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    The big Forum Depression

    yeah OP i don't know whats up these days...
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    Campaign Spawn

    Then they would have to make new training camp scenes!
    It would also break the immersion from the campaign to start an rpg any location besides the empire since the story is about the empire obviously!
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    ETA on 6 stack possibility to host and join custom matches?

    They might look into an eta for that after deciding on an eta to discuss when they might look into the roadmap that was supposed to come out right after the one year in EA post.
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    Game finished after 10 Hours of playing?!

    This will be my last visit here on this forum so all stay healthy and have a good life :smile:
    I wish I had your strength. Enjoy your life sweet prince.

    Do they though? If you are comparing the game to a cup of coffee that still needs its beans picked you are coming across as someone who expects a finished product, which a EA title isent by shear defenition of the EA part.

    I would love to see the game be in a better condition and have more content in it just as much as the next guy. They expected to need a year to finish and they need more time. Thats how things go. **** happens. I dont see what anyone hopes to gain by beeing a negative nancy on the forums.
    Thing is isn't *unfinished*. it's unfun/it's full of aweful design choices. It has an incredibly bleak future considering what used to be promised before EA and that reality of what they are planning to accomplish now. It's also riddled with issues that make it "unplayable" for many.

    Played many good ea games, this isn't one of them and never will be until TW smartens up.
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    My final verdict

    When you try to return to the thread that got you banned but you can't control yourself so your alt gets banned and they extend your 2 month ban...
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    We're going to need to re-think our strategy here

    It's my belief that every time there is more than 2 people on the same siege tower at the same time somewhere a server crashes. Not necessarily a siege server or the same continent but that's what it boils down to.

    If the SP siege ai pathfinding is fixed every other bug in the entire game will work itself out.
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    Open petition to remove cav and archers from the game completely

    Only voting yes if all inf projectiles are removed!
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    My final verdict

    I've been satisfied with 10hrs out of a $60 game and I've been unsatisfied with 600 hours out of a $60 game. We are going in circles
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    will 1.5.10 include duel mode and nerf cav?

    There is definitely a higher chance of the sound of doom coming back next patch than you getting a duel mode in the next 3 months
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    My final verdict

    Going by your logic warband should be worth $5000 and the new electronic arts game should be $5 no sale. I don't really agree with the sentiment
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    Today the holy patch arrives.

    I'm pretty sure mexxico had to trade his job in order to convince armagan to add a small amount of clan/kingdom control in the next couple patches. at the request of us plebs.

    All praise!
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    My final verdict

    $20 for hundreds of hours of gametime? Yeah nah
    Let me guess - you also want free content updates for years on top of that.
    The game has many problems but when you play it a lot, you clearly enjoyed it enough to have fun. Otherwise you would stop playing.
    $50 for hundreds of hours of gameplay is a good deal, no matter how you look at it. Even if patches are coming in at a snails pace.
    Disagree with you on about every point there
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    [Poll] Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the class system?

    Keeping native as the home of 'ranked' game types - and mods as everything and anything else might not be the worst thing in the long term.

    Do you think there will be any competitive games happening on native after the release of custom servers?
    It's my understanding that no one likes it especially in the competitive scene and every tournament will move to a space where balancing can finally start happening and TW can't control it.
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    [Poll] Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the class system?

    I don't think our baby has been born yet. Chuck the carriage. build a better one while there is still time an no one on MP. In fact shut mp down all together and start over until full release when it's in a presentable and playable state.
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    [Poll] Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the class system?

    People spend millions of dollars experimenting and researching these topics across a broad spectrum of media platforms. I could show you a bunch of studies that show how this increases player retention. Sure you may not like it - but calling it 'bad' is clearly an over-simplification.

    You want more players in MP - this is guaranteed and proven to help that. Not arguing about the rest of the game... just this is as normal as having a main menu. How many of us played 100's of hours of Skirmish games in the beta's to get the damned badges?


    Progression = Ranked.
    Ranked = Restricted Rules
    Restricted Rules = Official Servers

    As simple as that I am afraid. If I can setup a custom siege server which only lasts 5 seconds per round and win 500 games of defender siege within an hour; what is the point in tracking that information?

    Plenty of other things we can argue about and probably agree on - but this isn't the hill to die on. TW are just following the times.
    Just my opinion but this line of thinking gave us what we have today.
    Instead of trying to be another failing esports game like you're saying TW should just listen to and implement player feedback.
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