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    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    My log was killed by this long error message from time to time. Any way to fix this?
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I recalled that we could praise the Grazirs when encountering the party of Grazir worshipers in a quest given by a Galwe scholar. Other than the loss of honor, is there any other planned effects to be implemented (ex. increase relation with Grazir worshiper)?
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    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    Is it possible to recruit RotF's Aepele Fealcan as a vassal in any of their cities?
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    Custom Troops Discussion

    Hello. I'm had been lurking around since 0.8 as a guest and I just wanna say: The custom armor feature lets my dream of having an army of peasant-looking elites come true (and practical instead of giving them actual Farmers' armor).
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