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    Make Noble Troops Less Common For Better Game Balance and Immersion

    For both the game's balance sake, and to add a bit more realism to the game, noble troops should be far less common. I've been seeing anywhere from 1/3-1/2 of troops in villages be noble troops. And given they're all strong troops, I think that's a bit overpowered. I believe switching to a...
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    Please fix ladders and siege towers.

    This is the main thing keeping me from playing again, fixing this would make sieges so much more enjoyable on both ends.
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    Keeps in Sieges

    Don't know but I'm so ready for the keeps to be implemented.
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    Information about developments at snowballing problem

    Na I dont think it will be that easy
    Atm it is so easy because some functions are missing and you can exploit gold everywhere.
    -Rebellions can also occur in your kingdom, when they come
    -What happens if they include a "denying peace proposal" option of a enemy fraction/army/party, because they know/guess that they are stronger than you, or just because you have the wrong trait or bad relations.
    -For sure you cant flee out of battles without a loss of men in the future
    -Maybe they will fix the money exploit and adjust prices/taxes so that you will get a hard time to build up an army
    Good points, I've also noticed it looks like higher tier troops have a much higher wounded chance, I think they need to lower that significantly.
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    Information about developments at snowballing problem

    I have a concern that nerfing snowballing too much will end up with an incredibly boring late game. It's already to easy to conquer the map once you have a decent footing in my opinion, and with no powerful kingdom it'd be even easier. And then on top of that once rebellion is added it will make the late game even easier. Are there any plans to make the late game more difficult? Like the smaller kingdoms making alliances against you once you/your kingdom get powerful?
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