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  1. The word "priority" is definitely not in the dev's dictionary...

    So I noticed that they changed the character's appearance several times over (and this time, mainly Khuzait, which they made them even LESS appealing)

    In the meantime, character perks and kingdom management which are really the most essential for gameplay is yet to be implemented

    Here's a crazy idea: maybe appearance is just a few variables that have no impact on any other part of the game, so can be tinkered with easily and independently of other systems. You could change this with every update and see what people think.

    Character perks and kingdom management are probably part of separate sprints (if TW use Agile development methodology) that run over a set period of time with a projected end date. As these have far-reaching consequences and much greater complexity they probably take just a little bit longer.

    TL;DR: some things take much longer so priority has very little to do with it.
  2. Bannerlord is mis-advertised by the devs on Steam (yes, even taking into account Early Access)

    My experience? 159 hours, no crashes and enough content to play around for 159 hours. Sure, some missing perks are frustrating, there's obviously a lot more content yet to arrive (mid- and late- game stuff, diplomacy, etc), stuttering in larger battles needs to be addressed, combat AI and formations need work, economy balance is ongoing, yadda yadda yadda. For an EA game it's incredibly stable and has a lot of stuff to do.
  3. I'm tired of peasants with pitchforks stopping my fully plated Knights charge

    I don't think many heavy cavalry charges in history have been stopped by farmers with pitchforks.

    Because the farmers would break before the cavalry got to them...
  4. Mount and Blade...is now seperate.

    I couldn't hit a badger's arse with a banjo to start with. As others have said, practice on routing looters to get your timing and angle right, then it becomes much easier. I find the longer sabres (100+) also make it easier.
  5. Armies not attacking each other at war?

    Under normal circumstances, passive-aggressive tactics could easily lead to a court-martial...

    I agree, but only in a later period of history than this game draws upon (Admiral Byng for example). To use the HYW as an example again, armies spent much more time avoiding each other by sieging or going on chevauchees than engaging in potentially disastrous field battles. This seems to chime in with activities in the game where armies will raid rather than face a battle at near even odds.
  6. Cavalry problems...

    My cavalry are all kill-stealing stat whores who deliberately get in my way when I'm farming routers for skill points :smile:
  7. Armies not attacking each other at war?

    If the armies are of alomst the same strength (not necessary numbers only) they should avoid open confrontation until there are allies near.
    Every commander should think further than the next battle, so for me such behaviour, if intended, is quite feasable.

    This. I know this isn't a strictly historical game but has more than a nod to it. If you look at conflicts like the Hundred Years' War, commanders avoided field battles like the plague unless they were pretty much certain they could win. Consider the English retreat, avoiding battle, that culminated at Agincourt. The battle was only fought because the English couldn't escape.
  8. Why are looters faster, than me?

    What timing? I mean, try to hit a professional boxer before he hits you, use all the timing in the world, and you'll still fail, unless his hands are tied... and even then I doubt, you'll succeed.

    Exactly my point. The AI knows the precise moment to swing, it's the pro not you, and all the points you have in One Handed aren't worth a damn unless you do too. One thing I like about combat in this game is that it requires player skill as well as character skill.
  9. Why are looters faster, than me?

    It's all about timing the swing.
  10. Wife auto assigns herself ''governer''

    I've got the same issue. Regardless of who I select as governor, she ousts them the moment my back is turned :smile: Fortunately her culture malus is offset by bonuses but it could be a real PITA.
  11. Romance and Marriage is sad :(

    Anyway, if you happen to not talk to the person of interest for less than a day, they are "angry" with you for not talking to them recent enough

    Art mirroring life :smile:
  12. Romance, how does it even work?

    Visit castles to see who is in the Lord's Hall (or check in the Encyclopedia). You can start a conversation with a member of the opposite sex that starts something like "I am a big admirer" or some such. You should then get invited back. Turn up every few days to talk. You will have optional ansers to various questions. If you are a suitable match, you can talk to the clan head to arrange the dowry.

    Edit: bummer about the age limit.
  13. A response to all the complaining about the recent economy changes

    There are lot of features missing that will affect the economy, so its waste to redo the economy again and again when core elements missing.

    I am going to politely disagree with you here. Until you know that the basic framework is functional and robust, how can you know the actual outcome of a 5% perk here, a 'you get double stuff' there? *That* would lead you to redo the economy again and again.
  14. A response to all the complaining about the recent economy changes

    The economy is probably the most important framework that underpins pretty much every aspect of the game and, based on bugs (towns running out of cash) and things TW have said, it is a 'living' system in the game... push down over here and something pops up over there. Caravans are an integral part of this critical system. I would guess that balancing the economy *is* the most important element right now. If your baseline system isn't functioning correctly, how can you correctly judge the impact of additional content?

    It would be like building a transmission before you know the output of an engine. Once you hook it up it may just explode :smile:
  15. Stop nerfing things.

    Thankfully for Taleworlds, random community members aren't actual customer service representatives, because it amuses me when your answer to criticism is "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT IT, DONT COMPLAIN, DO YOU KNOW BETTER THAN DEVS?!" Its so arrogant in it of itself to even bring this up, or say "you shouldn't have bought it."

    You may want to re-read my original post, in particular the bit about constructive criticism. The thing that I don't get is the significant number of people on these forums who are basically whining about an incomplete product, which is the actual thing that they knowingly bought. I'll say it again, constructive feedback? For sure.
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