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  1. NA East Captain's Clan is abusing vote to kick, auto kicking everyone.

    Vote to kick is good, but pre made team size needs to be limited to three or less. This is just the first organized group of people that will abuse this feature, I had to join, get kicked and join again before I found another match, Tale worlds is giving groups power to control their game here...
  2. Need More Info Game crashes on launch

    after opting into 1.5.7 letting it download then opting into 1.5.9 and letting it download i made the progress to launch the game but its telling me to update my clients to the lastest hotfixes
  3. Need More Info Game crashes on launch

    Summary: The game has worked fine for me before. Now when i open the launcher it will pop up at the bottom like its trying to startup but then crash. when i launch multiplayer from the executable in the file folder it crashes after the opening sequence as soon as the banner cavalry loading...
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