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  1. Fix these servers

    so, taleworlds care very little about multiplayer.

    I care very little for their lore.

    1. FIX the servers
    2. Release elf, orc, giant, halfling morphs and races (you already have support for mods)
    3. Multiple Multiplayer profiles or characters.
    4. Have all the gear optional in loadout.

  2. Item customization when

    You can also make multiple chars already but the process is a bit convoluted.
    I'm playing it most of the time, It is very good, but like we said it's getting there to cRPG 1 standards.

    can you direct me or elaborate how to make another char?

    I mean without having another steam account and BL copy?
  3. Item customization when

    cRPG is not quite there yet, people running naked with 4 stacks of jarids are plain retarded, tin cans with 2 xbows, etc.

    vanilla NEEDS to allow removing or changing armour.

    cRPG NEEDS to:

    slot limit, i.e: jarids take 2 slots, xbow takes two slots

    skill and attribute requirements

    multiple chars

    just like original cRPG
  4. Getting disconnected from the lobby, cannot join any server

    launcher has 2 options single and multi.

    if I press multiplayer, we're asked to log in, OF COURSE I want to login that's why I chose multiplayer.

    If I press exit, I want to exit the game, not log out.

    FIX that ****

    Taleworlds I always speak good of you and recommend your games but since you killed multiplayer and the console version won't have crossplay, I don't know anymore.

    to all the community server hosts, you insist in battle mode, please consider reducing drastically the round time to 3 minutes or so, only the prima donnas delay the game, or host TDM and siege that goes to GK and cRPG
  5. I hate combat

    lmao funny post, but you're spot on about the "faintgasmer" but it's so rewarding to see how they react to you not falling in the faint, holding block, then kick 'em and kill them
  6. List of balance and parameter changes the community will make within 3 days of having our own servers, so we might as well make them now.

    yeah these balance changes need to have a referee and TW should be it.

    if in your server your nerf archers because you like to play like a vlandian tincan or sturgian with dane axe pretending to be a varangian guard that could repercute in other classes as well.

    making horses slower or expensive also could affect gameplay for everybody else.

    custom server should be about more items and more maps, more races.
  7. *Eight simple ways to improve Banner lord multiplayer and a poll to see the priority.

    I think balance modification are in order when we have a healthy and numerous MP community.

    what we need right now is to fix crashes and make/give cosmetic options, new game mechanics, xp events, etc.

    we need players first
  8. Patch Notes e1.8.0

    If you already own the game on PC you don´t have to buy it again.

    Console version will most likely be the same as the PC version, but you have to buy the console version if you want to play it on console. Consoles most likely won´t support mods.

    They haven´t said anything about crossplay MP yet as far as I know.
    thank you mate!

    I'll look forward for more info on the console version as I intend to invite friends that own consoles but can't afford a gaming pc.
  9. Patch Notes e1.8.0


    EA continues under another name. :smile:
    can some one please elaborate on this?

    I play on PC, in october do I have to buy the game again?

    The console version is just campaign or will it have multiplayer?

    If so, will it have crossplay? -we need more players-
  10. Allow us to select no helmet in customization


    all clothand fur head protection "helmets or hats" is ugly I want it to be optional from the very beginning even if it mean less protection

    besides tw devs haven't finish to fix all the clipping issues with helmet and hair, people just look silly I know they see it fine on their pcs but to other look funny
  11. NA login servers are down

    not only there is not enough people to play with, now they are denying the service. fix the servers now remove chat or emotes or whatever makes them crash limit to 60 players, now no server reach 120 anyways also, stop working in sp campaign, people will download and play lotr, got and...
  12. what is causing server crashes?

    chat, emotes and feinting crashes server, be sure. :mrgreen:
  13. So why can't everyone have custom servers?

    hello Callum I've heard that a console release is programed in the future, will it have Crossplay? if not, please consider it, I'm looking forward to play with my friends that don't have a pc, besides I think it would spark a big popularity of the game

  14. Thank you TaleWorlds for killing the EA servers once and for all

    I dream of a time when Bannerlord PC and console players merge into a single crossplay environment. :iamamoron:

    if they get crossplay working I'm going to gift 2 copies to 2 female friends that play warzone and fortnite in console
  15. login server is down

    can't login from NA, please fix it
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