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    Ransom back your soldiers

    I like this suggestion, I also think that we should be able to exchange prisoners, example, if you're at at war with Battania and you have 10 tier 2 battanian prisoners, we could use them to trade for 10 tier 2 troops of our faction, however, this should be a high level perk in the charm skill.
  2. Crossbow Pig

    Why is there no way to train troops except fights?

    If you need 20 hours to make a decent army then you're garbage, also, the game is getting constant updates, stuff is being added or fixed, so calm the **** down.
  3. Crossbow Pig

    [BUG] endless converstations with a recently converted lord

    For a work around, enable cheats and teleport your party somewhere else.
  4. Crossbow Pig

    Realism and Immersion mod

    makes vlandian lords more attractive

  5. Crossbow Pig

    What are you playing right now?

    I am playing Gwent right now and even though it was never my favorite game it still the game I have more time registered in, 1600 hours of my life in a card game lmao.
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    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    Just found this yesterday, is so damn catchy.

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    Unresolved Stuck in dialogue loop after converting Mercenaries to my Kingdom

    For now you can enable cheats and teleport your party somewhere else to prevent the loop.
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    [Diplomacy issue] Kings are suicidal

    That's because Raganvad is a ****ing moron, he will hoard fiefs for himself and do all kinds of dumb things, playing for Sturgia right now is a waste of time sadly.
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    Feature: Unit Sorting Button

    Don't really add anything to this post but I swear I read this as "Unit Snorting Button" and was like wtf is wrong with this community :lol:
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    I bought

    Has anyone managed to get their hands on one of those looter stones and see the stats? I'm curious about how good they are because they really do a lot of damage

    I checked the game files, they have 14 stones per stack, 45 accuracy and 15 thrust damage.
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