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    Features from Viking Conquest I would like before EA ends.

    4) Dismemberment. Gimme the choppity chop.
    All the above.
    yes and...
    You're Welcome :xf-wink: 😃
    This mod adds the gore aspect of dismemberment and decapitation to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Whenever a player or NPC does fatal cut damage to an enemy's head by swinging left or right, there will be a chance the head will be decapitated.

    Download Link:


    May update with other possible dismemberment in the future. Don't know. It's up to jedijosh
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    OH! We are at War....again, sorry

    I didn't make the mod. It was made by Katarn2000 on nexusmods. Hope it's a temporary fix until TW fleshes diplomacy out. But you might want to keep the game vanilla if you want to post issues and feedback with the integrity of the game intact.
    Diplomacy Fixes
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    Warband's Missing Features Megathread

    Are you able to make Companions vassals?
    Also is there a way to rescue prisoners from prison?
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    OH! We are at War....again, sorry

    It is a major issue that may keep me from playing the game much further. There is literally no break in the action. Manpower issues aside, it is exhausting and not at all realistic.

    The other issue is how random war is. Each kingdom literally seems to take turns fighting the next one. I am a vassal of the Aserai and they have fought wars against the Southern and Northern Empire, Battanians, Vlandia, Sturgians, and Khuzait. It is like they just spin a wheel to see who to fight next. Some of these factions aren't even near their borders.

    Yeah it's just whimsical and I don't feel I'm in the inner circle of what's going on a lot of the time. There's no interaction in regards to who, when and where we should go to war. Ruler of Battania loves me with a 100 relation with his clan. My renown is high, I have Influence to spend, I feel like I would have the greatest say in all matters including the warmongering we do. lol

    TW should implement alliances and war policy. I would like to spend influence and take advantage of my good relationship with both ruler clans of Sturgia and Battania.
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    OH! We are at War....again, sorry

    Here's some problems I'm having with this game right now. -There is no clear notification of whether the Kingdom is at war or not and why we declared war! I got caught with my pants down trying to court a lady and doing other stuff around calradia, a whole army attacked my fief. This secret...
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    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    Could you guys put some focus on fixing the perks that seemingly do not work? Great job so far! Loving the game!
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    Black African Faction

    Lets see which accounts are the scumbags lol. I'm already noticing a few morons. ^^
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    Black African Faction

    somewhere along the way i remember them saying skeletons for animations and models are moddable, so it will probably be possible to mod proper elephants in (not in the warband way, where they used horses as a base)
    Interesting.... :xf-smile:
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    Black African Faction

    I challenge TW to implement War elephants lol
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    Poll: create a complaint channel for all these whiners

    I think Taleworlds and their folks can take a beating. They just released their game after so many were craving for it, and now the public has it, and the public will do what the public does: praise, complain, whine, argue, discuss, suggestions and other stuff.
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    Black African Faction

    Maybe concoct a faction that has a bit of Egyptian/and Carthaginian heritage with a lot of Mali empire and Zulu influence. A good jack of all trades faction. It invades Calradia in the late game.

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    Cut his ****ing head off!

    mod updated.
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    Black African Faction

    Whenever taleworlds can figure out how to implement african like character creation features lol

    developer quote from
    I agree with you on this, it's not easy to create an African look, we've chatted with the facegen artist and will try to improve on this part.
    However we already have short and long afro hair models:




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    Black African Faction

    African culture faction could be really cool. Maybe a huge late game invasion DLC.
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    Unresolved Multiple Perks Bugged and Not Applying Bonuses

    So disappointing honestly. Merry Men perk definitely doesn't work
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