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    A deeper Peace Treaty / Settlement Occupation system (long post)

    Although I partially disagreed, I do appreciate the thread. It's an important discussion.

    The first one is Agressive Expasion penalty which results in Coalitions/Defensive Pacts, a reactive and easy to avoid penalty that penalizes careless play and extesive conquests.

    It's sad that something like this isn't in already. Even Warband had something similar where "curbing the other faction's power" was a valid reason for war.

    An excellent post, although this goes against the fast action gameplay TW is looking for.

    I'm not sure they are looking for that. Why else introduce the heir system if they do not intend campaigns to (be able to) last for multiple generations?
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    A deeper Peace Treaty / Settlement Occupation system (long post)

    There is a limit of how much stuff you can take from the enemy in the peace deal, since every consession has its price and the max ammount of War Score is 100%.

    When playing CK3, this often felt very artificial to me. There were instances where I conquered ALL the lands of the enemy to get my warscore to 100% but I could only keep a small part of it when making peace, despite me totally dominating them. They were effectively destroyed, yet I had to resurrect them to make peace with them. It felt very contrived and unreal.

    Your analysis of the problem is spot on, but instead of a De Jure system I'm in favor of an assimilation/rebellion system instead. Recently occupied lands should be a liability during the war, and assimilation should only be possible when at peace. Assimilating recently occupied lands should also be a motivator to make peace for both the Kingdom AI and the player.
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    How to dynamically modify item damage?

    Have a look at SandboxAgentApplyDamageModel.CalculateDamage, don't touch the weapon data.
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    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    And do you plane to create a open scene mod or a mode with some place to farm and some place to build city and villages ? Singleplayer or MP ?

    The goal is to make it free-build. Singleplayer at first but multiplayer could be added later I'm sure.

    In the near future I'll post a proper introduction article for it with all the ways people can contribute. Doing everything on my own would take too long so I'll be looking for collaborators. I just have to organize a bit more first.
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    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    Hey Guys ,

    What about a mod where we can farm ressources and build village or castle ? 😍

    I think about it since the first warband , for me Talewords created the best mix between a fight game and a strategy game , and it cool be huge to have build and craft parts inside this perfect wedding ... :grin:

    I'm working on this for a few days now. Most of the work so far has been research and a lot is possible. Right now I have a mechanism to spawn a building at any location and NPC's will properly walk around it (dynamic navigation meshes). I also implemented cutting down trees, the tree falling with physics, then the tree dividing in 3 wood logs after a few more cuts, which can be picked up and carried by the player or NPC's. I think I also figured out how to create horse-pulled carriages and hand-pushed carts and such. There are a lot of useful animations already in the game, but some new ones need to be made to make things look good (I don't yet know how to create new anims, and I have very little animating experience).
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    How Could the Dev Team Make Night Time More Interesting?

    Add party fatigue and implement parties usually encamping at night to rest, with the possibility of a forced march if they're fleeing/chasing an enemy. Make surprise night attacks at encampments a special battle type.
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    How to make castles matter

    This, there was a mod (sadly outdated now) on the nexus that changed the AI so they would always priorize border fiefs to siege and it made things SO MUCH BETTER, you knew the armies of both warring factions would be massed alongside the borders so there was also more field battles aswell since they wouldn't miss each other so much by deciding each other to siege the capital deep into enemy territory.

    The logic was something like army leaders would priorize taking fiefs closer to their own fiefs to increase their security by adding buffer fiefs between their heartlands and the enemy, it was simple and so effective, a shame the mod hasn't been updated in a long time and no one made a separated version just with the AI change. Party AI overhaul and Commands

    I updated the mod yesterday.
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    BL Scening How to change Editor 'Start Mission' spawn point?

    It's really inconvenient to spawn at the corner of the map every time I test the scene, is there a way to set the testing spawn point somewhere else? Thanks!
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    [Mod Request](Bannerlord) Massively more gate health.

    In the decompiled code, use dnSpy to search the DLL's.
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    [Mod Request](Bannerlord) Massively more gate health.

    Should be doable, I had a quick look in the files and found the following:


    It has a default value of 100 hitpoints.
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    Just another thread about OP Archers.

    agentDrivenProperties.AiRaiseShieldDelayTimeBase = -0.75f + 0.5f * num;

    Changed for this:

    agentDrivenProperties.AiRaiseShieldDelayTimeBase = 2f + 0.5f * num;

    Great find! It's kinda odd because you'd think your change would actually increase the delay, but your video shows otherwise.
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    Can you please fix 143 custom group location?

    Is this true statement? Are we supposed to rather not use mods in beta branch?

    Nah it's just his opinion. Beta branch is less stable for sure (it gets hotfixes which may sometimes break a mod. Not often though) and fewer mods support it, but if you want to use mods on beta branch go for it. I made a good number of mods myself and play modded campaigns on the beta branch.
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