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  • Hellowda mate, I got over 3.692h on Mount&Blade and i dont have any Key. If is posible to have one i would be eternally grateful to you :wink:
    Hi there! I've been playin for 5 years with Wicked Tavern Fanatics but i still don't have key :sad: Thanks a lot.
    Hey there, I would really like to have a beta key for Bannerlord! I have hundreds of hours in Warband, I signed up for the beta months ago and I would really like to try it! Thank you!
    Hello, I have 2k hours on M&B and I've already filled in a beta application a while ago, unfortunately I've still not received a key for the beta, I was wondering if you could give me one? I'm not going to give you my email as then loads of people could see it but you can contact me through the taleworlds forums. Thanks.
    Hey Callum, If you have the time I would love a beta key. Thank you either way!
    Hello, I have been playing beta version for 6 months but i didn’t get early access key. I have 1000 playing hours and i want to join beta game. Please can ypu give me early access beta key?
    My e-mail address : [email protected]
    Hello Callum,
    I would like to know if I could get a Bannerlord beta key. I am so hyped for Bannerlord with a friend, and I wanted to get key to check how my PC would perform and also my friend wanted to see if his PC could run this game at all. So if you could share just one key with me for that few days I would be extremely happy, if not thank you for your time reading this.
    Hello Callum,

    I have been playing since Warband(196 hrs) and have applied for a beta key a while ago, I would really like to play the beta if you have time to grant keys!

    If not, I look forward to the 31st.

    Thank you for your time!
    Hi Callum. I haven't key yet. Baya dinazor bir account olmama rağmen gelmedi key : (
    Hello !
    If you still have some keys, I would like to have one please good sir ! :grin:
    Thank you very much !
    Hi, I have been playing the game for several years and I have been registered on the forum for a long time do you have key for me ? :smile:
    umm still have some keys? I really would like to have one before game release. I have been playing M&B series since the warband release. I wish I can play bannerlord earlier. Hope you healthy days and thank you for reading this ^^
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