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    Suggestion Thread. Your ideas here.

    Not sure if it's a possible bug, but I recently took over Dublin and noticed fiefs included in this are; Galway, Cork and Caernarvon. It does not include Belfast. My suggestion would be to include Belfast within Dublin's fiefs, and Caernarvon either into Cardiff or Sheffield. I think it would be better for all Irish villages be under Dublin.
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    Unique Units Based on Recruitment Region

    I understand what your asking, but is it really necessary? Most of the infantry regiment's shared a similar uniform - and although I would love to see the 23rd in-game: it would be rather pointless.
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    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Ensign was the lowest commissioned rank, in modern day is now a 2nd Lieutenant, with Warrant Officer Rank 1 Or Regimental Sergeant Major being the highest non-commissioned officer.
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    War Party, a game i've been making

    That was very good! I look forward to seeing upcoming stuff. :razz:
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    Post your desktop!:D

    Cleared it up, got bored of mess. Alas my actual folders tell another story. :evil:
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    Groupfighting Server

    Administration Application - Connzcdf
    Community name: Connzcdf or Connor.

    Steam Name: [91st] Connzcdf

    Age: 16

    Location/Timezone: GMT


    About yourself:I am a 16 year old Welsh person, who is looking to do more in the community, as my exams finish in about 3 weeks. I am currently part of the 91st Light Company - as if you didn't know :smile: - and I am just a regular gamer.

    Why you would be a good admin: I've been playing on Groupfighting regularly since it's opening, and I have witnessed many incidents concerning those who have disobeyed the rules. I am getting bored of this and would like a chance to admin my favorite server.

    Previous Experience (if any): None really.
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    91st Regiment of Foot - Argyllshire Highlanders

    Training sounds cool for tonight. :smile:
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    Woolwich Attack - Soldier Dead

    One thing I was a bit iffy about is that the man who stated that the UK should displace the government, and declaring we were killing men out in his homeland, had a British chav accent. :roll:
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    Woolwich Attack - Soldier Dead

    In my opinion I think that they were on drugs, and wanted to be martyrs.
    Sorry if that view has been stated, just got back from exams. :shock:
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    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    I always sort of thought this had greater prospects of DLC written on it than NW. But NW did seem cool when the advert was released.
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    What TV series are you watching?

    I'm watching Da Vinci's Demons, and from trailers I was only mildly excited. But watching into the series I love it.
    It's sort of Game Of Thrones + Italian Renaissance.

    There is also a respectable amount of boobs. :razz:
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    3rd Regiment of Foot Guards "Scots Fusilier Guards."

    Double post. :oops:
    If only we spammed as much here, as we do on FSE. :cry:
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    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Simply click the poster for more information.​
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    3rd Regiment of Foot Guards "Scots Fusilier Guards."

    Good battle tonight guys, see you tomorrow.
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    3rd Regiment of Foot Guards "Scots Fusilier Guards."

    Double post.  :cry:
    It's because I'm alone on my quest.
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