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    new technologies. question to the developers.

    Leaks say the newest on Intel gaming tech is a thing called the "CUOM32"
    x16 times the detail and better perfomance.

    First Time Playing Since Release: A List of Grievances

    move counter clockwise and hit him in the butt. Throw you fire bombs when he gets all black and gooie.
    actually worked thank dud

    First Time Playing Since Release: A List of Grievances

    I'm stuck on the first boss of DS3 as deprived help

    Came for the Swords, Stayed for the Memes

    Well, aren't you a perky piper today?


    You know you sound like an idiot right?
    Actually to many that know me agree that I sound like a responsible adult that grew up. <snip>
    Great convo guys, but you know, this is a family friendly forum. Mods don't want none of that here, they're very sensitive, you see.

    first impression after 15h of play

    So... About the perks...
    Yeah, welcome to the community.
    Join MP for some actual fun.

    Making sandbox games can be an ungrateful job


    I was going to ignore this but no, It's hilarious to see there are still some people that are advising others what to do as if they know what they are talking about or authority to shut down people.

    First of all, let's start with this:
    Are those "whining" people insulting anyone? Are they cursing? Are they violating any forum rules? No. Did they pay for this game? Do they have all right to say/express however they feel in the forum? Yes. So they can say whatever they like.
    When you claim people are "whining" it is simply triggering toxic behaviour in the forum. Also, people don't have to provide constructive criticism. They don't have to feel okay with this EA mess. They don't have to test the game and feel "oh okay" with every bug as if they are QA. You don't like what people say? Scroll down and continue.

    I won't go into your irrelevant comparison with CoD, because it's pointless. But let's take another example, let's talk about Warband. First Mount&Blade game released in 2008. Warband released in 2010. After 2 years. 2 years of development. They were both sandboxes, they were both same game mechanics. Warband was superior to first M&B. Warband was their first Multiplayer experience, they didn't even had know-how. Yet, it was way better than Bannerlord's current state when it first came out. Was it perfect? Oh no, it was bad. But it was better than Bannerlord as first state. Bannerlord took 8+ years of development. Eight years. People have all right to say What the hell when you make people wait for 8+ years and showcase lots of stuff beforehand in your blogs, which wasn't included in the release or polished ( by polishing, I mean like, it feels like literally no QA tested smithing for example )

    When a bunch of untrained modders starts to tweak your game, fixes your issues, polishes your features within same time range where you, as a company, add really weird unnecessary features, then people have all right to complain and "whine". Because it basically shows that you are either ignoring people's complains or you are not putting the effort that you should put into your own game. I mean Bannerlord doesn't have banners in the game officially for god's sake, stop using EA or Sandbox-complexity to defend this weirdness.

    Even Taleworlds is not defending themselves about this. Taleworlds is a company and they have an internal roadmap. Doesn't matter if we like it or not. They have it and they are following it. You can effect that only with expressing your concerns about the game. You can say it's full of crap. This is a feedback for them as well. If they feel like why you are saying that, they can ask more information. And that's what Arda and others are trying to do nowadays. But if everyone all the sudden stops giving feedback or "whining" they can assume everything is alright. Because apparently they though in this way before releasing this half-product.
    Regardless to that, numbers are crystal clear. Stats are going down. And they are aware of that now. And that's why they wanted to fix their codebase so that adding or fixing new stuff won't become more and more problematic after each patch.

    If you still feel like you want to defend that claim, good luck with explaining already lost 238,898 players how hard to make a sandbox game because it's not call of duty
    Trolling apart, I agree with everything written.
    This is a really good post to a 'base level' thread, not to call it something else.
    Call of Duty... Jesus...

    Modding without Mod Tools

    I know exactly how that feels

    Has anyone else notice that bandits aren't upgrading as often?

    100% knew this was going to be what it was and clicked anyway.
    Some bandit units were nerfed, aswell as their weapons.
    They even had a malus for archers at night, your troops wouldn't shoot at a certain distance because they "couldn't see", while some bandit archers could somehow bypass this, giving the perception they were overpowered.
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    Why so much hate for this game?

    "Same threads, different days.
    But when I post, they mute me away."
    Tesla, Nikola 98 b.c
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    Help me develop the COOP concept

    I like coops. The ones where you can coomunicate via chat or something are even better.
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    How feature complete do you think Bannerlord is?

    These options are the definition of illusion of choice, because they're identical.
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    I like going one-handed despite its many weaknesses

    On foot, you have a great advantage over anything that the enemy throws at you, because you're able to carry a shield. In formation, you're unstoppable, if you're a good general. No cavalry or archer is going to go through your girthy defense. But the moment you decide to grab a horse, that's...
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    Patience is key to many a thing. The perfect place and time, for a good healthy coomemoration of Bannerlord
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