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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    This is the latest version I can find

    Uploaded v0.85 patch. Should be able to merge the contents (overwriting where necessary) with the released build, like a hotfix. Only works on 1.143 afaik

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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped


    Well, this has been a long time coming. As anyone reading this knows full well, work has stopped on this mod. Shortly after I made the announcement I had my hardrive on my computer die, however I did not lose any significant amount of work from this, but after I had everything restored it had been a while and I'd lost any real grasp I had on scripting. I tried a few times to get the mod to run on the latest version but never had the time to invest any serious work like I used to.

    I honestly lied to myself that I would still fix it up for a 'final release' for at least half a year, and by the time I realised how stupid I was, I was kind of too scared to come back on here and admit I have completely failed to uphold a very simple promise.

    I can't remember if the latest version included the source code in it, if I can find it tonight then I'll upload it regardless. I encourage anyone who want to patch this up to do so, but I understand this mod has been dead a while.

    I may come back and find the motivation to mod again with Bannerlords release, I would likely start from scratch though if that's the case. I won't make any more promises though.

    Best Regards
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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    Some setbacks occurred in the form of my computer dying. Most of it is backed up, but its caused some strange problems :S. It's just been a few bugs that I can't figure out that have been holding it back, no matter how much I stare down the computer.
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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    YourStepDad said:
    Thanks for sharing this with us. You've been a very appreciative and friendly developer, I'd hate to see you gone for good.

    As for the final version, please make sure to provide us with some plate armor, if it's not too much to ask. :razz:
    Thanks to Narf, there is now a selection of plate and other period armour in the mod :smile:
    All I'm doing know is fixing up a few things that are broken and cutting out a few things that I won't be able to fix.
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    Mostly those were snippets of a larger story I work on and off on, which explains why they were often bad at setting the scene. I had planned to get it all nicely worked in to the mod, but I nevr managed to get a coder, and I never managed to get any good at coding.

    I'm glad to hear you like them though, maybe I should put up a few more.
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    The Gathering: Suggestions

    Antonis said:
    First of all congratulations for this wonderful mod. I absolutely love it! IF you don't mind me, have another version planned?
    Okay, anyway, here are my suggestions:

    1) For weapons, you can take the 15th century weapons pack for Shredzorz, it has polearms, polexes, swords and such.

    2) You can make good use of Narf's pack. He made some amazing morions and half plates and full plates. And the russian pack would be perfect for the rebels(the armours have fur and leather, they are natural and crude-ish but very elegant),230895.msg5524870.html#msg5524870,160392.msg3865757.html#msg3865757,100949.msg2526671.html#msg2526671 This one is great for you, it has morions and cuirasses and many things you can use!

    3) Freelancer(for me it's all that important, but it would be a good addition)

    4) Clothes(you have some very nice clothes but there are a lot more you could use)

    5)Bucklers! It is the era of swash-buckling! Narf's pack has some bucklers and you could diminiss the steel shield in size, in order to "make" a new buckler.

    That is all I can think right now. I am not a coder, not at all, but if there is anything else I can help you with, please, feel free to ask.
    1. Will do, I don't know how I missed that
    2. I think I originally failed at putting Narf's armour pack in back when I was particularly bad at modding. But its some really relevant stuff now! Love it, that'll probably make its way into the final version.
    3. This is another example of me failing at the module system, I kept getting bizarre bugs when I put it in, I'll give it another go though.
    4. I'll look into it for sure
    5. :grin: These should fit in nicely.

    dannyb said:
    Just wondering why you decided to go with chain mail armor, i don't think it suits the arquebus and jungle scenery well, my suggestion would be to go with something like conquistadors wore, a half plate with a helmet like this

    I love this mod but honestly can't stand watching those chain mail, musket wielding, musketeer hat wearing Empire guys :razz:

    There's tons of OSP's like that that you could use, shame i have no idea how to mod this game, might have to learn it tho haha
    I don't like the chainmail either, its because I didn't have access to more than one plate armour model and had to have some sort of transition. I'm a bit out of touch with OSP's over the past year, so if you wanted too direct me to some good ones that would be appropriate I would love to include them. The Rebels chainmail is kind of deliberate though, I wanted them to be using archaic gear that they could fashion together using old technology.
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    The Great War: Multi-Player Events

    Slayton said:
    Are events still happening?
    I would like to organise one for the final release, but getting a server organised is always a problem.
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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    YourStepDad said:
    the release has been impending for a while now Joe, how come :razz:
    Epicrules said:
    Maybe the new release is scared. Other people's hard drives are scary places, you know.
    I'm very sorry everyone for the lack of contact and updates :sad:
    When I started this mod I always thought I would find the time to keep working on it, and for a while that was mostly the case, but as we near the three year mark since I began this endeavour it is becoming increasingly clear to me that I don't know if I can. University is an important time waster, but for the most part I find myself having too many projects I'm having to work on at once.

    It's fantastic to make art for games for most of my day; but it saddens me to think of this old mod sitting here unattended, particularly after I promised all of you, and myself that I would send out another release. If it were not for this mod I wouldn't even be doing my degree today, because it made me pick up some lifetime hobbies, but I think fondly back on the community here on the whole forum and I still can't believe that this mod gained all of your support in the first place.

    I plan to release what I have done since the last release, as a final polish sort of thing. I'll keep the subforum up, to maintain contact and patch support, and in case I do keep working on it, but I don't currently plan on releasing another version after this one. What I do plan on doing however, is porting the mod to Bannerlord and perhaps starting it anew there, which I really look forward to.

    e27 said:
    Why do you people insist on using those animations? An otherwise great mod spoiled by looters twirling sticks around like ninjas. It looks ridiculous, makes fighting confusing, and cripples the ability to lance-stab other horsemen.
    :lol: Don't worry, I agree with you in some ways. I laugh to myself when I see tribesmen flourish their polearms about their heads as well, but some animations are universally appropriate, such as the bow. That said you can easily remove them by copying the actions.txt from your native module and overwriting the New Elgante actions.txt, it was always planned to be something you can opt out of, but I never got around to making a sticky about it.
    It is fine when you get used to it, for a while there I grew so accustomed to it that I got confused by native animations. But I never felt it was perfect for the mod, just a nice change.

    Regards to Everyone
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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    Volsunga said:
    I just conquer the peninsula of Ver. (The Kalaripayat Kingdom will expel the colonialist)

    ¿Could I play that new version with my saved game?
    What version do you have currently? 0.7, 0.8 (Anniversary)?
    As a general rule of thumb, new versions are not save game compatible. The hotfix for 0.8 is save game compatible with 0.8 but not 0.7.
    The current working version I have is far from being compatible with 0.8, as in most cases even adding a single item is enough to break it.
    I'd suggest you keep a copy of the version you have now, and install a newer version under a different name. That way you can always go back to your old save game and relive the glory, but still use the newest features.

    If you do have the latest version, how did you like the siege of the Fort at the entrance to the peninsula? It was a pretty cool scene if I recall correctly.
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    Illustrations of Tribal Peoples by Racinet

    Thanks for this! Very useful stuff :grin:
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    Active ?

    The MP never really was active, just two or three organised events.
    The production for the mod itself though has unfortunately stopped until I am on break from uni again, which is in a month.
    I'm just really terrible at focusing on too many projects at once unfortunately :\
    It's nice to see that people are still interested despite lack of contact from me, thanks :smile:
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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    uzgobdamighty23 said:
    how can one kill lords??
    Talk to them from your party screen under prisoners. In there, there should be a dialogue option along the lines of executing them. I think factional lords might bug out and not have the option though.
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    Where Is The Merchant?

    It's happened because too many other people are visiting the tavern and I left out a few entry points in that version. So he is spawning somewhere in the void outside of it.
    I believe this has been fixed in the new version
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    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    Volsunga said:
    You have offered your sword to Joe? His enemies are your enemies? He give you the right to use weapons in his name?
    I guess so
    SaeianeKveldulfr said:
    It's beautiful. Thanks for this great addition to the mod community.

    New version still coming up, any bugs anyone can think of that I never fixed?
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