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  1. SP Native Entrepreneur - Dark Age Real Estate!

    I used this mod. Unfortunately it wasn't updated in ages(like since 2-3 months since bannerlord was released)
  2. Unable to have child

    got married to sora and still three months in she is still not pregnant and has been in my party
    I left her in the Settlement for 10+ days and she got pregnant. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Lol
    That sounds so wrong xD
    What did she do in settlement that she didn't do in a party..
  3. Resolved Freeze when talking to ruler of Vlandia

    I remember reading a post on forums about it(around 1-2 weeks ago). Someone mentioned it being connected to lord/kings having too many towns/castles/fiefs.
  4. Resolved 1.4.0 Can't join any multiplayer match.

    No it's fine now, it only happened briefly (for 1-2hours) after last big patch hit.
  5. Resolved 1.4.0 Can't join any multiplayer match.

    It fixed itself for me after ~30-60 mins. Maybe servers were being updated. Could join skirmish matches without a problem after that time. @NightC2win I suggest you make another forum post about not being able to log in.
  6. Resolved 1.4.0 Can't join any multiplayer match.

    After 20-30mins I joined one siege game. It was only 20-20 match with warmup time ~15mins. Althrough we had like 200-300 ppl trying to join.
  7. Is matchmaking working for anyone since new patch?

    Same. I think new patch messed something up. I made a bug report:
    I was looking for game 20-30mins and nothing.

    Edit: Update: while i was typing this i managed to join one match of siege. (was looking for all game modes at this point)
  8. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    you are in the beta branch does this one even have servers yet? Or maybe they didnt get updated
    Sorry for confusion but it's about main branch not beta. It's just that at time of my posting there was no stable version topic(only for 1.4.1 beta) I'm talking about 1.4.0 multiplay. Topic for 1.4.0 appeared few mins later.
  9. Resolved 1.4.0 Can't join any multiplayer match.

    Since update 1.4.0 I can't join any multiplayer matches. First I was looking only for skirmish match. Other players with same criteria searching went from 85 to 100+ and after 20mins I didn't find a game. Now trying to join any matchmaking mode and it just keeps searching.
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    @Callum @azakhi
    Ok there seem to be some problem with multiplayer. Players searching with your criteria: 91.. That's skirmish. I'm waiting like 10 mins already and nothing happens.
  11. Patch Notes e1.3.1 & Beta Hotfix

    Don't think so as patch was 2-4 mbs and fix weighted around 400kb if i recall right.(I might be wrong through)
  12. Patch Notes e1.3.1 & Beta Hotfix

    You guys fixed it quite fast especially if it was only just 2 of you there. Thank you and have a good day :smile:
  13. Patch Notes e1.3.1 & Beta Hotfix

    @azakhi not sure if I should be mentioning this but I did download some small patch just now on steam (400+kb) but in game i still get the message about servers being offline. Not sure if hotfix was deployed and something isn't working right yet or that lil patch wasn't connected to the issues.
  14. Patch Notes e1.3.1 & Beta Hotfix

    I hope it won't take a long time to fix. Was planning on playing a lot of multi today
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