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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    A good starting point would be not changing the stats at all - especially after all the drama about last minute rule changes this tournament has already generated.
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    [ECS3] Suggestions & Questions

    Despite the drama it's quite clear the community wants another tournament - so is this one going to be declared dead for another team to step in? or are the admin team looking to continue with ECS3 (with whatever changes are necessary) by vetting a new head admin?
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    Nations Cup - Statistics

    Deacon is more than welcome to add me to the roster - if the team needs me I will honour my patriotic duty. However it was made clear last year that I wasn't good enough and I don't particularly want to sit on the bench for the entire tournament.
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    [NC2016] Nations Cup 2016 - Announcement and Sign Ups

    So a country is now allowed to steal players form another country because they share similar culture, language and landmass? Seems legit.
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    Server Side Balance Modifications for Next Tournament (NC?)

    Last time there was a patch to "fix" balance we just traded one OP faction for another. This patch will only end up doing the same, just accept the fact that you can't balance Warband without giving each faction exactly the same stats and equipment.
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    Warband Champions 2015-2016

    I don't care who wins, I just want to beat Fietta  :cry:
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    [WPL] Substitutions and rosters!

    Team: IG Remove: Hun Add: Charlini (ID: 680786)
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    Community Project : Unsung Heroes

    But Tardet, how will you be able to interview yourself!?  :wink:
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    Bendetto Points (BP) #1 List EU

    Maybe you could give us all some BP to increase our strength! It's like steroids but legit.  :wink:
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    [WPL] Substitutions and rosters!

    Team IG Add: Walter  416504 Shush 1372530 Remove: Renekb Nero
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    [WPL] Substitutions and rosters!

    Team: IG Add: Razor 1073584 Mynes 1085495 Remove: OneEye
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    [WPL] Substitutions and rosters!

    TEAM: IG ADDITION: Nero383586 Oliveran225538 Berta2054423 REMOVAL: Fred416141
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    [WPL] Warband Pro League l PP: $1178 l SIGN-UPS CLOSED

    IG would like to join; did we make it in time?  :wink: Guard of Istiniar TAG:IG LOCATION:Europe CONTACT 1: crazyboy11 crazyboy11 CONTACT 2: Dreaon Dreaon [spoiler=ROSTER]         crazyboy11       8339         Dasvi       371592 1075083         Dreaon       704864         Fred...
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    [WPL] Warband Pro League l PP: $1178 l SIGN-UPS CLOSED

    How will scheduling of EU vs NA teams be handled, will NA be expected to play on weekends or are EU teams expected to play late at night? E.g. What happens when a NA team can't play on the weekend and the EU team can't play late?