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    I appreciate the first iteration of modding tools. Now I'm going to find out what does what and if I can create some stuff that's good enough for a public release. So far, I have nothing achieved (despite having an active account on Nexusmods). Can't wait to get something done, have plenty of ideas I'd love to see ingame.
  2. Need More Info Crash if i try to enter a vlandian city, village or castle

    Still using 1.5.1 - I don't do beta releases anymore.

    Sure, why not.
    Mods moved to another folder so only the vanilla modules remain in the modules folder.
    File integrity checked. -> one file got repaired, 300 MB, dunno which one.
    Using native launcher.
    New character start.

    However, I may not be able to reproduce the same issue with a new playthrough since in my modded one, Myzea is taken by the Southern Empire and my character is its lord. To do so I really have replay at least 2 years ingame AND need to be lucky enough the SE is taking Myzea AND Rhagaea grants me that fief ... I don't cheat, you know. Anyways, here you go.


    No crash at Myzea. However, as I said, the situation is not the same. I don't have any companions and the town does not belong my character. Also it's early in the game - my modded playthrough seem to have that issue lately but not from the beginning. Either it's one of the mods or a combination of mods OR some script pile up ... I'm not a dev, just wildly guessing here :wink:
    I don't really want to start a second playthrough with vanilla settings.

    May a modded game crash log get posted here? In such case, I can help.
  3. Need More Info Crash if i try to enter a vlandian city, village or castle

    I need to be more precise.

    Myzea is the town that appear to cause several crashes - in my playthrough, that is. If I talk directly to one of the notable persons, the game CTDs.
    If I explore the town, no crash occurs until I get close to any notable person and possibly any companion as well.

    Since loading assets don't seem to cause any crashes (but graphical glitches), I think it may be related to dialogue scripts or non-generic character spawning. Also Myzea never crashed while a siege battle. So I bet it has something to do with scripting / notable characters.

    The odd thing: it seems to persist after visiting a certain town (in my case Myzea) and corrupt any other encounters until you quit the game and load your savegame once more.
  4. Need More Info Crash if i try to enter a vlandian city, village or castle

    Similar Problem with Myzea. Other imperial towns seem to have that issue after visiting Myzea. If I reload the game and don't visit Myzea, no crash seem to occur.

    Using: 1.5.1 branch
    Used mods:
    Preload: Harmony, BullerLib, UIExtenderEx
    Regular Load: MCM, Bannerlord Tweaks, Noble Titles, Party Screen Enhancements, etc. approx 25 mods.

    Could not single out any mod causing the crash.
  5. Tight budget with 200 troops & 1 castle

    Agreed, so many ways to get filthy reach. It is still too easy. They should nerf smithing

    Two days ago ive started once again and at the moment have around 700k without any castles/towns. Just have only one „huge” party of 9-10 man. And now the game is getting started :smile:

    I don't mind the "filthy rich" part. However you can't buy anything for all that money ... so we need some sort of money sink.
  6. My character's wife got pregnant 7 times, all of them were girls!

    Actually, I just discovered I didn't have girl twins but it seems 1 girl 1 boy. The confusion was the boy looks like a girl.
    Would be nice to have the info about gender in the character details.

    Well, there is.
    Open your own character in the encyclopedia.
    Scroll down till you find your family.
    Click one of your kids.
    Kid is described as "she / he is thouroughly conventional"
    There you go. :smile:
  7. What Mods would you like to be made?

    I wish I could mod. Easy as it is - got enough ideas for a small overhaul mod without destroying the core game.
    Some of the stuff is covered by other mods. Others isn't.

    For instance: I want more interactions with nobles and commoners, a meaningful relationship with my spouse and children - you name it. I want hire assassins dealing with enemies of my clan, I want to survive an attempt on my life, I want to be part of court games - you name it. All the jazz. And yes, I want to start as a nameless freeman instead of a noble - so my clan starts from nothing.

    Also I want to bring back manhunters and swordsisters - the latter ones as a fully developed diverse troop tree. Bandits should be more powerful but less annoying (lesser parties, bigger parties), I'd love to see bandit lords and heroes.

    Lords should also recruit companions for their own armies. Also I'd like to see rebellions, fracturing of a faction if clans / lords are unhappy for too long. I simply want the game to be way more dynamic and a bit more chaotic so the player can't control all things.

    Really, it's easier for me to mod the game if I could instead of waiting for mods that might offer all the stuff mentioned above + what I didn't mention - while not being compatible to each other.
  8. The ultimate army: Which units are the best?

    The best army for what though? Given a choice I'd have a different army composition to seige. I'd chose something different to fight kazuit forces.

    I like to minimise losses and try to fight defensively. It's easier to control your army in a defensive action, and in larger engagements you aren't going have reinforcements spawn on top of you.
    For infantry overall nothing touches imperial legions. They don't do the most damage but they are definitely the most durable. I like my infantry force to be 75% imperial legionnaires or veterans. The rest well quite like battania wildlings. There is a mod out there that balances the minor factions too that makes them more attractive.

    Archers I like a mixed bag of firepower and durability. Battanian fian champion, imperial palatine guards, mercenary and vandalia cross bows, sometimes minor faction bowman. Again I use a small mod than un nerfs and re balances all troops.

    Cavalry imperial cataphract all day long. The top tier aseri cavalry is the next best thing. Horse archers khan guard. Failing that mamluke or imperial horse archers are decent enough.

    My preferred set up is 40% infantry 35% archers 25% cavalry and horse archers. I'd probably look to increase the cavalry content by at least 10% if fighting mostly kazuit forces
    Very good ideas here.

    Yeah, fighting from a defensive position is a good idea if you use shielded infantry supported by archers. I gove a breakdown of my forces right here:

    Party Size: 150 - 200
    40% Heavy Infantry (Empire Troop Tree)
    -> approx. half of them with spears, half of them with swords
    -> core units: up to 20x Legionary + 20x Elite Menavliton
    40% Archers (Empire Troop Tree + some Fians)
    -> core unit: 20 - 30 Palatine Guards
    20% Mixed Cavalry (mostly Aserai)
    -> core unit is the Cataphract (up to 10)
    -> weighted towards melee

    I don't have a "clean" party with only one troop tree involved. When I'm talking about "core units" I consider 'em as primary goal to achive while the rest of the army is filled with random rank'n'file soldiers. However, the core units MUST be on the field whenever possible since they're defining the overall performance of the party.

    Archers are most likely posted on high ground supporting my shield wall heavy soldiers from behind. Idea is to have 'em firing at hostile troops while they're attacking. Once they clash into the shield wall their job is to keep stragglers at bay or fire at close hostile archers / cavalry. My own cavalry is more or less used to wrap things up, eg. charge into hostile formations from behind or destroy archer units.
    Works well enough in open battles, works better in forrests. Horse archers are an issue - the only way to keep 'em at bay is to have fast heavy melee cavalry disrupting their circling attacks.

    -- since armies with OWN clan parties (led by companions) don't cost influence, you easily can overcome your player character's command limit and field armies with 400 - 500 soldiers. Keep your own army "neat and clean" and leave the "ragtag" part to your companions. Still need a solid income 'though: 500 men can easily cost 5000+ denars a day, food excluded.
  9. Tight budget with 200 troops & 1 castle

    I'm getting financially squeezed now my personal army is 200+ of quality troops. - about $2,000 per day cost. I only have one castle with 2 villages, which don't make much income. To make up the difference, I have 6 caravans and 5 businesses which barely make a profit. As soon as one caravan is taken out by crims, I go negative $1,000 at least.

    This is not acceptable, 200 troops isn't that large yet 6 caravans and 5 businesses cannot support them ??????

    I think I'm using version 1.41 ? Not the latest patch.

    Economy is somewhat broken.

    However, owning a castle is less desirable than owning a town. A town can grow a very high prosperity and you can own workshops there. If prosperity is high enough, a single town can support your own party of approx 200 quality troops AND a similar garrison and STILL earn a profit. More villages add more prosperity. Also any town that's not at direct frontline is usually not attacked or raided (at least in my playthrough) so it'll grow prosperity forever (you may wanna buff villages 'though.

    Castles do not offer many services and do serve as "defense lines" in the game. Well, they should - lords tend to bypass them and go for towns instead. And since they offer so little income it's next to impossible to set up a proper defense garrison. Seriously: owning a castle is a burden, not a boon. Moneymakers are towns, preferable one far away from frontlines.
    This ALSO explains why some lords simply can't field massive parties on their own or keep using low quality troops: they simply can't get better or more for that few bucks they have. Also lords do NOT buy workshops. In fact, the only reason why the player's swimming in denars sooner or later is the freedom s/he has forming his/her own economical basis. No lord can do that (yet).

    Fetch some mods: Bannerlord Tweaks, Community Patch etc from to get the most out of your gameplay. That also fixes some issues with keeping your towns / castles fed. Diplomacy Fixes mod allows you to claim fiefs you conquered with your own army.
  10. Longer siege-preperation time needed for the AI

    Timescale of M&B Bannerlord is different. A year is only 90 days. So if you say a siege should last 3 - 6 days - scaled to Bannerlord it is still only 1 - 2 days. That's pretty much what you see ingame.

    Also larger armies with more heroes skilled in Engineering are faster constructing their siege camps and siege engines. That may explain why smaller armies need more time to set up a proper siege while large armies "steamroll" everything. A major factor denying a full steamrolling campaign however is the influence / army system. Large armies tend to lose cohesion quickly and sometimes even can't finish a siege before breaking apart. Sometimes an army loses food supply faster than the town / castle it is besieging. This is one of the reasons why I never call my army in the middle of the realm I'm a vassal of but close to the town or castle I wanna take. AI lords love to form their army and march all the way from the mainland to their destination - and once they're there, cohesion is zero. Without further influence, the army simply breaks apart before dealing any damage.

    And: not every siege lead to an assault on a town: the favored outcome was an unconditional surrender of the town under siege due lack of food. This mechanic isn't implemented yet. If you're lucky the local lord leads an breakout attempt - which nets you the town if they lose. But for that you need to do a siege with inferior forces, otherwise those lords won't do that.
  11. The ultimate army: Which units are the best?

    Kinda depends on your taste, but I like to combine tough heavy infantry of the Empire with swift cavalry from the Aserai. Cavalry is mostly used to harrass archers (foot and mounted), heavy infantry is there to do the grunt work. Except I can get some Fians I keep using the Palatne Guards: they're an odd mix of heavy infantry and archers.
  12. Can't get fiefs as an important vasal

    There's a diplomacy mod that helps you out (Diplomacy Fixes - see This mod also allows you to claim fiefs for yourself if you were the one capturing them (leading the army / party only).

    Other than that I share your experience: once the Southern Empire is winning wars (currently mine has a strength rating of 28.000 - the Khuzait have 12.000 like the Vlandians) it gets very hard to earn new fiefs since other fiefless clans get supported first. I "only" have two towns - yet they produce more than enough money to field an army of 500 plus the garrison of another 500 soldiers.
    Always have my private army consisting of Ira + 2 companions with me.
  13. Marriageable Freedom, Romancing, Courtship, and Family: a complete love-life and progeny overhaul suggestion

    Supporting this thread & suggestions with all of my heart.
    Bannerlord wants to be a "medival simulation" - and planning your clan's development should be a massive gameplay portion of it.

    I like most of those suggestions!
    The only one I wasn't happy with was adoption because legitimatcy is an issue worth considering but everything else sounds like it'd add a lot of fun and depth

    Actually this should be a concern of the culture and faction you are a member of. For instance, I totally can see that being an issue for Vlandians since they're based on medival european kingdoms. Lineage was very important for the nobles there. In Roman Empire the family (clan) mattered much more than a singular "fatherly bloodline". If you got adopted into one of the powerful families you became a legitime part of it.

    If the game starts considering cultural background how succession and clan development is modified, I'd love to see that for sure.
  14. What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    I think more interaction with random npcs (villagers, beggars etc.) would make a huge difference already.

    It would help.
    I'd love to see more interaction with nobles and notable persons as well. Overall more diplomacy, more content dealing with your clan, clan development etc... overall, more non-combat related stuff that makes Bannerlord more a "medival simulation" than just a first person Total War.

    I'd love to see that.
  15. Multiplayer is not as fun as in Warband

    Didn't put many hours into MP yet.

    My own impression: timing issues. Lots of timing issues. MP combat doesn't feel remotely close to SP combat. Whatever tricks and skills you've learned in SP won't work in MP anymore. Combat feels somewhat unresponsive, timing is off for animations and hit reactions. For instance: you see an incoming heavy axe animation and raise your shield you're propably too late since the server still considers your shield as lowered and the axe connects with your body -> dead.

    Javelins have a different trajectory and so have arrows and bolts. MP combat simply feels so different from SP combat one could say you should only play either MP or SP, you can't be good in both.
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