MEDIA] Prophesy of Pendor Screenshots

    Fierdsvain trolling :fruity:
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    Dev Blog 3: Prophesy of Pendor 3.8 -1/15/17- CHANGELOG ADDED

    I'm waiting for two things this year, Kingdom come deliverance and... Prophesy of pendor 3.8 ! Goob job guys ! Can't wait to see more :) (by the way happy new year from France !)
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    Discord Taleworlds Français

    Ah cool ! Je passerais aussi tiens.
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    Show me your hero!

    Hi! My mercenary lord in the Sarleon's service ! (600 days)
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    WB Tohlobaria {version 0.75 disponible}

    Pour le coup merci la bannière (belle initiative hehe). En ce qui concerne les quêtes je n'ai pas encore assez avancé en jeu, mais je plussoie, c'est une bonne façon d'amener les choses (Un peu comme dans WFAS).  Et puis ça ajoute une dynamique intéressante aux mécaniques de Warband.
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    WB Tohlobaria {version 0.75 disponible}

    En fait j'ai l'impression que la bannière de fladin a subitement changé ! ( :party: )
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    WB [3DSmax] Uvmapping - mon patron se la coule douce

    Ouais en fait ça me semble plutôt logique ! C'est bien le seul truc qui me prend la tête en 3D depuis longtemps. Merci Fladin  :party:
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    WB [3DSmax] Uvmapping - mon patron se la coule douce

    Salut à tous ! J'ai déjà posté un post similaire dans la section Modding (inenglishyolo) de Warband mais j'ai l'impression que je m'exprime encore trop mal en Anglais  :mrgreen: Je modélise assez régulièrement depuis un an mais je tombe souvent sur le même problème, qui concerne le dépliage de...
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    [3DSmax] Uvmapping - question

    Hi ! I have just one question about Uvw mapping on 3DS max 2012 When i proceed to unwrapping on my model i got this result: But when i look into "Native" Brf texture are more plannar and proper [Question] So, anyone know some tips for make good low-poly uvwmapping ? Thanks PS: I am...
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    Army Size Question

    Hi Gizmito ! Bring Jatu army against D'Shar  :party: (if Jatu's are not sided with D'shar off course) [!] => That's hard to do !
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    Dev Blog 3: Prophesy of Pendor 3.8 -1/15/17- CHANGELOG ADDED

    Hi guys and girls (just in case) Salut de la France ! I played many hours on Prophesy of pendor (500 hours :mrgreen: just for the Knighthood order feature) I'm really enjoyed about the idea of the 3.8 release and i've some question. In 3.8 Prophesy of pendor version, there is planned...