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  1. Need More Info North American Captain and Skirmish Servers Queuing and Matchmaking BROKEN since e1.7.2 update

    MArdA, If you want new data on matchmaking you probably need to do an official announcement that you have"fixed" it because no one would bother queing at this point. Wondering to yourself quietly on a forum post if it is working is not going to get people to try again. I only play DR4v4 servers because I have small widows of play time and a 30+min que is not how in spending my sessions. If the matchmaking was fixed id be back in the que tonight. But judging by this thread you guys think it's working well...
    EU servers are working for captain, but NA servers are not. There are considerably less players in NA and thus a matchmaking system that works for EU may not work for NA, this data may be conflicting with your tools bug finders. We would love to connect and tell you what we've tried in our community, but most of us feel like our pleas are falling on death ears. Even if 6 of our community members reach out and queue simultaneously, we are unable to get a match to start, I highly suspect the ranked matchmaking is causing this.
  2. Need More Info North American Captain and Skirmish Servers Queuing and Matchmaking BROKEN since e1.7.2 update

    The system first tries to match 6v6 but if not enough players are available it should be matching 3v3 to start the server for warmup. Are you still experiencing this issue after today?
    As a daily NA captain player our 6v6 captain matchmaking was defunct since 1.7.2 patch and large amounts of players aren't playing because they can't get matches, causing even less people available for matches. My assessment coming from playing a magnitude prior and maybe 20 games after the patch (Only on EU, NA servers wouldn't work) is that the ranked code is too strict. Pairing that circumstance with players leaving for long queue times and eventually queue won't have the requirements to launch matches. NA captains niche players have lost their hangout spots within the game, for me to play my preferred mode I have to play on a foreign custom server that constantly crashes, and when we reached out try to start our own we were told it was closed testing. @MArdA TaleWorlds I'm not sure what your tools tell you on the status of queue working but my steam group of dedicated NA captains players has been working to try to find solutions and regular queuing into matchmaking is not resulting in games. We have not found a good solution.
  3. NA Captain mode is unable to find match.

    I have not been able to get a captain's match in NA since the 1.7.2 update implemented ranked matchmaking. I have played games on EU since 1.7.2, this is my theory on why I'm unable to find matches in NA. The games I've gotten on EU since the code change forms teams based on elo points. I can...
  4. TW needs to reset the ranks after they've fixed this trashfire of an update

    They also need to revert the decision of removing the players badge progression, totally unnecessary
    I really hope they give us badge progression back. It takes so much time for some of those goals
  5. Resolved Can't connect to multiplayer

    I also have this issue, been waiting all week to play bannerlord. good luck @uçanbiblo finding a solution sooner rather than later, thank you.
  6. Endless search times while matchmaking CAPTAIN MODE

    Its probably tied with some form of skill based matchmaking. Ive only played about 5 games since the update with a queue time no longer than 1 minute, and friends that experience long queues have reported that creating a new account will find games in about 1 minute.
  7. Captain Ebereth Hillfort

    This map also needs a barrier on the storm cellar for this house, AI will target captains on top of the house
    @Dejan Please but a barrier on this house or ask the correct person to put a barrier on this house. This out of bounds glitch has an effect on virtually every battle that someone decides to jump up there, it distracts AI and offers a position to jump into the backline. This glitch is worse than others because it can affect every match. If an exploiter wants to use this exploit they can use it consistently because it is right next to the main fighting area in this map.
  8. Skins - Should the current ones really cost ingame currency?

    My worry is, they will eventually allow people to purchase ingame currency with real money and then people will end up paying for those skins ported from SP...

    Edit- ....and how long does it take to grind those skins?
    You shouldn't be worried, its not even an actual thing, unless you are prone to overspending in video games. Let others spend their money/ make their money however they see fit. If they create an inherently evil loot system maybe I would change my mind. Another aspect is if they open player trading, (speaking from personal experience) you can get expensive items you don't want and trade them. Made $80 off black Veloces In rocket league so theres that side.

    Captains gives the best loot so I have all but maybe 1 or 2 1,000 cost item left to buy after ~400 hours
  9. Hair clip through helmet

    That reminds me. The helmet customization for Aserai Tribesman doesn't seem to work. I changed mine but it stays default during matches. Perhaps I should submit a report.
    Go back to customization and re-equip the cosmetic, I had the same issue but its just the menu not receiving the cosmetic change or not updating. Check for the golden outline that means its equipped then switch classes and check again until it sticks.
  10. Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    I see videos with lot of blocks and seemingly fluid combat. Is multiplayer playable now? It has been 5 months since last time I played, thanks.
  11. Captain Isle of Deriad

    There is an easily accessed and useful map glitch between A and B flag that should have a barrier, both sides are accessible but this one is really easy to jump so a lot of people know it
  12. In Progress AI lemmings

    A better picture of the cliff near team1 spawn, a different cliff from above.
  13. Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    Khan’s Guard​

    • New default bow
      • Recurve bow
    • 1st Perk
      • Shield and Heavy Mace
        • Grants shield from Hardened perk
        • Grants Khuzait Heavy Mace
      • Composite Bow
        • Grants Composite bow
        • Draws faster, deals more damage but is less accurate
    • 2nd Perk
      • Mobility
        • -25% movement speed penalty when aiming
        • -80% accuracy penalty when turning
        • -80% accuracy penalty when moving
        • Replaces Hardened perk
    This info may be for skirmish mode but khans also got access to the recruitments perk in captains. With recruitment and glaive perks I've been able to win any fair (1v1, 2v2,..6v6) melee engagement. Recruitments on khans feels like a step back towards one perk beats all. That being said, I've been enjoying the balance changes, thanks for all your hard work :grin:
  14. In Progress AI lemmings

    the above picture of akkalat has a cavalry over the cliff near spawn, both cliffs near spawn have similar problem cliffs, these areas have the same problems for infantry. The picture below is near the C flag, sorry for adding extra but I got a good picture so I thought it may help. Thanks
  15. Captain Ebereth Hillfort

    This map also needs a barrier on the storm cellar for this house, AI will target captains on top of the house
    Theres also a tree that traps units and horses, once they path into it they are liable to get stuck
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