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    Unsolved Possible bug from "thug fights"

    Lose a lot of horses and maybe other things after losing the fight to thugs in cities, not sure if intended or not.
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    Unsolved RAM in Warband

    I should have wrote more in detailed but didn't want to clutter, I am running WSE via Floris Evolved on steam version of Warband. CPU - Intel Core i7-8700k 3.7GHz RAM - 16GB GPU - geforce gtx 1080 SSD - samsung 960 pro nvme m.2 I used to have battles of 300+ without a noticeable drop in fps but...
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    Unsolved RAM in Warband

    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to make Warband use 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB RAM. I have searched the forum and online a bit but am a bit stuck with it. It seems my game is bottlenecking from the RAM allocation as the rest of my system is fine (have a pretty new higher...
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    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    Hihi Not sure if this has been said yet but, a mod that could add the feature "refine / change modification" of weapons and armors as seen in "vikings conquest". Want a masterworks dagger? Pay to have it upgraded through all the levels; but having this mod for use in native warband instead of...
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 11 - Some Context

    Is there something like the old "BattleTime" Mod that will be put into the game? Or say if I wanted my world to be open to some of my friends I could make a sever and run the world like that then have people join? D: oh man that would be awesome. keep up the good works it looks great !
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    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    Can't wait to play this mod but I have a quick question (sorry if its addressed somewhere else) but I cannot see the writing in the mod, I see parts of it but none of it is clear, it doesn't look like another language, not that i am familiar with anyway :/ Is this a bug or? PS I would show...
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    Can lords be killed?

    yeah heaps gammer something o.O I was pointing out treason didn't just mean you would die if you were guilty of it. Just because you are having a bad day doesnt mean you should bring it on here. < doesnt care how it is written aslong as it isnt missguiding or wrong. edit; by the way if i were...
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    Can lords be killed?

    treason meant/means acts of a traitor, its punishment could be death or be exiled.
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    [?] How to crouch?

    Caba which part of module do you alter it in? can't find the path of it D: edit: thanks caba (: "caba to the rescue"
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    Warband Battle sizer problem

    the. battle sizer i use has to be in the m&b folder. not in the modules. Warband that is not m&b origonal
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    Which lord do you like the most?

    Suspicious Pilgrim I heard someone that a few of the "older lords" have set attitudes, could be wrong but I thought it was right :D
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    Tactics against Khergits?

    Only downside to swad knights are, the cost of them snowballs and before you know it you have to go around looting every village to get enough money to pay them!
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    Which lord do you like the most?

    Hands down Count Delinard, awesome chap (:
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    Help a novive: where's the money?

    best to save for dyeworks. takes 15 weeks for brewery to pay its self off where as most dyeworks take 20 or less and give an additional 340 a week.
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    Tactics against Khergits?

    Try not to put archers in too tight of a formation, if you do they will block each others line of fire. Normally i have elite infantry my tactic involves hold ground and tight formation then wait for them to run out of arrows. > profit. Edit: Tight fornation ranged does work providing one team...