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  1. yet another MP gameplay and customization fixes

    so this guy makes a video of work in progress mods check it out:

    Like I said if devs like money they should make this morphs available from vanilla, and add orc and elf ears, horns etc.

    There are already players and clans that RP goblins, cruzaders, vikings, etc.

    Imagine the goblins, navii, demons, undeads, elves, gray aliens!!!

    people would come back to play and others would buy this game also

    I say again please fix the following:

    perks selection, hair/helmet clipping, add the morphs.

    I love this game and your a step shy to make it the best.
  2. Class Loadouts Don't Save

    so, still no fix, can you devs just undo the duel perk thing that broke it?
  3. Plz fix perk selection

    yes please fix it, and don't forget to also fix the hair clipping thru helmets
  4. What's the end goal?

    many people whine so hard, truth is MP is lacking but is YEARS ahead of the other medieval CODs

    mordhau is dead, their horses are a joke, most their servers are First person supremaciest, the siege engines move like GTA shopping carts

    chivalry 1 and 2, most their servers are First person supremaciest, they have no horses and no real endgame

    Bannerlord endgame is to cope with the updates and unlock the armour and items you like for the classes you use, to show them off with your clan friends, if you have any.

    BUT, servers crash like crazy, need to fix that ASAP

    if developers like money, they should listen to our feedback

    make helmets and hats optional.

    fix helmet cliping

    enable body build and age in MP

    add more sigils

    add more armour

    add more badges

    release custom servers

    guys being the medieval combat enthusiast that I am, Im telling you, MBBL is THE game, no other holds any ground
  5. yet another MP gameplay and customization fixes

    thanks for the replies

    Just wanted to add this:

    DEVS do the first 3 asap if you like money or online players

    0.enable green, red and blue skin color, people want to roleplay goblins, orcs, demons, etc.
    1.enable ear morphs and horns.

    not kidding, heck those 2 could be a dlc if you want

    3.fix server crashes
    4.make a check box to use hat/helmet on or off or make it a helmet customization for 100G loot

    5.fix hair/beard clipping
    6.fix age bar to properly display age in MP

    7.enable build bar in MP, perhaps some players want to look thin or thic
    8.fix sigil on sturgia shields deaths count in score
    10.autopostition on me on the score
  6. Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    I somehow manage to get in a game of captain mode after waiting +8 minutes, it is said to be the kind of mode that gives more loot.

    3 minutes into the first round a member of clan [di] or [dl] "strider's hier" starts a poll to kick me

    everyone ignores him but the second poll kicks me out, even thou we where 3 vs 3

    I mean WFT, in NA is very difficult to play those modes it wasn't even full and this guy kicks me?

    if he was the leader he failed to stablish the strategy by text or voice

    it was empire vs kuzait, we were empire, I started as archer, got some kills but I was knocked out first. wasn't doing well, granted.

    second round I choose legionaries like everyone else. I engaged the enemy, distracted their main force and suffered casualties, wasn't even done and got the boot.

    don't be like that guys, toxicity is also killing the game, I was just trying to get LOOT!!! -fix this developers-

    if you want to kick always type a reason

    if you want to vote, ask why

    rant out.
  7. yet another MP gameplay and customization fixes

    Hi guys server just crashed and I came here to rant, lol j/k I saw a guy in my team that had a custom hemlet and the hair clipped so bad. which begs the question.. does my hair clip when I equip another helmet? perhaps I don't see it but others do 1.fix hair clipping 2.fix age bar to properly...
  8. skin request: felt hat

    yes, this is what characters customization is about, trolling the enemy
  9. Understanding Loot

    thank you all for your answers. I'm also think an increase in loot would be in place, that and XP events i.e weekends.

    having played almost every medieval cod out there. IMHO Bannerlord is the best all around.

    I want to see servers full at prime time, I've done my part. bought copies for my brother and some friends.

    I talk about it with friends and social media. come here and ask questions.

    I know the developers are working hard to revive MP for this awesome game, but I would love to see a "relaunch" somehow, commercials, popular streamers etc. to boost players and sales and obviously fix the server crashes or compensate with loot :wink:
  10. Understanding Loot

    Hi guys me again, speaking about loot. Besides winning the match and making the most kills, how many and how gold is earned? what type of game is better to get loot? Duel, Skirmish, Captain, Siege or TDM does it help if I enter the game with a party? does it help if I have a clan? in siege...
  11. Minor MP customization changes request

    added these to the original post

    3.fix character age
    4.enable body types (fat or thin)
    5.fix harbor map water glitch

    I think they help attract more people to MP
  12. Minor MP customization changes request

    I'm happy to see more players in the servers specially in NA, I play both EU and NA. the feature I talk about is in almost any rpg and medieval game, I understand it might be difficult, but could be a client side option, just for your character
  13. Minor MP customization changes request

    Tell me if your head (with no helmet) is like a watermelon or made of cast Iron.
    yet there are classes without helmets or hats
  14. Minor MP customization changes request

    Helmets on off is bs
    For capes it should be so
    why is it BS? the new part of armory is called customization and is purely cosmetic, very little to add for defense stats

    some factions have no hat or helmet for specific class and the ones the have, well they suck, I'm talking only about your character, not globally
  15. Minor MP customization changes request

    Hi guys just asking to make these minor changes to MP customization if these changes are difficult, maybe just visually for your character client side 1.Helmets/hats on or off 2.capes on or off regards Hi just edited to add a few things on the same line 3.fix character age 4.enable body...
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