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  • Hi i would like a key please if there is any left. Thank you very much.take care
    Hi, I don't have a forum account older than the beta but I do have 1000+ hours in M&B and I got 100 upvotes if that counts...
    Hey Callum, are you still sending keys? Would love to hop in! Thank you.
    Hello Callum, would it be at all possible to obtain a key for Bannerlord? A friend and I have been looking forward to it's release, and this would be lovely to play it over the next few days.

    P.S. You and your folk stay safe, as-well as those working at Taleworlds.
    Hi Callum, hope you and your family are doing well during these times! If you have any more keys to give out, I would definitely like to receive one! Thank you!
    Suddenly blocked from going to work due to Covid-19 and heard you may be giving away Beta Keys. That said.... Klaus Hoffman says they Really want to play the beta where I'm more excited for the full release. So maybe give them a key first if you are giving any out ^.^
    Heyy! I heard you got some of them keys laying around. Would be nice to be able to play some bannerlord before next week's exams!
    What are the chances of gaining a beta key this late in the Beta phase? I also registered recently but I hope to get a chance to play the Beta, it would ease my concerns with running the game.
    Hi. Is it still possible to get a key?
    I registered recently but i've been following the forum for years.
    I hope there still is a chance 🤞
    Hey Callum, i know that there is a lot of people asking for a beta key, but i really want to play Bannerlord beta so, can you send me a Bannerlord beta key?
    and i hope that you and your family are doing well in the quarantine
    Hey Callum, would it be at all possible to send me a bannerlord beta key? This quarantined man would be very grateful! ~HarbingerofDoom
    So much spam asking you for things, so here's something else.

    Hey Callum i hope you,your family and your co-workers at Taleworlds have not suffered to much at this virus outbreak! Stay safe!
    Captain Buzz
    Captain Buzz
    Just as a note Callum told us to message him for a key R4MPZY, we are not just spamming him out of the blue at least! 😂 Hopefully they are getting on alright, this is coming in hard now :/
    Haha yeah i saw that , but pretty much all of his wall is people asking for things :razz: so i just wanted to post something different for a change. :smile:
    Captain Buzz
    Captain Buzz
    Eh fair enough mate (y):smile:
    I'm sorry to spam you but I was just wondering if you had gotten my message, this beta is driving me a bit crazy during this pandemic!
    Hey Callum,

    Just letting you know I started a conversation with you about the beta key, don't want to spam you but I didn't know if you had missed it at all :/
    hello .

    im a big fan for mount and blade banerlord and i wante to try the game.
    im waiting to mutch this virision, can i play the beta?
    hey, sowwy i saw youw pwofiwe and i just thought you wooked cute in youw pictuwe, i weawwy wanted to teww you that))
    Is it april fools My Little Pony season already?
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