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    Community Feedback-based EARLY ACCESS ROADMAP - ready for you, Taleworlds!

    This was an excellent post and very well made. I do hope Taleworlds take note.
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    Settling our Horde

    Greetings I would propose that a mechanic be made officially, that we can make the experience of our ancestors and establish camps for our tribes, similar to how the steppe peoples have done so many times throughout history. We Mongols settled in Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia) to trade with the...
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    Giving Fiefdoms to Family/Companions

    Is it possible to grant fiefdoms to your dynasty members or companions yet? That was a great way to distribute land to loyal warriors who fought alongside you... and you got to kit them out too.
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    Place order at a workshop

    I'm always annoyed that need to travel for hours to find a specific item that I like.

    It would be nice to have a feature where you can order stuff from a workshop.
    How should this work?

    IF a settlement has a smithy you should be able to ask for the catalog what they are making.
    What is in the catalog should depend on culture.
    Next part is easy, you should be able to place an order, pay upfront and receive you pick up your package some days later (depending on the tier of the item).
    When receiving you also need to pay some extra cost, overall cost should be more then buying the item directly from the market place.

    If they ever implement workshop leveling, then the lvl should have impact on the tier armor/weapon your can order and the creation time.

    Let me know what you think (or if I missed a similar thread)
    This is an excellent Idea +1 for Implementation.
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    Conquest by Marriage and cultural change

    new conquered cityes should slowly change culture to the conquerors faction , so if kuzaits are dominating the map , we indeed see more and more kuzaits armies and no big empire or sturgians armies figthing for the kuzaits , or at least not so many

    Yeah, I like this idea... it's annoying conquering new territory than having to go alllllllllll the way back home to pick up some new guys. We should at least be able to have a Recruiter in every city, regardless of region, that recruits troops and turns them into Khuzait style troops.
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    Conquest by Marriage and cultural change

    Uhmmm, can you please elaborate more about this? You mean that if I marry with someone from ruler clan, then I could get elected as King even if I am not vassal of that kingdom.

    Oh... my bad, I thought that was a thing... I thought I saw it on a video or read it in the forums, but I guess not.
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    Conquest by Marriage and cultural change

    What if you were already the monarch of a nation... and your wife mysteriously "died" in a battle... Theoretically could you marry into a noble family of another faction and usurp their throne too? Also when will it be possible to slowly integrate a new city into your own culture?
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    M&B2 Napoleonic Wars (for the future)

    Even though Bannerlord has a long way to go yet... It would be awesome if we had a Napoleonic Wars game/dlc in the future... not just for Multiplayer, but for Single Player too. The multiplayer version was fun for it's time, but most of the time the battles were very unorganised (unless you...
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    I want to do more...

    M&B has always been about it's battles and roaming the map to raid and do quests with your companions true... but I believe that bringing more in-depth things into a game, creates a greater fondness for a game, that makes it far more memorable in the years to come... and with every other "new"...
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    Khuzait invincible? Council of the commons

    So your argument is that something can be wrong because there were other wrong things in prior games or versions? I don't think so.

    All factions can use horses but there are some dedicated infantry factions (Sturgia, Battania) which should not be disadvantaged. Battania meanwhile is changed by the devs seemingly, I see them with a lot or cavalry and they became almost as annoying as the Khuzaits, not only because of their ugly beards. Making lore infantry factions cavalry heavy is not a good solution for the problems of the cavalry autocalc bonus.

    I could accept the cavalry bonus (from which the Khuzaits profit the most) if there were situational disadvantages, for example a 20% autocalc malus for cavalry in wood and hill battles. Or if lord parties could ambush chasing parties under certain conditions. They cannot.

    Then there is the Khuzait faction cavalry movement bonus which is nonsense in the game environment, with the very artificial movement-party engagement mechanic. Khuzait parties can catch smaller lord parties and can evade similarly composed lord parties with ease. I'm against such boni/mali which affect game core features. No movement bonus (also not for Battanians), no autocalc cavalry bonus, neither in sieges nor on the field, no autocalc cavalry malus for sieges (as proposed by some).

    No, my argument is that crying about movement speed is irrelevant, because all armies have access to horses. There is a tiny speed bonus for Khuzait armies but that doesn't contribute to it snow balling... whoever says that, either doesn't actually play the game, or doesn't know what they are talking about. The Khuzaits are not the only faction that "snow ball". Vlandia, Azerai and the Khuzaits are the 3 strongest factions in game atm... and all 3 snow ball. Why do they snowball? Because the AI declares too many wars, spreads out it's forces too much and loses.

    But should they nerf Vlandia, Azerai and Khuzait? No... they just need to improve the AI to act more strategic and not moronic as previously discussed.
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    Khuzait invincible? Council of the commons

    Yes okay sure, 100 000 vs 30 000 and still Hungary had minimal losses while the Mongols got their **** handed to them. The point is that the Mongols was a formidable force but they had some clear weaknesses and it isn't historicaly correct that they dominate everything. In the game they dont seem to have a clear weakness since they win mostly every fight they go into and take castle after castle with ease.

    Everyone hated the fact that Knights was OP in M&B 1, people even hate the Swadian nights in Warband. One single unit shouldn't be totally OP, the game should encourage you to have a mixed army.

    Really? I was around during that time on the old forums. I don't ever remember seeing a thread about it... yet every week or so, there is a thread "I got ass kicked by Khuzaits, NERF THEM" type comments.
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    Khuzait invincible? Council of the commons

    Although I enjoy a historical discussion about areas and eras I'm not very familiar with (or usually interested in), I find the direction not very helpful. Wether the Khuzaits are based on the Mongols or not or partly based on them is not of the utmost importance.

    They are a faction in a video game based on factions conquering settlements from other factions mostly. All main factions are not nomadic but are settled, also the Khuzaits (unlike the early high medieval Mongols ...). All parties move on the map in a defined speed. There is usually no possibility to depart faster army parts to trap other parties (for the AI). It is not possible to use ambushes generally. Horse exhaustion is not simulated. Horses are important for the speed of parties. The game has to deal with it. Using Mongol historical achievements does not help in the faction design, even if we do ignore some modern bias which is obviously involved in the discussion.

    There should be no faction in the first place which has game mechanic advantages or disadvantages that cannot be balanced by other game mechanics. The Khuzaits for me fall into this category however.

    There is nothing stopping other factions from using horses... ANY party that has horses in it's inventory will move faster mechanically. It even says it in the game.. Every town (even the Battanian cities) have access to horses. People like to complain about the Khuzait... but when Swadia was the power house with it's super OP knights in M&B 1... no one cared... I wonder why?
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    Khuzait invincible? Council of the commons

    You guys should read this

    The second invasion of Hungary Mongolia had an army of 200 000 and Hungary 30 000. Almost everyone of the Golden horde died or got captured while Hungary sustained light casualties. The first invasion was very successful but it went downhill after that.

    Those figures are disputed, but yeah... Hungary proved it's metal and won a great victory against the Golden Horde.

    Stefan Kraowski indirectly places the Mongol invasion force a fair bit above 30,000 men by estimating the smaller Mongol invasion of Poland two years later as having about that many soldiers, stating that Nogai and Talabuga personally leading an invasion suggests it is a massive force by definition.[27] Peter Jackson, using contemporary Hungarian charters, concludes that the Mongol army was very large, but is unsure if it was larger, smaller, or comparable in size to the 1241–42 invasion force.[28] A contemporary letter from Benedict, the provost of Esztergom, estimates the size of the Mongol army at 200,000. This is almost certainly an enormous exaggeration, as the Mongols almost never fielded armies larger than 100,000 men.[29] The Austrian chronicler of Salzburg recorded that the Mongol military camp covered an area of 16 km (10 mi) in width and 10 km (6 mi) in depth (whether this was Nogai's or Talabuga's army, or how this chronicler got his information, is unknown).[30] The Galician-Volhynian Chronicle puts the size of the Mongol army in the hundreds of thousands, saying that Talabuga's column alone lost 100,000 men during the march through the Carpathians.[31]
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    Khuzait invincible? Council of the commons

    I don't think many people want any faction snowballing consistently.

    Then they should fix the AI. It's not difficult to counter mounted archers, I do it in Total War games all the time (when im not playing a steppe faction). The Empire armies are more than capable of doing it, the AI is just moronic and incapable. AI diplomacy and strategy is incredibly dumb too... they declare war on too many factions, then their forces get spread out and they get wiped.

    I've seen it happen to the Khuzaits as well.. They usually get snowballed at the start by a united Southern Empire attack... the lose a few cities... then the Southern Empire will declare war against the Aserai, send all their forces deep into the desert... and get divided and conquered.

    When I've helped the Khuzaits conquer half of the Southern Empire and a few parts of the Aserai and Sturgia... they do the EXACT same thing... the empire is too large and their forces are too spread out, they declare war on multiple factions and get rekt (without my involvement).
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